Social Justice Is The Way To End Riots

Eddie Conway talks with Jacqueline Luqman about the myths surrounding peaceful protests, uprisings, economic oppression and capitalism, valuing property over people, and the country’s founding on violence.

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20 thoughts on “Social Justice Is The Way To End Riots

  1. America’s ruling class is now visibly made of predators, the kinds of men who put men in cages, or addict a whole society to painkillers, just to make more money they’ll never spend. — Umair Haque

    “Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice.” — A.G. Gelbert
    Let's go the ROOT CAUSE of this massive corruption problem destroying human society in general and American society in particular: The total embrace by monied WHITE elites of the PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC RELIGION of SOCIAL DARWINISM.

    The Federal "Reserve" and all other Central Banks have one Social Darwinist Job to do: steal from your labor to create wealth for America’s ruling class. Social Darwinism is the morally bankrupt ideology spawned from the scientific and business community's embrace of Darwin's evidence free Theory of Evolution over 150 years ago.

    From the time during the late 19th century that Darwin's pseudo-scientific atheist bible, Origin of Species, became widely accepted as the "science based truth" about how life originated on Earth, 😈 greed worshippers everywhere jumped at the chance to justify their selfish socially destructive ideology by pointing at the "science" of evolution.

    Enthusiastic WHITE converts to Social Darwinism have, to this day, used the language of evolution to frame an understanding of the growing gulf between the rich and the poor, as well as the many differences between cultures all over the world. The explanation they arrived at, and continue to use to justify biosphere trashing profit over people and planet, regardless of any alligator tear filled mendacious claims to the contrary, is that businessmen and others who are economically and socially successful are so because they are biologically and socially “naturally” the fittest.

    Conversely, they reason that the poor are “naturally” weak and unfit and it would be an error to allow the weak of the species to continue to breed. They believe that the dictum “survival of the fittest” (a term coined not by Charles Darwin but by sociologist Herbert Spencer) means that only the 😈 fittest should survive. Darwin's book published later ("Descent of Man") made it clear that Darwin completely supported the morally bankrupt views of Spencer.

    Why do so many people believe the pessimistic, nihilistic, and depressive Darwinist view? One reason is they are convinced that science has proven Darwinism to be true. Sadly, however, many scientists are unaware of the large body of evidence supporting Intelligent Design. And numerous scientists recognize that, at best, the view common among elite scientists is unscientific.

    MOSTLY WHITE Darwinists have indoctrinated our society for over 100 years in a worldview that has proven to be tragically destructive. And they often have done this by a type of deceit that began before the Piltdown hoax and continues today in many leading biology textbooks (Wells).

    The money lenders have played a key role in funding this deceit propagated in high schools and universities, where it is passed off as "science". It is, and always was, BULLSHIT formulated by the monied elite to dress up selfish, abusive, exploitive and cruel behavior towards "less important" humans and/or animals experimented upon in research labs, as "scientifically justified".

    The (MOSTLY WHITE) money lenders hate you. They want you to be slaves on their plantation. They want you dead. They want you to have no rights, no freedom, and no future. The Federal "Reserve" is there to maintain power over you. It is there to turn your energy state into fear and anger and sorrow.

    An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics. — Plutarch

    Whether he realized it or not at the time, when Sinclair Lewis wrote this in 1935, he was describing the Social Darwinist world view: “Every man is a king so long as he has someone to look down on.” — Sinclair Lewis

    "For all cruelty and intolerance, and for the contempt of the fortunate for the unfortunate, I have not mere dislike but testy hatred." — Doremus Jessup 🗽– "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis

  2. We must honestly face that our society has constructed an elaborate system of legal, economic, and social codes that perpetuate systemic racism, rooted in the barbarism of our collective history of genocide, enslavement, and Apartheid. And that people, especially white people, benefit from this system.

    As an organization dedicated to confronting some of the most powerful entities in the world, we know that corporate power perpetuates and exploits systemic racism for profit. For example, the private prison industry monetizes the subjugation and control of Black and brown bodies. In fact it bestows huge financial rewards to such corporations and their executives. But it’s wider than that. Our retirement funds and municipal budgets, for example, are often dependent on profits rooted in such systemically racialized imprisonment. And in much of our everyday lives, the bitter fruits of mass incarceration even show up as part of the supply chain that gives us our food, clothing, and our transportation. Even something as commonplace as headphones are part of this lifecycle.

    To realize the systemic change we need, we as individuals must recognize our own role in collective mass denial. This mass denial allows us to live in a society where people of color today are negatively and disproportionately impacted by almost every societal measurement of wellbeing. In health, education, poverty, housing, state sanctioned violence, and by a myriad of other indicators of basic wellness, this is simply true.

    And white people must — without pausing — actively follow the direction of Black, brown, and Indigenous voices. They must join in the work of building a world where the economic, cultural, political, and social structures that reinforce and perpetuate systemic and institutional racism, however subtle, are deliberately dismantled.

    It is not enough for white people to cry, “Enough!” For too long, too many have applauded from the sidelines as Black, brown, and Indigenous communities have resisted their own degradation. For too long, too many have also privately congratulated themselves on being “woke” and in solidarity with the struggle to dismantle systemic racism, but have fallen short in actively challenging the roots of the privilege they enjoy but are denied to others. The continued murder, imprisonment, rape, starvation, and destitution of Black, brown, and Indigenous people shows us that passive solidarity, of crying, “Enough!” is not enough.

    Corporate Accountability is a member-powered organization where individual mobilization as a part of collective action has led time and again to winning profound change. This change has been won against powerful corporate adversaries who once seemed insurmountable, whether it is Big Polluters or Big Tobacco. We understand that direct action by people is a powerful and effective tool in changing the public climate.

    That’s why, today, we are calling on our members and everyone who is outraged and heartbroken by the murder of Black people and the ongoing impacts of systemic racism to take action. We ask you to join the Movement for Black Lives in a national day of action on Friday, June 5, and to uplift their demands for systemic change.

    And, we must also continue this work in an ongoing and sustained way. Here are some simple but strategic acts that you can engage in, especially those who have white privilege and economic privilege:

    Organize a sustained letter writing campaign to local media to demand accountability that engages your family and friends.

    Directly confront your policy makers to demand structural policy change — including prioritizing our schools, healthcare, economic empowerment, and elderly ahead of police budgets.

    Refuse to buy from corporations that profit from prison labor, or advertises on media and platforms that passively as well as actively promotes hate.

    Have the difficult conversations with families, friends, and neighbors, and get them to also engage in action.

    Additionally, you can also participate and support — with your money and time — organizations campaigning for justice and liberation in the ways their conveners ask:

    The Movement for Black Lives

    The Movement for Black Lives COVID-19 policy platform

    Organizing around George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery:

    Master list of bail funds

    Minnesota Freedom Fund

    Justice for Ahmaud

    Racial justice and Wall Street Accountability:

    ACRE — Action Center on Race & the Economy

    Racial justice and climate justice:

    The Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy

    The Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice demands for a just post-COVID-19 transition

    Indigenous Environmental Network

    Dismantling mass incarceration and police impunity:

    MPD 150

    National Police Accountability Project of the National Lawyers Guild

    Reclaim the Block

    Worth Rises

    Black empowerment:

    Black Vision Collective

    Institute for the Black World 21st Century

    Protecting immigrants:

    Movimiento Cosecha

    Racial justice through worker dignity:

    Matahari Women Workers’ Center

    The National Domestic Workers Alliance

    One Fair Wage

    Dismantling white supremacy by those who are white:

    Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ)

    Confronting and dismantling the structures of white supremacy, privilege, and power is a way to ensure our collective liberation from the barbarity of racism. And it is the way we can all reclaim for each other the wealth inherent in our common humanity. We are committed to this work and we hope you will join us in building a better world, together.

    Thank you for all that you do,

    The team at Corporate Accountability

    Corporate Accountability stops transnational corporations from devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying our planet. We are building a world rooted in justice where corporations answer to people, not the other way around — a world where every person has access to clean water, healthy food, a safe place to live, and the opportunity to reach their full human potential.

    Write to us at or call us at +1-800-688-8797 (U.S.).

    Corporate Accountability

    10 Milk St, Suite 610, Boston, MA 02108

  3. I just want to say that MLK spoke full throated about the injustice and police terror against black people, specifically American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS); and we need to learn from his boldness and work to target our efforts to the ADOS community where the problems are directed. By that I mean we have to stop speaking in broad and inclusive terms, especially when the harm isn't directed to other groups. The issue is not about police terror against citizens, civilians, people of color or latinx. The issue is about police terror against black people, specifically ADOS.
    And of course white people don't want to talk about what's going on, that lead to these uprisings, because it will mean that they have to own up to historical harms and repent for an on-going system that advantages them at the expense of ADOS. To discuss this issue will mean ADOS desires to arrest the system, and the advantages of white people along with it; which means white people and their children won't have the quality of life enjoyed by their ancestors; when the government supported and sustained racism. Hence the reason Trump is successful as President using the slogan "make America great again". Whites want the advantages built into racism; but some of them do struggle (but not for long) with the fact that in order to enjoy privilege, another group, historically ADOS, has to catch the waste in society or eat the failure. For example, if white society wants to continue privileges to other whites so that they don't go to jail even when they commit crimes, then it requires another group, historically ADOS, to pick up the slack in the industry. For instance, there won't be a need for as many cops, justices, lawyers, jail resource suppliers, etc. if no one goes to jail or people go to jail equitably; so ADOS is needed to eat the failure, and go to jail at much higher rates to make up for the gap of whites who don't go to jail. Society even has to create jail able offenses (peonage, convict leasing, loitering, etc.) to ensure sufficient economy around the jail industry.
    I do need clarification on the Ida B. Wells study, as to whether ADOS is killed in America every 12 hours by law enforcement, correction personnel or security personnel; or people of color? If people of color were actually experiencing this outcome, they would address it in their agenda; so I think this is constrained to ADOS.
    The Declaration of Independence doesn't apply to ADOS, not "some people". The police abuse ADOS, not citizens and civilians; and while it is true that capitalism is setup to protect property; it is also true that racism trumps capitalism, such that value is placed on white skin over black skin regardless of income or property ownership.
    The bottom line is racism is the issue for ADOS; how to arrest racism and how to get reparations and a black agenda that prevents racism from reoccurring.

  4. Do not be fooled, Biden has supposedly been spotted at some protests he does not support the black movement he just wants to exploit the black vote! He will change nothing and does not care for black people just like Trump! BIDEN is not answer to systemic racism only perpetuation. #thirdparty

  5. There are two reasons the police did not stomp on those protesting the state to reopen. One: they were not black. Two: there were no provocateurs creating the conditions for the police to stomp on them.

    I wish the protesters would chant, we are family, please join us.

  6. This isn't just a race problem, it's a Have vs Have Not problem. It's highlighted by interaction between authority (the enforcement segment of the Haves) and minorities because those interactions are more visible. But if you run through ALL interactions, you'll find the same fate for Whites, too. Mesa, AZ, jailhouse restraints, shootings. Aggressive crime prevention measures end up creating crime that wasn't there or elevating minor crimes to deadly levels.

    We all need to stand together. I'm White and I don't want to live under this kind of oppression, either. They waited too long to provide hope, relief, food and housing security and living wages. It's all connected. George Floyd might not have even been in the food store with funny money if he'd had the real thing.

  7. @The Real News Network : Yes, sir and ma'am, Eddie and Jacqueline. No Justice, No Peace, for Justice is the foundation. Posted this many years ago, 15 or possibly more. Want to build a house? It needs a foundation. Make a weak foundation and the house will be at risk. Build a strong foundation and your house will be far more likely to sustain stormy conditions. SOCIAL JUSTICE is necessary. Without it, we're f*cked. Excuse my language. Without Jusice, we're doomed to failure. It is foundation. It's the way it is everywhere, afaik anyway.

  8. Eddie, so damn happy you had the courage not to go to Vietnam!! You are such a hero and shining example. We need you, Cornell West, Killer Mike and others in this moment. Brothers Malcolm and King are so damn missed.

  9. Property, like markets, existed long before capitalism and both exist in present day non-capitalist systems. Capitalism is about investing capital and making profits without doing work. These are very different concepts, but yes, both favor the owner, capitalist class oligarchs in our system.

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