Stella Assange speaks out on Julian’s imprisonment w/Chris Hedges (Part 2)

Prison is always a political tool, and in the case of whistleblowers like Julian Assange, the use of incarceration to suppress, discourage, and silence dissent is self-evident. Since being imprisoned, Assange has married and even started a family—but has been kept apart from his wife and children. In the second of a two-part conversation, Stella Assange and Chris Hedges discuss the conditions of Julian’s incarceration, and how it offers a glimpse into the overall brutality of the prison system.

Stella Assange’s Substack:

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Videographer / Video editor: Niels Ladefoged

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27 thoughts on “Stella Assange speaks out on Julian’s imprisonment w/Chris Hedges (Part 2)

  1. Thank you Chris and Stella, listening to Chris mentioning his life’s work and thinking about the sacrifices Good people like Chris, Julian and Stella have made for Humanity, has made me realize that I should have done more in my life, we all should have and it’s not to late but the Time is now!
    This Evil Empire needs more Good people standing up against it, enough is enough, it’s time for US to Step UP!

  2. When is the next London court date, it seems difficult to find this information online (although the date may not have been set yet). I’ve got a couple of days annual leave to take & would like to travel down from Scotland to join the support for Julian outside court

  3. humiliation, de-moralization, human trafficking for extra-profit is the goal of this prison warehousing of men.
    when locked up they sign your check and you can't because you are ward of the corporation.

  4. Huge Respect to this Brave Woman. Iranian Women Love You and Julian Assange🍃❤️🍃

    We also are struggling to get rid of a brutal regime in Iran 💪💪

  5. Julián Assange 🐴Cbllrs dl círculo y dl espacio Julián Assange recuerda grábalo siempre en tu mente q el cuerpo muere pero tu espíritu y tu alma permanece este es el sello de los Cbllrs y hermanos volveremos a librar las guerras entre los planetas y el espacio e seguido paso a paso a nuestros enemigos y a tu cazo

  6. Thank you Real News Network for airing this program. Chris Hedges is a person of real integrity, honesty, and compassion. Also enjoyed listening to Mrs. Assange.❤

  7. It is a constant struggle a battle between the people that have and those that have not it is simply a win to be for not to be is the option these prisoners have nothing but their will and their wits I know it’s a war that the cost of losing is too high price I will help you if I can

  8. Stella, You made me cry too. You are our hero. A lone warrior, fighting for your husbands rights. Julian and you warring for the Truth, for the whole humanity. The ego, the power, the money driven ogres killing the innocents in the name of sovereignty. Finally Truth WIIL prevail 🙏

  9. Very interesting and moving video … i would sudgest that
    Our political leaders that call
    For longer prison sentences and more high security prisons watch this…
    Trnn is a very high quality channel
    As a swede i would suggest that julian should get asylum and citizenship in Sweden.
    We have to stand up for free
    Spech and democracy, and stand up against, the American and uks governmens/security services
    Attempt too make a warning
    Example of him: to everybody
    That plan to go against the governments interest i some way. Sadly this will not happen
    Especially not know when Sweden are trying to get into nato. Forget the traditional swedish stand on nuclar weapons know for example.
    Wi have new laws in sweden now that makes it illegal "to harm
    Swedens relations with other
    Countrys " even publishers an journalists can be punished for
    Breaking it.
    Iam not even joking here …

    The handling of the criminal acusasions against julian here in sweden was a fars also ,i strongly think.
    Exposing war crimes and elegal surveillance is not a crime ;if it is, what are the exposed crimes / illegal actions in comparison?

  10. Sorry he met , married and started a family all whilst incarcerated?
    Who is in prison here – it seems me. As he has more than I do of a normal life.
    I want him released of course but he has managed to have more than most have in supposed freedom.
    More so I want the evidence he brought to light in his releases examined and criminality prosecuted if any of it was true – no matter how high it goes. That too is what he wanted the truth and ramifications of that truth.

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