How America’s broken electoral system made the Jan 6 insurrection possible

America’s electoral system is broken. From partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression to an Electoral College that sidelines the popular vote, it should surprise no one that a majority of Americans don’t believe they live in a democracy. As the January 6 hearings play out in Congress, some argue that the attempted coup on that fateful day was only made possible by the fact that the American political system subverts meaningful democratic participation. How can progressives organize in the face of such widespread voter apathy and systemic barriers preventing so many from exercising our most fundamental democratic right? TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez chats with former TRNN senior reporter Jaisal Noor, who’s spent the past few months reporting on grassroots get-out-the-vote campaigns from rural Georgia to Nevada.

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26 thoughts on “How America’s broken electoral system made the Jan 6 insurrection possible

  1. The so called seige on the capitol was a set up, a staged event where fbi and the capitol police under the orders of nazi piglosi and mayor bow wow set up Trump and his supporters on that day to be used as a political witch hunt against Trump and his supporters. Treating them as political prisoners. It's pretty obvious what happened that day, especially since piglosi and bow wow refused the national guard because it would have interfered with their plan….the truth will come out one way or another and that day will be glorious…'s been a long time since a politician has been tar and feathered and it shows.

  2. There was no Coup attempt on Jan 6. Refer to Venezuela, Honduras, Ukraine, Iran, and other places around the world about coups. For the US, the coup that took place was done by Corporations…as Chris Hedges has pointed out years ago.

  3. oh I knew this was a liberal hit job as soon as you said armed protesters what exactly were they all armed with because it wasn't weapons are you talking about the American flags that they had and as far as Roe v Wade why don't you tell the people the facts also the Supreme Court did was basically say that killing babies is not a right it is not outlined in the Constitution they returned that individual responsibility to Any Given state so if you are in a state that doesn't mind letting you carry a child for 9 months and then executing them right before they are born or right after they are born I guess you're free to do that please be honest and as far as when it comes to voting rights it is quite simple you need to be able to show identification you need to be able to know that the voting system is secured and that's when both sides that's from Democrat as well as Republican it does not matter if you or any other person believe that you should just be able to get onto a plane which is not a constitutional right without an ID see how far that gets you you won't be able to get on that plane the right to vote is a right Reserve to an American citizen and how do you prove that you are a citizen by showing your identification so it's not any laws that are geared to suppress black people from voting white people from voting poor people from voting wealthy people from voting whatever take your pick it is meant to demonstrate that the people who are voting are Americans and I'm sorry if you don't like that but stop your crying

  4. There's nothing wrong with the electoral system. However, you literally had some states changing their voting systems at the last minute without even going through the proper measures to do so.

    This video is chock-full of propaganda and disinformation.
    First off, the United States isn't a democracy. The Constitution, at Article IV Section 4, guarantees each state a Republican form of government. Anyone that says otherwise is either an idiot or an enemy to the state…or both.

    Secondly, the Tenth Amendment bars the federal government from deciding matters that should be left up to the individual states.

    Thirdly, gun control is unconstitutional. Anyone that advocates for disarming tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of peaceable gun owners that have never used, and will never use, their weapons to commit a crime is, again, an idiot or an enemy to the state…or both.

    Lastly, only fools don't want voter I.D. laws. No one in their right mind wants people that are either here at North America (continental United States) illegally or too stupid to figure out how to go down to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a photo I.D., voting away constitutionally protected rights. Show I.D., or no voting for you. Period!

  5. Let the cons run a muck on Democracy
    Shame on all who support the deranged Elite and lying politicians and bullies
    America at a cross road
    Fascism or Democracy
    Choose wisely Americans

  6. I thought this would be a thoughtful analysis of our flawed election system that delivered two consecutive sets of results in presidential contests that were flatly rejected as rigged by the losing party. But you started with lies and a clear partisan prejudice. Nothing to be learned here. Bye.🖐😊

  7. I don't support those white surpremacists, but it was only "deadly" to the unarmed former obama turned trump voter air force veteran who was killed. Maybe look at the capitol cops who have committed "suicide" and killed other capitol cops in the months following? Why aren't cops getting fired and charged?

  8. I'm willing to bet that there were two or three people on a news channel somewhere talking about these same topics…….in 1950…, what difference are you people going to make???
    Listen, the insurrection of the capital was nothing! That was just a bunch of disgruntled people who acted out…nothing more! You guys want to have a real and very important dialogue, let me here you guys talk about what really happened on 9/11….i want to know why a proper investigation has never been conducted? I want to know why the US government has threatened to harm anyone who talks about it….why is no one talking about the Biggest Incident on American soil? The event changed the world and no one is talking about it…why? The Insurrection at the Capital and the Ukrainian war are small potatoes in comparison, yet it's a daily topic of conversation, covered by all the major news papers and even popular you-tubers….so what's holding you guys back from covering the attacks…it was the biggest event of our life times…what are you going to do?

  9. Get lost.. Democracy is not Working. Allover the world. And F**K America, never was a democracy never will be. It was an empire, now rotting from within as expected!
    Get a new job also maybe. Instead of this dull useless mainstream media mud making daily!

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