Some Reasons for No Knock Warrants

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A clip from a recent Failure to Stop podcast episode on the Amir Locke case breakdown and no knock warrants.

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34 thoughts on “Some Reasons for No Knock Warrants

  1. I’m to the point that no. There’s too much technology available for no knock warrants. Honestly pre dawn raids shouldn’t exist anymore. We’ve reached a milestone where Facebook knows when you poop. Therefore I think it’s time warrants stop being served in such dangerous methods. Especially when the wrong fucking house still gets hit. Id rather see a thousand criminals escape in the wind, than one innocent family shoot it out with police.

  2. Doesnt matter what the reasons for no knock warrants are. If anyone forcefully breaks into my home uninvited and I don’t know who they are, I’m putting them in the dirt

  3. The assumption is that these bad guys are stuck in their house and never come out or are more dangerous out in the open. How about bagging these guys as they leave or enter their residence. How about doing more research on the address or other occupants? How about needing extenuating circumstances?

  4. There does seem to be valid reasons for these warrants. Just understand that if a homeowner shoots a cop during one that the courts will have trouble getting a conviction. You are allowed to defend yourself when you think your house is being invaded and don't know by who. It's even happened in Texas multiple times.

    Unless this is an emergency it doesn't seem worth to risk to citizens or law enforcement. No knock for homicide suspect makes sense. For a kid with drugs? No.

  5. I’m pro law enforcement, my uncle and 1 cousin are retired LEOs. My problem with a No Knock warrant isn’t even with the warrant itself. My problem is if there’s a mistake, and mistakes do happen though I imagine that they’re unlikely. But if someone were to knock my door in and enter my house I’m very likely to be armed and prepared to shoot because I’ve never done anything that would even qualify for a warrant of any kind. If this were to happen, and I shoot a LEO, things will get uglier in a hurry, legally and otherwise.

  6. Hell, i had to make another comment. Ill be nice this time… a no knock raid has nothing to do with getting the bad guy. They coild get the bad guys any time they want and they know it… it has nothing to do with saving anyone. they dont care about you or your safety, or your wife and kids.

    What it is all about, is assets, asset forfiture. Now they can circumvent the 4th amendment and steal all your shit, plant evidence. Not to mention show you whos boss. And terrorize you and your family. Throwing flash bangs into cradles. Its about the money and what ever else they can find, finding things to put more charges on you.

    Yall remember, no law has ever stopped anyone from doing something bad. Damn sure hasnt stopped cops from breaking the law.

  7. Either ban them or arrest officers and charge them when innocent people are killed. Take responsibility for your actions like the rest of us.
    Police have a choice when they take the job and willingly join swat teams don't cry cause it's dangerous. If you can't handle it don't volunteer for it.

  8. A couple of observations: Starting a gun battle in an apartment complex sounds like a good way to kill the neighbors. Second entering a home with a bystander inside sounds like a decision to sacrifice the bystander.

  9. Right, they did a no knock warrant on my ex girlfriend, if they had knocked she might have done check fraud again before they stopped her.

  10. The no-knock warrant is easily abused and i think the ridicule to the idea of bureaucratic corruption is fascinating. Especially given how nobody in the chain is ever held accountable. It reminds me of how operators overseas will get Intel about a specific target in a house, be sent out to bust down a door and point guns at what ends up being a regular family. The dude at the computer telling special operators isn't held accountable for giving crap intel, so what incentive is there to be more diligent exactly? If a judge signs off on the warrant and it turns out you accidentally kill someone unrelated because there was an obvious mistake who gets to take the ass-whooping? So far it sounds like nobody, we all throw our hands up and say whoops for killing an innocent? That's unacceptable.

    If it is such a dire need to use the no-knock warrant, you should be willing to put your freedom on the line and face going to prison for fucking it up. If not, then I really question how dire the situation really is.

  11. The issue isn't the warrant its the cops having the incorrect addresses and not using the tools appropriate for the job. That stems from lack of training where it is needed. People are not inherently bad cops are not inherently bad some are and need dealt with but the good ones just need trained better. Improperly trained police with this kinda of warrant is a recipe for death on all parts. Bottom line they need trained better. Also this is coming from a person who hasn't had many good cop encounters because of sucky people being cops but I still chose to keep an open mind about all this. It can and is hard but doable. This is not meant to condemn all police just some one asking for the actually issue to be fixed.

  12. Don’t pretend like no knock warrants have anything to do with civilian safety. Cops only care about cops. The real danger is when incompetent police get the address wrong and an innocent homeowner gets killed defending his home

  13. Too many innocent people have been harmed by no knocks… only criminal cowards bust up in peoples houses like that. All the cops have to do is covertly wait on whoever to come out of the house, let them leave, follow them, make a traffic stop, or what ever… bitch ass cowards if you ask me. All the innocent people that have been terrorized by cops, fukin makes me sick… just like that couple in Houstone, got killed, cops had false intel, or at the wrong fukin house…

  14. No knocks should only be used if there is an time-sensitive threat. They are used far too often currently. Likely 90% of no-knocks conducted should never have been approved.

  15. Yeah theres no good reason for a no knock warrant in a country where its citizens have the liberty to be free and arm themselves. All it does is make it more dangerous for the citizenry and the police, because now life and death decisions have to be made in split seconds. "That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer" thats a founding principle of this country and i think to many innocent people have been murder at the hands of police because of no knock warrants.

    Simply put if you support the constitution and the 2nd amendment you cant morally support no knock warrants

  16. So, with that kind of thinking Anti Gunners can say the same about “ Some Gun Control “
    Hell, why not limit some MORE of the Constitution while we are at it?

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