The Women’s World Cup and the fight for equal pay w/ Julie Foudy | Edge of Sports

As two-time defending champions, the US is the team to beat in this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. Long considered one of the best soccer teams in the world, the US Women’s National Team hasn’t always been given its dues. Former captain Julie Foudy joins Edge of Sports for a look back on the evolution of women’s soccer.

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32 thoughts on “The Women’s World Cup and the fight for equal pay w/ Julie Foudy | Edge of Sports

  1. So people who "transition" suddenly develop a desire to compete with OBVIOUS physical advantages is a good thing? Its disgusting and degrades all female sports and everything they fought for. If fair competition is all the "transitioned want, let them play against the same gender they were born with, that is fair.

  2. this woman says spain germany usa uk might win it but refuses to mention japan who beat half of them already. equal pay lol.. why? the level of skill is rubbish..

  3. Instead of asking for equal pay for a league that does not draw the numbers, they should ask for some of that wasted publicity money spent on the perennial losers on the USMNT. Maybe then they could get more people in the seats.

  4. Women don’t paid as much as men in sports because women’s sports aren’t as fun to watch as men. Men can run faster, kick harder, dunk better, punch harder, etc. Its not a moral judgement; it’s just a statement of fact.

  5. Rapinoe is not one of the best players to ever play soccer. Our female US Olympic Soccer Team played a team of 14 & 15 year old boys and the girls US Soccer Team got spanked by the young boys. Now according to Rapinoe there is also the issue of pay compared to the men's team. In actuality the women's team get a higher percentage of pay than the men's team. The female players get 20% of the pool while men only get 7%. The men's team gets more in pay than the women's team because the men's team brings in A LOT MORE MONEY. Now this lady said that they need to invest more money into the women's league and it will grow into bring in the same kind of money as the men's league. That's ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! The women's league will not bring in the same kind of money as the men's league because they are nowhere near the level of play in the men's league. In case anyone thinks that was a fluke you should know that the Australian national women's soccer team was also beat by the under 15 boys team, the Newcastle Jets, with the score of 7-0. That's right they got skunked! At this point it's time for y'all to finally admit that when it comes to sports men are almost always better than women. The feminist movement has gone too far. For decades now feminists have also pushed the lie that women are just as good at sports as men. They have blown so much smoke up women's a$$es that a vast majority of women think they are all 10's! The actual truth is that most women are 4's and 5's-average! If feminists were honest they would admit that the feminist movement has moved past women being equal to men to now pushing the belief that women are superior to men!

  6. The money the USMNT wastes on publicity could be better spent on getting more folks to watch a team that is dominant instead of perennial losers. But that’s just my two cents!

  7. When they bring in money to pay them. No one watches them, because there are differences between men and women; men are better. Deal with it.

  8. The USWNT at this moment are unique in that they have more success than the USA mens team, but how long can they sustain the level they are at now? In soccer terms the other nations have caught up to the USA. It keeps being said time and time again bums on seats. Packed stadiums are the benchmark. The discussion should be about obscene salaries not equity to receive obscene salaries. It seems to me women also want to become sporting elites who are far removed from the supporter fan base, don't we have enough of those already.

  9. I can see fighting for more pay if the pay isn't good enough. But with male athletes so often overpaid, I really don't have a lot of sympathy for women fighting for "equal pay." Let's just lower the pay for male athletes to something relative to their importance in society and then give what's left over to women athletes. It's only entertainment, after all. It's not flying an airplane or doing brain surgery.

  10. I love Taya Graham 's videos, because they expose police brutality and cities lack of accountability or misuse of funds and or ofnpolice power…but, asking for equal pay while not being profitable is nothing short of sport communism.

  11. Are there 10 ladies soccer leagues in the world that don't lose money? Can you name me 10? 5 Ladies soccer leagues that don't lose money, and have an average attendance superior a 10K people in the stands? I'll wait

  12. I went to Zambia v Japan game. Tickets were free. I didn't spend any money on concessions. It was a great night out. I would go again if i get more free tickets.

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