Service Dog was killed by Okeechobee police department

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Two officers, identified by the city only as Rojas and Daigneault (their first names were not provided), arrived at that location and found Massey unresponsive.

Police said Massey had informed officers in the past that due to a medical issue, he has seizures. The news release said Rojas did a “sternum rub” to revive Massey.

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Author: rafael.nieves


30 thoughts on “Service Dog was killed by Okeechobee police department

  1. The dog attacked the police officer 3 times while he was trying to help that man. I understand that people are saying well the dog was protecting his owner, I understand that however, a service dog is supposed to be trained for temperament and behavior. The number one rule when someone is in an active seizure is to maintain the patients airway by getting them on their side so if they vomit they don’t inhale it and drown and protecting their head from further injury during convulsions. Now imagine your the cop on the scene you have a man who’s cracked his head open on the concrete from falling during the seizure and he’s now repeatedly slamming his head on the ground in full tonic clonic. He’s going blue because he can’t breathe. To top it off you now have a dog trying to bite you. In an emergency situation like that the mans life supersedes that dog.

  2. If they all fear for there life
    To were they always hurt some1
    Then don't b a pig
    U knew it when u signed up
    Don't like it
    Go flip burgers
    I'm an electrician
    I put my life in jeopardy every day
    Some stuff I do is crazy
    I signed up for it
    U wussys man up or quit

  3. My wife and I got this summer job, doing the dog census. Door to door every single door, in the town, and filling out a paper noting the dogs if any, and how many, spayed or not etc etc….

    WE did the census twice, one time in 2 different local towns. Not one time did we shoot or kill anything, nor did we get bit. 

    Strange how aggressive dogs are attracted to police only.

  4. There is no registry for service dogs. Service dogs must be trained to perform a task, and can be trained by the handler or a professional trainer.

  5. Hey pigs just to let you know there are dog owners out here who if you hurt their dogs will hunt you down and kill you. Do you understand pigs you better change your way pigs.

  6. There is legally NO registration for service dog under the ADA law.
    There are sites that sell these “Fake Registration” like cards or fake papers but anyone can get them for a fee. Organization that train Service Dogs do give registration but again they hold No legal ground as far as the Law is concerned, these are typically given to show were the dog was trained not to show as a right of passage.
    In order to have a Service dog you need to be disabled and the dog must be task trained trained.
    To many are abusing the system!

  7. Good dog doing what it was supposed to, care for & if need be defend it's human. This is where smart cops shine and others fall short. A 10 count and most decent humans with an IQ above room temperature would understand: the dog is defending it's fallen human, so you take that into account and act with as little commotion and stress as possible, being calm & soothing. Somehow I don't think that was the approach here, nor is it with 90% of today's police. They are IMHO half of what the cops in the 70s/80s were, who managed to handle evey call with: a rolver, nightstick & most importantly smarts! Today's cops see the gun as the hammer & every problem as a nail waiting to be driven IMHO
    … 😥🙄

  8. So the service dog knew the man was having a seizure and needed to be left alone for the seizure to pass, but no, the cops thought they were the medical experts and now a very costly, loving dog is dead. Lord, if I am ever having a medical problem, please keep the cops away from me.

  9. It’s so much easier for cops to handle a perceived threat by execution rather than through mace or tazing. We all know that most cops use that as their default. It’s based in sadistic personality disorder – SPD. Which also stands for sadistic police department.

  10. News why did you shot tyrant cops
    Citizen. I was in fear of my life
    News did they inform you they where tyrant cops
    Citizen no they where in costumes and never ID

  11. I think that goes back to one having compassion and common sense which are characteristics of a good human being. With great power comes great responsibility. A good human being will take responsibility for their actions.

  12. Cops love to kill living things and always will use the old "I was in fear for my life". It's funny how you never hear about mail personnel ever shooting dogs, hum. Or fire fighters, hum. Or EMT's, hum. Only cops.

  13. My condolences go out to the mom or dad of the service dog. They are very smart animals. And a big help for those with handicaps. Doesn’t seem right that if your dog is killed by cops who hate dogs get away with it. But if a person kills a police dog because they are in fear for their lives, they are charged. Doesn’t seem right. Police dogs are vicious dogs. They will mall , bite people on command. Put dogs will attach if their mom or dad are in danger. They don’t do it out of command but out of love. This sweet dog has went over the rainbow bridge where angels take care of them till their master or mistress follows them and they are reunited again.

  14. The dog was trying to protect his person…naturally the cops are not trained in this situation and too cowardly to take appropriate action.

  15. Theres no such thing as a registered service dog. Those SD registries are a scam. A service dog is any dog that has been trained in specific tasks to midigate the handlers disability. Emotional support dogs are not service dogs and do not have public access rights per ADA

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