The Arrest of Randall Brocius, or Jeremy Smacks the Wrong Guy’s Hood

On September 16, 2019 Jeremy Charles Dewitte banged on the wrong guy’s hood. The guy behind the wheel of that vehicle was a deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and Jeremy called him a “f***boy” in front of his four-year old. while motioning toward his authentic-looking pepperball gun and ordering the off-duty deputy out of his funeral.

Bad idea.

The day would end with Randall Brocius arrested, Jeremy chewed out, and both ‘Photo’ and ‘Recycle’ considering spilling the beans on Metro State to the police… which they would do not long thereafter.

It wasn’t long before Brocius was arrested yet again, for a late-November crime that practically screams Metro State: driving an unregistered ambulance on a suspended driver’s license.

In that incident, the arresting officer ran the Metro State ambulance’s VIN, only to discover that it came back to nothing. No record of any kind, from any state, anywhere.

Curiously, however, it did have a license plate, which raised the obvious question: from where?

From Metro State, of course. The plate on the ambulance came back to a black F-250 pickup truck owned by Metro State. The bus, on the other hand, was built on a red F-450. That had a completely different VIN number.

Randall is currently facing one count of felony false personation for actions taken during a funeral escort on 10/12/19. That charge against him was filed on 2/12/20.

On 2/24/20 Randall Brocius pleaded no contest to one count of openly carrying a firearm. He was adjudicated guilty and sentenced to one day in jail with credit for one day served, plus fees… which he appears to have not yet paid… thus resulting in — sense a theme? — the suspension of his driver’s license about a week ago.

Soon on Patreon: We have already posted Randall Brocius-es (talk about a tongue twister to possessivize) juvenile criminal history records, which is notable, by the way, in light of the fact that they are strictly confidential in the State of Florida. Coming soon, in honor of Randall’s arrest video, we will be posting the records from the Army court martial that landed him 30 days behind bars in Fort Benning. And footage of Brittany Zamora’s interview with law enforcement.

I know what some of you are thinking, and yes, what you read above means that Randall did sort of serve in the Army.

Emphasis on the sort of.

Brocius enlisted for four years, but found himself less-than-honorably discharged before his first anniversary. Fast forward a few years, and that didn’t stop him from telling a police officer that he had served six years in the Army, with many overseas deployments, plus jump school and ranger training. (Sound familiar?)

If you are wondering what the context was of that law enforcement encounter, we’ve got you covered. The police had been called to Brocius’s local Lavanderia Laundry in Tavares because someone — him — was seen by multiple scared would-be-customers cleaning an M1 rifle.

In. The. F***ing. Laundromat.

That happened in 2012.

Wanna know what happened in 2016? After multiple rejections for administrative reasons, Brocius was approved as a licensed armed security guard. Makes you wonder what they consider disqualifying.

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47 thoughts on “The Arrest of Randall Brocius, or Jeremy Smacks the Wrong Guy’s Hood

  1. Seems like if they had such a big problem with Jeremys activities (which from everything I’ve seen is legal), that they would approach the Office of Funeral Enforcement or whatever legislative body tasked with overseeing such activities… instead they’re wasting countless resources and taxpayer dollars harassing this clown when they could be out doing something like, I don’t know, finding criminals maybe…

  2. If you are a company that does funeral processions, you call your company something like “Orange Valley Funeral Escort Services.” Not “Metro State.” I can’t believe this guy isn’t in prison yet.

  3. The sad thing is the families receiving the ‘escort’ really thought the police department was showing/giving the honor & respect for their loved one when this pos only wanted to look & act like a cop.

  4. The way Jeremy stands at his car in these interactions; foot up, lights flashing, clipboards, pens, writing nonsense on pieces of paper during discussions with officers. He thinks he’s one of the boys. 😂

  5. The whole time I'm wordering how much funerals are paying for escorts. Nice vehicles, high tech motorcycles, multiple arrests and lawyers. Either he has a trust fund or they pay that good. I might need to move to fl but I will just follow the law.

  6. On this I have a funny feeling that the cop just doesn’t like these guys and caused a issue where the didn’t need to be one!
    I understand the other guys are not cops but come on!!!! It’s funeral!
    All the cop had to do is call the company or go there in person and discuss it with the managers and tell them the situation!
    The other is just following the company’s instruction.

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