Soloyaker armed fisherman update!

Titusville police department issued the warrant

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  1. Pretty obvious attempt to intimidate thier victim and suppress evidence against them by Broward PD. Solo should have a good attorney because he's got a good case against the police here. Good luck fighting corrupt ' good ol boys ' and thanks for exposing thier crimes against Americans.

  2. When police twist legally protected issues and somehow make it a crime, That IS tyranny, That is corruption and that is violating rights…. And if the district attorney is involved and understands constitutional rights, He or she is knowingly violating those rights, And should be disbarred.

    To me it sounds like conspiracy.

  3. If the phone was on speaker phone and he was merely recording whatever came through the speaker over the public airspace that anyone within earshot would have been able to over here anyway then I don't see how this would be wiretapping. Even in a two-party consent state he is playing the audio over speakerphone and anyone would be able to overhear it therefore it is no longer a private phone conversation.

  4. I bet it was from his phone call with cop about his trespass…unfortunately they may get him as Florida is a two party state and they where not in a public forum….sucks but it is what it is🤷‍♂️ thats why I love my state dont have to tell anyone I'm recording 😁

  5. "Recording anyone using any type of device in Florida is known as wiretapping. Under Florida law, before recording someone, you must obtain their consent. Fortunately, the law specifically states that this does not apply to police officers. So, while you can openly videotape an officer, you do not need their express permission to do so."

  6. This same kind of thing happened to someone I know. Done by the Brevard County Sheriffs Office!!!!!!!! It’s a little more twisted than this and it was a revenge arrest. Total BS……. and total BS that the States Attorney would see it through………..

  7. Interestingly mainstream media are losing their credibility because they too frequently ally themselves with the establishment instead of reporting in a balanced way. Which is why so many people do not trust them any longer. Hence the rise of people media on You Tube etc. Mainstream media are losing their previously unchallenged control of the narrative.

  8. Looks like we are gonna have to get the first issue resolved that lead to him having to make that call. Police telling him he can fish in a certain place for what reason and was the reason correct or wrong and or malicious and intentional.

  9. Statutes and codes used for "charges" (When there is no injured party) are always false. A prosecution with due process includes the charges being certified under oath by one who is authorized to administer oaths. They NEVER do this.  I would demand that any charges be dissmissed for failure to prosecute. I would be sure to demand to be heard by a duly elected judge and not an administrator as commonly done. Even further I would put my demands in the form of a NOTICE and issue three copies to the clerk of the court for file stamping. One copy for the court's file and two copies back to me.

  10. How can such a charge possibly stick? It is in direct contravention of Smith v. Cummins. He'll have a chance to challenge the constitutionality of the statute based on the facts of the situation. What terrible corrupt tyrants and oathbreakers we have at the Titusville PD and obviously a dumb enough State Attorney to sign off on the warrant.

    It's unfortunate it will cost him a good amount of money to retain counsel unless he can find Pro Bono counsel that will take up his cause… perhaps??

  11. Yeah we all knew that was bs. lol I commented on the last one saying imagine if the warrent was for the titusville trespass and that that would just show all the stupidity, but I was only half right huh dang lol wire tapping law XD good job titusville you sound like you have everything handled stupidly as we assumed you would handle it.

  12. Just to be clear….if I'm out recording anything….birds, cars, women, etc….and someone takes out their phone and makes a phone call, I have to turn off my camera?

    Give me a break. Per that argument, cops in Florida just have to make a phone call in front of an auditor to force them to stop recording. Does anyone really believe that's going to fly?

    Sadly, it might.

  13. No more we investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong. Is time for we the people to work on removing qualified immunity and make all cops buy their own liability insurance.

  14. We really appreciate the update. I know he likes to go fishing on his own but it looks like you're going to have to take 10 to 15 people with you each and every single time you do this and everyone be live streaming

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