Rights violation in Orlando Florida police don’t like anyone wearing tac gear

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K594lz-EoGc

Orange County sheriff: Sgt. Jeffery Mayer ‭(407) 254-7000‬

Remember when watching the OP was doing nothing but walking around with a bullet proof tactical looking best. Even the cops ridicule him for the quality.

If someone wants to wear anything that’s not a violation of law and they say they’re filming you chances are you’re going to look like a tyrant. Simple as that.

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43 thoughts on “Rights violation in Orlando Florida police don’t like anyone wearing tac gear

  1. Cops worried about the gun they can see what a pussy, its the gun you dont see is more scary, dumb asses. Most cops are idots and rely on taxes dollars to throw money at their mistakes

  2. What really pisses me off is how police treat people like this, who are excercising their Constitutional rights clearly defined and protected, as if they are on the same level as the idiot sovereign citizens quoting from the Articles of Confederation to get out of having ID and license plates.

    No American citizen has to identify a clear, present, and/or immediate need to have a weapon or wear self-protective gear. That carrier causes no undue harm to himself or those around him, nor does it impede anyone elses business or the business of the general public.

    And the "A reasonable person does not walk around with a military surplus plate carrier" line can royally fuck off. A reasonable person probably doesn't dress like a native American tribal member and dump loads of tea into Boston harbor in the middle of the night…but then the route to liberty and freedom is paved with "usual behaviors". Does a reasonable person, while under pain of death for the charge of treason, shout "Give me liberty, or give me death"? I would assume not. Does a reasonable person leave their home and their family to join a bunch of other farmers and ranchers and tradesmen to go fight the largest military force the world had ever yet known? I dont believe so…but that doesn't matter. If I want to walk around with a device or an article of clothing or piece of equipment that is solely designed to protect myself, then suck it up buttercup. My rights do not end where your confusion begins.

  3. It won't be long before the law enforcement personnel in the US over-reach their core mission to the point that the citizens begin taking control. At that point there will be a lot of dead cops. Sorry to paint such a bleak picture but we the citizens are not the one's creating the problem, but we will solve it.

  4. I'm coming late to this party and I'm sure this has been mentioned 100x but these cops are in the WRONG line of work need to be fired, sued and return to school to hopefully one day graduate………….. from 8th grade and only if they can pass a civics class(and their 2nd amendment rights be contingent upon scoring higher than forrest gumps I.Q. exam)

  5. Dumb thugs with a badge and a gun ready to violate law abiding citizens rights at gun point. Welcome to Nazi america were comply or die is the law of the land…

  6. I would've came back with "well in this day and age you can never be protected too much from an illegal police shooting"

  7. If the cop is acting beyond his authority, is not the civilian within his rights to respond in self defence? Can an informed citizen not escalate equally? Warn the cop and threaten in a similar manner?

  8. PLEASE PLEASE tell me this COWARD is No longer working as a Leo!

    What a Low-Life Dirty POS!
    Freaking COWARD! 💩

  9. That there is the easiest way to make 10K I have ever seen on YouTube. Do not let him get away with that and get your money. Americans getting violated.

  10. Cop: You're armed wearing a ballistic vest walking around in public!
    Auditor (should have said): You're armed wearing a ballistic vest walking around in public.
    Good job. Cops are so retarded. This one needs personal suicide encouragement quickly b4 he kills someone.

  11. Another pig that should be looking at a life prison sentence for his lawless, life threatening actions, but will instead get an extended paid vacation.

  12. The only one out of control is the cop that doesn’t know or understand the law !!!!! He is a danger to everybody he encounters !!!! If it’s legal, it’s not illegal end of !!!!!

  13. Corporation globalist puppets ,They are sell outs ,They work for the globalist establishment .They are trained and told we the American people are the enemy .So just beware if the SHTF they are not for us they are against us ,

  14. Immune to real freedom. Immune to community. Immune to our rights. They think we as citizens can’t be trusted. Normal law abiding behavior is “erratic” now? “Intel” department is their goal. So they can continue to harass this citizen at their leisure.

  15. He's not in control he's out of control, this is what happens when they feel the Plainfield has been leveled we're not supposed to dress and act like them guns and vests that's are a dangerous threat and terroristic but when you look at them with the same thing we're supposed to see serve and protectlmao

  16. Cop says “he started acting erratic so I put him on the ground”. Tough time explaining that moment with the clear as day contradicting video

  17. That’s a person that should no longer be doing that job. He’s gonna be in the news one day and it won’t be for anything good.

  18. So they got what they wanted—to identify him and submit his info to Intel. They couldn't care less that they had to "cut him loose."

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