San Francisco Pays Criminals to Stop Criming and Stuff

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They’ve gone full potato.

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33 thoughts on “San Francisco Pays Criminals to Stop Criming and Stuff

  1. I can't figure out why anybody that has any sort of a brain would stay in San francisco, unless your criminal and you're just having a great time. All civilized people need to get the hell out immediately.

  2. i mean to be fair they stopped letting cops arrest anyone who steals less than A THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of things. literally you can go into a bank and demand $999 and they cant say no and cant charge you for anything other than tresspassing. what the fuck ????????

  3. It's not a statement that says a law abiding citizens have the right to own a gun. It's just plain crazy. Screw Drive this BS. Paying criminals for not being criminals. Son of a Biscuit thier culpable for aiding in criminal behavior with this crazy issue. There should be a law against this. Oh yeah, if they can't show up for an appointment with their parole or probation officer then issue a warrant for their arrest just like they would if it were you or me. Then they wonder why people and businesses are leaving the State? "Come on man you know the deal" a quote from our (owned )President. Even his General Miley and the wicked witch of the California district she represents Pelosi doesn't trust him as far as being mentally stable enough to have control over our nuclear arsenal or speaking with the enemy about things. Milley and Pelosi just took control over the sitting President of our United States . But since when did these people obey their oath to our Constitution and stop this crap at the border and you know as well as I do Trump would have never left a thing behind for the Talibans use. There's just really no excuse for any of this.

  4. How about if after being found guilty of murder, they are immediately taken outside the courthouse and hung….no appeals, no jail, just meet your maker….black, white, yellow, purple…makes no difference. I bet murder rates would plummet. Probably sounds horrible to some, but it’s actually pretty simple…you made an informed choice, and there are consequences to your actions. I mean at some point people need to say “ENOUGH!” because the criminals never will.

  5. This wave of "gentle parenting" is going to raise a bunch of mouthy brats that can't get anything done because their feelings will get hurt if they so much as roll out of bed.

  6. Are the going to pay people for following some of the other nine commandments? How about $200 a month for not coveting your neighbor's wife.

    And in other news, the sales of knives are up 300%.

  7. So basicly, San Fransicko is incentivizing murderers to have a competition to see who can be the top 10 in body count. It would cost way less to have judges and DAs who do their fekking job; then invest the money saved into infrastructure and development in lower income areas of the city. Businesses and industry are already leaving blue cities with policies like this. It costs them less to uproot and move. Once all the employment is gone, all san fran will be left with are the unemployed and the lawless, neither of whom pay taxes. Then the city goes bankrupt and those “minority report” checks will be hard fund.

  8. You mean to tell me I won't get paid if I was about to shoot 100 plus people because German Shepard, who told me to do it, cause I'm white?!? That's racist and they'll be hearing from my extremely high price lawyer cause I'm on some welfare program. What if I had a black parent and a white parent? Will I at least get half of the money? What if I'm Latino or Asian? Do I still get paid cause I'm still a minority? If that's a no they'll be hearing from my high price lawyer that my welfare bennies will pay for it.

    But seriously, this smells Pelosi all over it. She still is blaming for Trump for the attack cause she thinks she's all high and mighty that it's her and her party's own doing. If the liberal parties don't wake up there will be another civil war this country will be in. The first one was for a righteous cause but the second will be written in the history books that stupidity started the second. I firmly belief the liberals are walking on very thin ice. I've seen the article from somewhere and all I can see are doors opening up for new troubles.

  9. I have a speeding ticket for 9 over. Can I get a free tax payer funded check? No? Well crap. Guess I need to get my crime act up.

  10. Two questions. A) do you have to live in San Francisco? B) is it important that you have a history of shooting people? Asking for a friend.

    Also, is there a clawback clause?

  11. I live in one of Australia's major Tourist cites… Our cops do not tolerate anything that could effect tourism.. I went to San Francisco on a Holiday, Stayed at the Marriot.. There was rubbish everywhere, People injecting drugs in the main park.. People literally taking a shit in the street.. And the police literally did nothing.. There was a group of freak isralite?? wankers out the front of Macys.. accosting people .. Cps literally did nothing.. What an absolute shithole

  12. Let's be clear…..
    They're not paying criminals a few hundred bucks a month to give up their life of crime.
    It's a Bonus for Not Getting Caught.
    …..And then, all they would have to do is stop investigating/prosecuting those people if they do get caught, to give their absurd program the false appearance of being a success.

  13. Well I was holding off moving out of California because the recall had given me hope, I'm retiring and I'm taking my money with me out of this shit hole.🇺🇸👍

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