Ohio Man Arrested For Impersonating a Police Officer | New Footage

LORAIN, OHIO — At 5:03 AM on May 24, 2019 a vehicle was stopped in Vermilion, Ohio for driving without its headlights activated. At the end of the stop and subsequent investigation, the vehicle’s driver, Dorsey Fields, was in some serious trouble. Fields was arrested and cited for OVI, driving on an OVI-suspended license, driving at night without headlights, and failure to stay in his marked lane of travel. Affidavits were completed for open container and littering, and warrants were pursued for:

1. Impersonating a peace officer (felony)
2. Having weapons while under disability (a felony, and the result of Fields’ status as a fugitive… from another arrest)
3. Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle (oh look, another felony)
4. Possession of drugs (felony)
5. Possession of drugs once again (misdemeanor this time), and
6. Using weapons while intoxicated (misdemeanor).

There were a dozen charges in total.

Fields was transported to Erie County Jail, and footage of his interaction with law enforcement is forever enshrined on the internet, in two videos, both easily find-able by searching “I’m a CEO of companies!”

That CEO line didn’t help him back in Vermilion, but maybe it helped at the other, earlier, stop we wrote about in the description of the Vermilion videos?

“That was convoluted. What are they talking about?”

The Vermilion videos informed readers that Fields had been arrested a-month-and-change earlier in a strikingly similar incident. That incident happened in the next town over: Lorain, Ohio — and at its conclusion, Fields was hit with a nearly-identical battery of charges.

Intrigued, and in possession of information suggesting there was something to see, we pursued the Lorain footage.

After a stupid-long tug of war with Lorain Police Department over their plainly wrong interpretation of the Ohio Public Records Act. (Not helped by their steadfast unwillingness to follow multiple written opinions of the Attorney General of Ohio…) the dash camera footage from Fields’ Lorain traffic stop finally showed up in the mail this past weekend.*

Let’s check it out.

Fields is currently out on bail. His pre-trial hearing is scheduled to begin just about, oh, right now (which is obviously in the past when you are reading this). At that hearing, among other things, the court will decide whether or not to grant Fields’ motion to have his alcohol sensor removed. According to Fields’ attorney JD Tomlinson, the sensor’s data indicates that Fields has not drank any alcohol since the sensor was affixed in mid-June, as part of his bail conditions.

We’ll see what happens.

*Pro tip: If you are a public body and the Attorney General issues a written opinion stating that the law requires you to do something, that means you have to do it.


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46 thoughts on “Ohio Man Arrested For Impersonating a Police Officer | New Footage

  1. In a now-pinned comment on one of the earlier videos, Dorsey Fields' stepchild provided context. It feels a bit weird quoting their comment here, because replies will not go to them, but (a) I think there is a good chance that they will show up, and (b) the context is important:

    Izzy (2 months ago):

    This is my step dad, I currently live with him and he acts like this everyday. I just recently turned 18 but ever since I was 11 we always fought. I have no remorse for him. After everything he’s done to degrade me, make me feel like shit and emotionally manipulate our family this is deserved and i’m glad people are seeing how much of an asshole he is.

    He also knows about the video but refuses to watch it, I read the comments to him but he still doesn’t think he’s a total asshole. Also he doesn’t own any businesses, my mom owns two restaurants that he didn’t contribute to. He isn’t a CEO of anything either and the car isn’t his. He is bipolar but I don’t think that excuses him being an asshole since he’s pretty much always been like this. I hope this video and these comments help him realize he needs serious help.

    EDIT: Thank you for all the positive comments, support, and advice. I wasn't expecting a lot of sympathy, but regardless I deeply appreciate it!! I genuinely hope his mental health, attitude, and behavior improves. Honestly sometimes he's a cool dude and we have a lot of memories together, but most of the times he's a total POS which sucks. Hopefully one day we'll see his positive side more.

    The earlier videos can be found at http://tiny.cc/companies1 and http://tiny.cc/companies2

  2. This guy has a borderline personality issue of some kind. Researchers write dissertations and make their careers out of nimrods like this guy. At this rate, he'll never get back to where ever he comes from; he'll be spending the rest of his enraged life hopping from one county jail to another, all across this Great Nation of ours.

  3. This reminds me of my #1 favorite cop video I saw years ago:

    Cop pulls a guy over for speeding. The cop, who is polite the entire time, gives the man a ticket. The man in question, is snippy and rude through the whole exchange, and proceeds to tear up the ticket, tosses it to the ground while telling the cop "I'm not paying no fuckin' ticket!"

    The cop, who had the patience of a saint, calmly told the man, "Sir, I'm afraid if you don't pick up that ticket I just gave you, then I'm going to have to write you another ticket for littering."

    The man goes *ba-llistic*. Steps out of his car, picks up the ticket, and gets back in his car, all while screaming and cussing at the cop for being a cop.

    I wish I could find that video… saw it on a cop show in the 90's.

  4. Klonopin fries the brain. I was on Klonopin for 17 years. It takes a year to fully withdrawal from, and I had seizures. Anyone who is hooked on the drug will act like this. I felt sorry for him.

  5. Wow so this is a whole other video I saw one of him and vermilion it looks like it would have been 2 months before this incident the other video says 11 months ago and this 1 says 9 months ago

  6. Officer: “Do you have your ID?”
    Man: “I’ve got 6 wallets. I don’t have my ID in this one.”
    Officer: “Are there guns in the trunk?”
    Man: “I’ve got 8 vehicles. I don’t have guns in this one.”

  7. Here I am more inclined to believe he is in he middle of a bipolar episode – the grandiosity and wacky delusional stuff is fairly pronounced, in contrast to the more typical drunken aggressive entitled butthead stuff he displayed in the Vermillion arrest vids.

  8. Real World Police, do you have any videos of you making all these public record requests? I’d love to see the pushback you get as well as be educated on how they actually work. I’m sure you run into different problems each time

  9. Imagine being that insecure as a person? Most of us who actually drive merc’s would never say it with the intent to impress someone or announce it as if it means anything. It’s just a car like anyone else’s.

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