They filmed police on their own property, cops used ruthless tactics to stop them

Texas teenager stands up for her right to record the police and her whole family pays the price! Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this important episode of the Police Accountability Report!
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Author: phillyfinest369


33 thoughts on “They filmed police on their own property, cops used ruthless tactics to stop them

  1. This shows how much cops always think their above the law because of who they are because the system lets them get away with what ever they want to. An example of that is when I heard a cop say what other job in America allows him to be a boss over everybody on the street and dont have to answer to anybody.

  2. Police in Texas have, for the most part, become ruthless, and blind to the rights of citizens, embarking on power trips, and abandoning the constitution they swear to uphold. Police are not held to the same standards that the rest of us 'common citizens' are, and therefore are above the law. They know this and are 'protected' when they act outside of the constitution!!

  3. I don't understand why the real news network doesn't share this with others. Others such the ACLU, the American Institute for Justice, the united states department of Justice even other YouTube channels.

  4. This is outrageous i feel so sorry for the family. But please take notice of what he says about the training time. I've been saying this for a long time. Would you let a electrician do the wires of your home after only 4 months of training. Or hairdressers do your hair. While you let cops get guns and not just handguns and badges and cuffs after a "training" on average of 6 months in your so called Great Country. It's sickening. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  5. Obstructing, interrupting or distracting a Cop is a criminal charge! And if Cops think a Crime is being committed by obvious reasons like Sight, sound, and smell they can enter a property or home on probable cause! Happens all day, everyday!

  6. Until the people start to light these devils a$$es up and strike some fear in these criminals , it will continue happening. I Pray this has to never happen, but if they want a war, give them one that they and their criminal buddies will never forget.

  7. Fu ck Tx, FL and Az .. claiming to have freedom anytime you do anything to hold the pigs accountable you are treated like you are living in a 3rd wold country. They will protect guns but the right to record and hold them accountable is a big no-no.

  8. I have been pro-lawenforcement all my life. Even though I had to do a little time because of the bad choices I've made in life. But the more I see of the exposures of their misconduct, the more a deep animosity grows in me against corrupt cops. This particular video is very disturbing. I hope these folks see justice. What have we become?

  9. So the big issue is the judges are not holding police accountable for violating people rights, this the only reason police don’t respect people rights, it’s to much crime going on in the world to be violating people’s rights, it’s the superiors that’s responsible for the actions of their officers, so the police officers need to be held accountable and the superiors need to be fired replaced and jailed for allowing cops to commit crimes

  10. If passively recording out of the way is considered interfering it goes directly to the incompetence of the Officer and their lack of ability to conduct themselves in their duty.

  11. We need to atart going after vile prosecutors with class action lawsuits and recalls. For these corrupt officials to blindly support corrupt and unjust police and unconstitutional acts should be enough for a recall and prison sentence to these absolutely disgusting prosecutors

  12. There is no justice anymore. The law only protects criminals now. The system has been turned against us. Don’t call the police don’t expect them to help you. We’re on our own.

  13. So the police followed them, threatening them and then arrested them.

    The public is really tired of being bullied by the police.

    Sad because its bad cops like this that make it bad for good cops that really help and protect people.

    These officers need to be fired, arrested and charged with felony assault on a minor with the intent to harm among other charges. Bad cops.

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