Ted Cruz Called Out For Hypocritical Tweet About Americans Left In Afghanistan

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41 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Called Out For Hypocritical Tweet About Americans Left In Afghanistan

  1. Not the same shit. The firsts were in their home state, with many people who were taking care of the situation, the seconds, texans in Afganistan, are in the hostile country and noone's there to help them. Anyways, you blame Cruz to not to be to Texas to help people? Well, be consequent and blame Biden to not to be to Afganistan when troops retreated and each and every american citizen and ally got home. Hope you'll see the difference before you're 50…

  2. if only ted cruz didn't go to cancun, all those american would have been saved in texas and in afghanistan. is there a donkey of the day for biden, blinken and milley for screwing up the departure in Afghanistan? nah, we'll save that for anyone who mentions the screw up.

  3. So we are comparing leaving Americans in another hostile country versus a senator taking his family out of the country to avoid dealing with a storm?🤔 Take bidens nuts out of yall mouths 😂😂😂

  4. He left his state in a crisis and flew to Cancun to see his boyfriend! While he was there he blamed the democrats for the problem in his state! The GOP state of TEXAS! Gov Cantwalk had nothing to do with it! LOL

  5. I don't have any sympathy for the Texans left for any American left in Afghanistan because they were told back in March that the US military was going to leave and they should leave they decided to stay and now they're paying the consequences 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. Don’t get off topic. What about how weak Biden is? Pathetic. He needs a nap and u guys know it. He should go back downstairs in the basement. 2024 coming! Can’t wait until America can be strong and powerful again. SMH asking the Taliban for permission to leave SMH weak af.

  7. So many sheep in these comments. Charla you can't speak on consistency. You have yet to call out Kori Bush, AOC, Kamala, Patrice, BLM, even Biden.. furthermore he's a damn senator not the governor. If something happened in NY you wouldn't be out there looking for your listeners to make sure they're good. You are the same dude that avoids N%ggas after 5pm. You see how that works. Btw not defending Cruz in anyway, but this door seems to swing both ways.

  8. Most conservatives are hypocrites I've met many who are swingers wives married to men who go out and sleep with men women who say they want a non monogamous poly relationship etc none of that is conservative traditional values

  9. This is why stupid people shouldnt dabble in politics….. Cruz literally dropped his kids off and CAME BACK. Key words in all caps for stupid people to notice. Dont hate because he is a father to his kids… But most importantly, this is nowhere even close to the same thing. Just stop. Stop with the leftist ball juggling. The left are the nice slave owners who allowed people like Charlamagne in the house. Foh….

  10. are you really comparing leaving a hurricane for cancun to leaving Americans behind enemy lines ?? in a terrorist country the same ones that hit the twin towers in NEW YORK? Did you forget 911 ? This admin are a bunch of rat traitors.. wow- no words…

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