Stir Crazy! Episode #43: We Can’t Breathe

On today’s show: Sociologist Taure Brown, Rattling the Bars host Eddie Conway, political consultant Adriel Hampton, and activist and recording artist Eze Jackson. Hosted by Kim Brown.

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20 thoughts on “Stir Crazy! Episode #43: We Can’t Breathe

  1. And show some solidarity with the courageous protesters by filming the police brutality in their midst.. you really haven't risen to this históric occasion. Comment is easy, bearing witness takes a modicum of courage.

  2. I wanted to hear more from the older gentleman who was a part of Black Panther Party. I know he sees a resemblance during his time and now.

  3. I am not American. I've tried to live in US but preferred to go back to Africa. Still as a worlds citizen, I am concerned about what going on us since it impacts on the the world. Having say that, I see always Americans only reacting sporadically never thourughly . Now and then the establishment sells out somebody like Clinton or Obama to calm down activists but succeed in taking back all the changes which always take years of arguing between the housses and meanwhile the middle class loses more and more of it's power to impacts on America becoming. All facts reunited together which give birth to very uneducated ( blacks and whites and in between altogether) having to run business in the country wether it's police, nursing or whatever else. If it hasn't been for the lack of education it wouldn't have been so easy for the state to assassinate some much p people wether in the us or outside the US. You activists endorse part of responsibility. This outcry about Loyd is as somebody crying over and injury on a body eaten by cancer. Even though I now down in memory of the deceased man, still I'd like to explore the whole picture to educate people. Mainstream media, bankers and politicians have to start feeling as unsafe as poor ( mainly blacks) people feel. And for as long as it takes to make some changes happen. I say that not because I love Americans or blacks Americans. I say that because we hope to see a peaceful America so we could hope a peaceful World. For now we are having a rogue state for its own citizens and for the others.

  4. Basically the black population are facing an occupying army with no legitimacy and they need to form their own protection blocks. Right on Eddy

  5. America is on the slide, the new Rome. As the economical and sociological conditions worsen all races and groups have to coalesce to fight back. Imagine the alternatives if they don't. A UK perspective.

  6. Please acknowledge the drug raids on homes of people of any color, including white, that get their entire families murdered by cops, where there is no one left to video those atrocities……

  7. They just found out that murderer cop had worked for 17 years together with George Floyd as a bouncer. Pre-meditated FIRST degree murder. Justice will not be served until The People take the power back!!!

  8. An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics. — Plutarch
    Forget “Looting.” Capitalism Is the Real Robbery.

    by- William C. Anderson, Truthout May 29, 2020


    This conversation about “looting” always repeats itself. During virtually every Black uprising that has taken place and shaped this country in the last century, the narrative has remained the same. White supremacist assaults on the Black community were dubbed “race riots,” and Black protesters’ self-defense has been framed as senseless violence.

    People lament the destruction of property because they’ve bought into the idea that it’s another wrong being committed on top of any given white supremacist violence that caused it all. But stealing because you’re being sucked dry by a system that has rendered you disposable is not the same as the ritualistic racist murders of Black people by white supremacists.

    Decades of “looting” stores during uprisings can’t measure up to what Wall Street has looted through the financial crises it creates. Capitalism encourages thievery from the top down.In a nation that has never gotten past the civil war it fought over a wealthy class not giving up slavery profits, defending the wealthy is a tradition. The same people who created and currently benefit from the current crisis are intentionally mismanaging plenty of other parts of our existence.

    Full article:

    “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” — Frederick Douglass

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