The Algerian Revolution—60 years later

July 5, 2022, marks the 60th anniversary of Algeria securing its independence from France. Algeria’s revolutionary example inspired activists and freedom fighters around the world, including anti-colonial leaders throughout Africa and Black revolutionaries in the United States. Yet much has changed in Algeria over the last half century. In this special interview commemorating the battle for Algerian independence, author, activist, and TRNN board member Bill Fletcher Jr. sits down with Brahim Rouabah to discuss Algeria’s history since independence—from the 1965 coup to the civil war of the 1990s and the recent Hirak Movement—and to examine how colonial interests have continued to shape Algeria’s politics and history into the present.

Brahim Rouabah, an Algerian activist and scholar, is the cofounder and former leader of the UK Algeria Solidarity Campaign. He is currently a doctoral student at the City University of New York and the author of the 2020 essay, published in the Review of African Political Economy, “The Colonial Counter-Revolution: The People’s Revolution in Algeria.”

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17 thoughts on “The Algerian Revolution—60 years later

  1. I'm Algerian, studied our history and I strongly disagree with the guest, Algeria's support to independence movements after the independence today's support for the Saharawis, Palestinians and many others is a testamet that Algeria still upholds it's ideals and is no way shape or form still a French pupper, the Algerian authorities still control education and the revolution and its ideals are still the center piece of education

  2. Crap Revolution… Ask or read Prof Edward Said about Algeria and what the french and rich arabs did after the few merry moments of the said Revolution … Pathetic mainstream media mud 👎🏽 however is here to create hoodwink and false hope

  3. Don't know but I literally had tears in my eyes I couldn't believe the title then hearing you speak of the Algerian liberation and recognizing the horror of the French army killing hundreds of thousands of Algerians a history sealed to this day in the French archives ….

    Maybe it was the history of the sub African nations that saught refuge and help from north africa and received it

    Or maybe it was the point when you mentioned the African Americans who saw their own hope for freedom and equality in Algeria independence

    Or maybe it's me realizing now that Algeria is once again fighting for it's sovereign borders amid France and the NATO insatiable thurst for world domination and destruction that made me cry

    But I think it's hope bc just having journalist like you still standing despite all attempts to halt free speech and to hide the truth that's what made me cry it's hope that we're still standing

    Viva la revoluçion
    Viva Algeria
    Viva Syria
    Viva the America we all love
    Power to the People

  4. 7:07 this was a good question!
    But your guest was trying so hard to avoid answering.
    Conclusion, your guest is dishonest, and the fact that he is hiding in UK tells you that he is like others right wing Islamic tools that the west uses against African and Asian countries.


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  6. France still owns North Africa and furthermore those so called independent nations still speak the language of their oppressor. Time to teach your people another language that expands their opportunities in life – English.

    Otherwise enjoy the quid pro quo by remaining with the iniquities of the status quo and condemn the youth to cleaners, street sweepers, poverty and criminality filling the prisons of France.

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