Sacramento Police Dashcam Video Of Violent Jaywalking Arrest

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Sacramento police have just released the dashcam video of the violent arrest of Nandi Cain Jr. on Monday in Del Paso Heights. This video is the first that’s been released that shows the arrest from the police department’s perspective. You can hear the officer demand Cain to get down to the ground. And Cain’s response, “I don’t have nothing.” The take down has sparked anger and demands for answers from the Sacramento Police Department. The arrest was also discussed at Tuesday night’s Sacramento City Council Meeting. The responding sergeant said when he reviewed the dashcam video after the incident, he was troubled by what he saw and alerted superiors.

The “disturbing” and unreasonable actions of the officer, a two-year veteran of the department, were not within policy, Sacramento police said in a statement. The officer was already on unpaid administrative leave as a result of the incident and will now be subject to a criminal investigation. Sacramento’s police chief said the department is conducting a criminal investigation of the officer. The chief said they will turn the results of the investigation over to the Sacramento County DA’s office, and the district attorney will make a decision on whether charges will be filed. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg asked what would have happened if no one caught the incident on camera, and called the incident “disturbing.”

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Sacramento Police Dashcam Video Of Violent Jaywalking Arrest

  1. Its sad but if a cop feels like messing your life up they will, all just to maintain his ego and power over an individual, rather violate his rights then just walk away and see he was doing nothing wrong, the street he crossed has the yellow sidewalk balls that are meant for blind people to know where to cross, just look and you'll see. Honest conclusion is the COP saw a black guy and provoked him. After provoking him he uses that as his probable cause and the reason for the arrest. Sad that people will not agree with my conclusion JUST BECAUSE HE'S BLACK AND IS FUSTRATED. CRAZY HOW ITS ON VIDEO AND STILL PEOPLE COME UP WITH THERE OWN CONCLUSION TO BACK-UP THE COP AND HIS ACTIONS.

  2. Although Nandi Cain Jr should have simply stopped and respectfully conversed with the officer, including if he wanted to disagree with the officer's decision. Nobody deserves to be thrown down to the ground, and repeatedly punched in the face and head because they did not stop. NOBODY! Nandi did not threaten or use violence requiring the officer to act in kind with violence. No, like it or not, Nandi used his words. Which means the officer should have used his words and took as long as it takes with words over becoming a violent ape beating someone because you don't like what they are saying. Police are not gods. They have no right to violently punish anyone because they don't like someone's words. Even the officer's police department said in a statement the videos show “unacceptable conduct” by the officer. Later, the department released Nandi, dropping all criminal charges, siting “insufficient grounds” to make a criminal complaint against Cain. Nandi stated he feared for his life and thought the officer would take his gun and kill him. Does anybody understand how that feels!? Does anyone have the rational common sense to understand what that means? How someone would not be so willing to simply comply and take aggressive angry orders from people they don't trust, and feel is just setting them up to have a reason to end their life? Many of the people leaving very insensitive and racially bigoted comments have not had to feel that way, but they have so much hubris and arrogance to leave tragically vile and inhumane comments about Nandi, and about the lady yelling in the video. But they say absolutely nothing about the officer committing a violent act on a young man who was not being violent. Thats disturbing. Wrong is wrong, and what that officer did was wrong. Period. People need to find thier soul and heart if they don't see that. People also need to check thier unconscious bias causing them to make statements calling Nandi a POS thug and validating what the cop did to him. Its delusional and not a mentality that belongs in n advanced rational society of one nation, under God.

  3. The man got off of work tired tryna go home and that officer violated him, he shouldn't have beat the man up, there's a simple way this situation could have got handled, and I hope this officer goes home and thinks what if that happened to my nephew( I hope this officer was fired ) this shows you how much disrespect some law enforcement officers show to the black community ( and sorry for the good officers that officers like this d bag make your department look bad )

  4. Some many people on this fucking chat think this is ok he didn't listen
    U fcks r unreal I hope this shit happens to u then we see if it's still ok pricks those that think this is ok kill ur selves do the word a FAVER 😉👍🖕💯

  5. Damn. I wouldn't want to actually do something illegal in front of this hopefully x cop. There has to be a pedestrian crossing within a certain distance to be jay walking. I believe this so called cop was radially profiling him.

  6. Resistance to a police officer should not regulated with physical violence that´s what the Taser is for.. Except the suspect start wiht physical violence on the police officer.

  7. This pigs ain't got nothing better to do than to be fucking with humans! Freaking terrorist! Leave people alone! Jail walking! What kind of shit is that! Don't worry brother, stay with Jesus and don't let those satan lovers mess with you! We all go through that! I my self been there! You have to control yourself so you don't let them win!

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