This Is How We Riot

When a fellow officer is murdered unjustly this is how we riot.

Not with bricks and bottles but with a seemingly endless sea of blue lights.

Not with hatred in our hearts, but hands and hats covering them.

Not with empty chants but waving flags.

Not with cowardly masks but courageous men and women holding the line between evil and good.

Not with defacing property but by defending and keeping the peace.

Not with the tactics of terror but treading into the places few are willing to go.

THIS is how we riot.

Not by lighting things on fire but by lining the streets for miles and miles together both cop and community as one.

Not by hurling insults but by hugs, handshakes and heads bowed.

Not by focusing on our differences but focusing on what unites us regardless of race or religion.

Not by riding the latest social media trends but really doing something in our communities.

Not by mindless media manipulation but meaningful interactions with those they will never give voice to.

Not by separating people with broad strokes but standing shoulder to shoulder together in our diversity.

THIS is how we riot.

Make no mistake: we know first hand that injustice exists in the world.

We see it each and every time one of us pays the ultimate price for strangers with our lives.

AND we absolutely despise and condemn that injustice when we see it from our own ranks but just know:

We will still show up when you call.

We will still show up when the media isn’t there.

We will still strive to safeguard lives and property.

We will still protect the weak against oppression and intimidation.

We will still stand in front of the peaceful against violence and disorder.

We will still uphold our oaths to respect the constitutional rights of ALL to liberty, equality and justice.

Because THIS is how we riot.—-

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


38 thoughts on “This Is How We Riot

  1. This week my family were present to lay to rest and honor my friend Lt. Stephen Williams, who was murdered in the line of duty last week. He was also a founding member of Humanizing the Badge and helped save and change an unknown number of lives around him. Rest easy brother.

  2. this is hilarious imagine not realizing your part of the largest baddest gang around lol mindless media manipulation? take a fukn look at your occupation hahahahh damned pirates

  3. I just learned that some hours ago, a father who became violent against his ex-wife about rights on their children, threatened her and 4 cops were send to calm the situation and protect them.
    3 were killed by the father, the 4th were injuried, before the guy jump into his car, tempting to flee somewhere, then he shot himself dead.
    It was in my country, France, but this is horrific anywhere it happens : tonight, children of 4 families (3 cops and the suicidal one) are orphans.
    The dept. who send these men on this case just lost 3 partners, and have one wounded. It's not even a drug story, or an islamic strike… it was just a father who become psycho against his ex because… something gone wrong, and when cops were there, he didn't calm himself but shot them. 🙁
    It's remind me "Falling down" movie, but with some differences…
    I'm sad because i don't know what i could do to stop these cases… to avoid something like that happens once again.

  4. I was in Downtown Sacramento Saturday 12/5/20. The Sac Police Locked down the Capital Blocks with Barricades and 200 policemen. Dozens of paddy wagons. About 100 “Stop the Steal” protesters got in behind the barricades before they locked them. The closed streets so caravan protesters could not protest. But 200 Antifa protesters were allowed on the street Trump protesters usually did their caravan protest. The amazing was a few Trump supporters were attacked by Antifa and police looked on like nothing was happening. Some Trump supporters asked the police why they ignore Antifa?
    I see the Sacramento Police are now owned by the Communist Antifa? They can pay the taxes that pay their wages! Next time a Trump supporter defends police? They will hear it from me. They are done!

  5. Amen brother. Just know how much you are LOVED & RESPECTED by so many. We need you, the very best of all of us. We need you all to stand and defend our great country and all that we stand for. Just like our military we will never forget the sacrifices that you and your families make for us each and every day.. God Bless the Blue 🙏 Back the Blue always… Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  6. Why can’t we all come together as communities. This world has been turned upside down. So much hatred. This is the saddest video I’ve seen. I love our police and support them. This breaks my heart. I didn’t know you but I am sure you were a wonderful person and you are a true hero. May you RIP sir. God Bless you for all you have done. You are in God’s hands now❤️🙏🏻

  7. This is heartbreaking and inspiring. I'm sorry for your loss and thank you for your service. Our schools, colleges and universities have done this country a huge disservice by not teaching the true history of our nation and the constitution. Parents have largely done disservice to their children by not teaching values, respect and morality. I do see hope however in a generation coming forth who see truth and are beginning to change. I pray our nation will see the truth and protect the freedom given by the Constitution. All of us who have taken the Oath of Office must stand united to protect the Constitution and the freedoms therein. God bless you Mike.

  8. Cops are hero's!! Thank you so much for all you do! God bless our men and women in blue and watch over them each and every day! We love you guys and are standing behind you!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  9. Until governors give unconstitutional laws or orders and they barge in and take you off or abuse your rights all the time at traffic stops, yeah, trust.

  10. Im 15 years old and ive always wanted to be a cop because of these brave men and people think that because of whats going on that im going to back down i say no i want too be a cop too uphold honor integrity and peace

  11. You give this speach as the back drop to police unjustly killing people as they have for decades. The way you are portraying the protestors is dispicable given what police have been documented doing to the protestors. I am ashamed I subbed to you.

  12. I never lived my dream of being a police officer… But I can and will always back the blue, and commit myself to solute and pay respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe and to always thank an officer for just doing their job whether its the one guarding the gate, or directing traffic or even the one that pulls me over for a big smokey burnout you guys are never on your own there is more people out there just like me

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