So Called Tolerance in South Carolina

An “Officer’s Prayer” was edited to remove the word “LORD” from a monument at a fallen officers memorial in Tega Cay, South Carolina. Ultimately, the entire monument was removed, but why!?

I give some reasons why I think this is a bad idea.

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23 thoughts on “So Called Tolerance in South Carolina

  1. You will never please everyone.
    The intolerant left will always find something to complain about unless the monument trashes our country & those who have served or died in service to our country.
    So forget the intolerant left.
    Place their complaints where they belong.
    I the circular file.

  2. When this video first posted I commented saying I believe the 1st amendment guarantees religious freedom and the government must either allow all religious monuments or none at all. In response i received some of the most hateful, bigoted and outright factualy incorrect comments I have ever seen. These things do matter, this conversation about our basic rights are probably the most important thing we can discuss. The fact that so many people here think that the 1st amendment only extends to Christians frightens me, because the government should not have the power to make that determination, WE SHOULD NOT LET THEM HABE THAT POWER, it is "we the people" all of us, and these rights are for all of us. Every American citizen regardless of race or religion stands with the full protection of the US constitution, AND FUCK ANYONE UNAMERICAN ASSHOLES WHO SAY OTHERWISE.

  3. I agree with many points, but it is a separation of church and state issue, like it or not. This monument should not have been paid for with taxpayer dollars, been erected by government, nor placed on public land. By doing so it endorses one religion over others and those that do not believe, which is expressly prohibited. You can't argue against this, but support 2A. The Constitution is an all or nothing deal. We don't get to pick and choose which parts we want to use/follow.

    I respect the rights of people to follow whichever ideology they choose. Perhaps the monument could be moved to the entrance to a cemetery, near the road, where the public can admire it. Restore the original message, and display it proudly. Put benches around it and install an "eternal flame". Make it beautiful. Just not on public land or with government funds.

  4. That makes me mad. They did this to a 9/11 memorial in my state. It pisses me off because its a memorial and people defacing them have mental problems. They obviously have mental problems. It’s absolutely disgusting and disrespectful to the fallen officer and the family as well as many other people.

  5. My conservative friends call me a libtard. My liberal friends call me a piece of shit. I truly believe that the thing that makes our country powerful and beautiful is that we have the first ammendment. That even though I truly disagree with you, I agree that you have the right to say it.

  6. I strongly believe in the separation of church and state. That being said I also believe there is a time when its ok. Such as when a mostly Christian police station decides to commemorate the lives of the fallen brothers. Why cant we let something that's not hurting us go anymore?

  7. I find it funny you talk about tolerance but I don't see any videos you've posted about things like gay marriage or Christians not serving them but when similar ironic/hypocritical issues are sparked involving cops you jump at the chance to defend your side but have nothing to say if it doesn't involve your political views. You talk about tolerance bur I don't hear a thing from you when it comes to people you don't like, you only defend your causes and are no where when horrible things happen to others.. The issue I think most people have is that it's a government building, if the fallen officers had things involving their religion on their personal gravestones nobody would have noticed to have an issue but the separation of Church and State is part of the Foundation of our Country and I can understand why people have an issue with this Memorial..

  8. I'm generally very pro secularism (I'm Christian but the mixing of government and religion has a long history of ending badly for both throughout all of human history) but its a memorial for God's sakes. Maybe the atheists (and I'll lay out money its mostly atheists bitching) need to unbunch their panties and get over it. This is like people moaning about religious symbols on graves in Arlington, stupid.

  9. The separation of Church only comes down to what laws are being passed, No laws can be passed that prohibits freedom of religion, unless it harms other person, not offends, but physical harm. Every person in the country can be a Christian, and exercise that religion, we can have under God in our pledge of allegiance, or the thing they are talking about in the video. But under the constitution there is no official religion. It doesn’t stop anybody from being from other religion.

  10. I was raised Christian and left the faith because of how cruel the people were in it.

    Aside from that, let the dead rest. It isn't about the dead once they're gone, it's about those that feel left behind and are grieving.

    Don't antagonize people even if they're evil, not in this way at least. Once someone can no longer speak for themself, let them be.

    Taking away a memorial is the same type of behavior that made me leave the faith in the first place

  11. you are right that we retain the individual right to express ourselves. so, put it on your tombstone, on your house, on your you tube channel. but when a city does it, it can not support a religion. this is equally true no matter what the religion is. your unsupported claim that we would be okay with it if it was islam is simple wrong. no religion should have the support of government. period.

  12. Shameful. Im not a Christian nor do I follow any religion, but I can respect those who do. I have a great deal of appreciation for Christianity and it's followers contribution to Western society. Whether you like it or not, we have a lot of what we enjoy today because of Christian's and their contributions. If you don't believe, like me, you should still acknowledge what they've done for our society and treat them with some respect!

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