Slovenian workers FIGHT BACK amid cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine | Working People

Ana Jakopič is a lawyer, organizer, and trade union leader in Slovenia. Currently, Ana is working as a field organizer and lawyer for KS 90, the Trade Union Confederation 90 of Slovenia (Konfederacija Sindikatov 90 Slovenije), where she focuses on organizing kindergarten workers, food industry workers, and port workers. We talk to Ana about the the struggles working people across Slovenia are facing today amid a cost-of-living crisis, and how connected/disconnected those struggles currently feel to the strikes taking place across Europe and beyond. But we also talk about Ana’s life and her winding path into the labor movement; we talk about growing up in the post-Yugoslavian world and about the impacts the Russo-Ukrainian War is having on Slovenians’ lives today.

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14 thoughts on “Slovenian workers FIGHT BACK amid cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine | Working People

  1. I was impressed both by this organizer's mastery of the English language and, most of all, by the clarity of her vision and her principled attitude in defense of the working class.

  2. The whole issue with the left is their intentions may mean well but at the end of the day they envisage some people's utopia on earth if they could just achieve world domination then and only then could a collectivist communist system would work and create a workers paradise on earth
    The only problem is every time a nation has gone down a collectivist path it has resulted in the deaths of millions of people in the name of sacrificing everything for the greater good of humanity with methods as inhuman and barbaric as it gets

  3. Hmmm sounds like socialism is not so bad eh what do you know as someone who lived in former Yugoslavia I will tell you it was a very good life and and we had Macdonalds in the big cities even in 91 during socialism and everybody now says how much better we lived during that time before the war in the old system

  4. The world is America's killing fields and economic colony and anyone fighting the US imperialist schemes get bombed into oblivion. What an extraordinary individual; smart, focused, determined and committed.

  5. You spent almost 1 hour and a half speaking about a small white country in Europe that nobody knows where it is on the map, but not a single minute speaking about what happening in Niger in Africa!
    TRNN = white left supremacism

  6. Same story all over the world thr working class are kept in or near to poverty by a system run by a few politicisns who defend thier greedy capitalist friends they set workers against rach other

  7. Besides this excellent interview, you should interview someone from DiEM25, Maximillian!
    This is a movement to unite progressive people from all of the EU countries wanting "something better"!
    The main figure and very well known is Yannis Varoufakis, the former Greek Finance Minister. But there are many more smart people in the movement I myself am a part of too! We need other approaches to unite people, on issues not ideology or party affiliation!

  8. I once ate a Burger in MacDoof in Nürnberg, shortly after the borders opened for us and we could take a ride to West Germany.
    No insults here, but no, thanks. I rather eat a Döner, a pair of Wiener or a Currywurst.
    The shift from (non) "socialism" too capitalism wasn't a shock, but something crashing. Having all that stuff to buy but not having the money was stressful in the beginning. Now, in retrospective, I have not really regrets leaving the one for the other,because both were/are a lie. I always wanted and still want real socialism, from the workers for the workers! And I'm still fighting for this goal,even not physically anymore. I know what's needed for a just society and that capitalism leads us all over the cliff and causes huge suffering amongst too many people. For my friends from the US must being said. Change your and the mind of your loved ones and moreso change what's broken! You don't have to live like that, not under these living conditions! Germany is far from perfect, but we (at least) have workers and human rights, living conditions and social care you guys only can dream of.

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