Sonoma sheriff had the wrong guy and ended him anyway by choking out

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A Northern California sheriff announced Friday he is firing a deputy who used a choke hold on a man, who later died, while officers were investigating a suspected carjacking. Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick said in a video that he found footage of the deputy’s actions … more on

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43 thoughts on “Sonoma sheriff had the wrong guy and ended him anyway by choking out

  1. Again all should be castrated and hung in the city so that people can see it again they should all be castrated we do not need animals like that

  2. Disgusting behavior on theses officers, never would I believe that police, 6 months in the academy they think they are above the law they are supposed to enforce the laws, no one is above the law. I hope the family sued the department for everything these are rough officers who killed someone and whats even more disturbing their own internal affairs found bonwrong doing. Blue line qualified immunity protection

  3. Humans are mammals, which means they are animals. Animals defend themselves when fearing for their life. It's a built in (rear, old brain) reaction, that over rides the front, new brain's ability to reason. Why are police EVER surprised when their victims respond in defence?

  4. WTF!!!!!! One cop said that he is the owner of the car basically saying they got the wrong guy. And the other officer said, “ Oh Well “

  5. Listen People! Remember this video next time you're on a jury against a defendant who
    killed or maimed an officer in self-defense or self-preservation.
    Look and remember this video. Remember the police lies, thuggery,
    brutality, intimidation and terroristic threats.

  6. I hate pigs that always "our safety comes first" like no mf the public safety comes first not yours it's your job to protect and serve us not yourself if you don't like it well then quit

  7. Its ok for them to hurt us but if we defend ourselves we are criminals so we must allow them to do whatever they are doing and try to survive the torture of helplessness.

  8. Just tell me any other profession where you get fired for murdering someone. I assume the Sheriff thought the 'disturbing' part of this was that the deputy forgot to turn off his bodycam before he discussed the attemped cover-up.

  9. You have no remorse he wasn't breathing and now he is so you didn't even check to make sure he kept breathing you cops deserve the death penalty for your carelessness

  10. “How’s your bite?”. Dude, you just killed a man on camera. Maybe run the vin and compare it to the carjacked vehicle. “Why did he run?”. Perhaps he was afraid that there would be an excessive use of force and he would be murdered. Just a thought.

  11. New police motto. Our safety is paramount above everything in this universe and we serve our ego only and to kill everyone who disagrees with us.

  12. These thugs are trained to kill anything that moves before investigating anything !!!! Jesus is watching scumbags and your end will be far worse than what you thugs did to this innocent young man

  13. So they killed the guy whose actually the owner of the car!?!? When the fu*k are we gonna do away with these fuckin pigs!!!! Did I hear one of them at the very end say "oh well"!!! Is there a follow-up to this??

  14. Handcuffing a practically dead man. Way to go assholes. The wrong guy too. Why do they insist of treating everybody as criminals. America is NOT a country of freedom. We are all captives to tyranny.

  15. None of what they did was necessary. These POS cops are on a powere trip. How is the guy not going to bite if they are choking him. Its a reaction. If they put the same effort to revive him as they did to kill him, he may have survived. Fuken Nazi tyrants.

  16. This is why he he seemed out of it and why he couldn't use his legs "Ward’s half-sister, Catherine Aguilera, has said her brother used drugs and had health issues that began 20 years ago when a drunken driver hit him while he was riding a motorcycle, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a heart condition. Aguilera said Ward had to carry an oxygen tank and use a walker or a wheelchair." The fact that when the officer says to the Deputy "this is the owner" and the deputy replies "oh well" just shows his state of mind that he was justified in what he did. The fact that no other deputies stepped in to stop the obvious overuse of force again shows that the problem is systematic within the department.

  17. Can we get this fucken revolution started already. Probably not this country is full of fucken useless sheep. This type of shit will not end until we fight back and end this broken system that is failing.

  18. Once again the brutal acts of cowards is on display. You'd have to wonder how this would have played out is they didn't knowingly perform with live cameras. This was a vicious murder caught on film. The deputy now gets to enjoy paid leave while his buddies investigate his "heroic conduct".

  19. In seven plus decades of tenure here,plus living/working in the NJ/NY metro area 53 years,I've seen my share of cops unjustly and illegally beating up on citizens,while all the other cops present never tried to stop it,let alone object to it,and most joined in,violating the innocent citizen's rights,whose only crime was verbally resisting and/or criticising the cops abusive behavior.

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