Tom Brokaw Says ‘Hispanics Should Work Harder At Assimilation’

Tom Brokaw of Meet The Press is today’s Donkey of the Day for his comments on the rise of the hispanic electorate. Let’s just say, they aren’t good.

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Author: phillyfinest369


47 thoughts on “Tom Brokaw Says ‘Hispanics Should Work Harder At Assimilation’

  1. did you know every latinos and hispanics of many ethnicities do not want to assimilate,,you don't see this among Arabs, Asians, Africans and other foreigners that immigrated here and they don't force people to speak their native language. Look at the business sector, they don't need to speak english because companies and govt are catering to them to not need to learn it. OPEN YOUR EYES

  2. Hispanics should try harder at assimilating." I have three combat deployments, two of them each almost a year long in Iraq. What has this ass hole done that makes him more American than me?

  3. “ don’t kno if I want brown grand babies” but assimilate. If my people assimilate that means getting closer to them. We come here to work not turn white. Whites kill me have all the opinions and they came down to mate with us.

  4. I'm Hispanic and I get annoyed when I come across someone from Mexico who's been here for 20+ years and doesn't know a single word of English. Learn the language. I wouldn't move to Mexico and expect everyone to cater to me in English.

  5. Huh? My mom came here from Cuba when she was 9 and she assimilated perfectly. When she came here, the kids made of her because she was a Cuban refugee and because she didn’t speak English. Now she speaks English, albeit with a Miami /Hialeah accent in her voice.

    And my grandparents from all sides of my family all speak Spanish. They don’t speak English and only know a few English words. What’s the issue? They don’t bother any body. They leave in a Hispanic neighborhood where they all speak Spanish, which they should. If they suddenly don’t, then their culture will start to fade out over the generations, which is something that personally I do not what. Having Cuban culture is what makes us who we are. It keeps us connected to our roots and reminds us where we came from so we never forget.

    My Spanish isn’t that good. despite being born here in Florida, I was raised to speak Spanish at home so when I started to go to school, i had to be in esil since i didn’t speak English at all. My parents knew English but they didn’t speak it to me at home. But I had to learn it. I used to go to this lady in the first office, a Puerto Rican lady, and I would have her translate for me, and obviously can’t depend on her, or someone like her, forever. So my parents started to speak to me in English to the point that I forgot
    most of my Spanish. I trying to relearn it again. I can understand it, but responding back in a grammatically correct sentence is difficult. So, that’s why if I ever have kids, I want them to learn Spanish better than I did so they don’t have to struggle with it later on in life. Also, so the culture doesn’t leave our family.

    Another thing, not all Latinos/Hispanics are brown. I’m white as heck. Granted, my great grandpa was brown (whether that is from the hot Cuban sun or he was actually born with that skin tone, i don’t exactly know) but not all of us are brown. Some of us are as black as ebony or as white as a napkin. Some are Asian too. So no, we don’t look the same.

    Oh and Hispanic are not all Democrat. Some of us, like Cubans, are Republicans. Shocking, I know.

  6. I am Puerto Rican and I don't need to assimilate. Speak, write and read English and the same with Spanish. Tom should just stay quiet. I don't see him saying that to Jews. Hasidics have their own schools and language and don't assimilate. They don't mix with others.

  7. He’s saying that you should aspire to be American if you’re moving there. If I move to Japan I’m going to learn Japanese and conform to their customs as well…I don’t see the issue in THAT particular point that he made.

  8. I believe that should go for anyone that wants to live in America, english is the language of this country. When you go to any non english country do we force them to learn english? Their is a reason why procedures are in place to enter this country…

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