28 thoughts on “Reasonable Suspicion ? Manhattan Beach Bike Stop –

  1. Not only was he transporting two bikes while riding a bike but those two bikes were also locked with two different locks and it took the cops quite a while just unlock the two bikes so yeah lock his ass up

  2. Course its not RAS of crime. Just harassment.
    Ive spent over a decade (early 80s-'93ish) on a bicycle in mass.. My wheels all year round.Β 
    I have not one time been stopped or bothered by the cops.Β 
    This crap is fairly new, and abusive.

  3. Im fairly new to the cop watching and audits … I feel like my eyes have been recently plucked wide open and am absolutely appalled by all the corruption. Not that I didn't know it happened but I never realized just HOW MUCH and how many bad cops are employeed. Anyway. I love your vids..mainly because you're knowledgeable and your voice is gentle, I could listen to you all day. Thanks for putting in the work and trying to show transparency when they won't and educating them of actual law. Much love and respect.

  4. Unless there was a witness who says they saw this guy stealing these bikes they are doing nothing but taking him in for processing and he will be out with no charges. Only thing they can do is keep his tools and the bikes and in turn sell stolen property for themselves because nobody is coming to claim that stuff.

  5. Bicycle thefts are rampant so IMO, yes, there is reasonable suspicion to stop someone riding a bike while bringing another one along next to them. But that's just to initially stop them. Once stopped, the officer(s) can gather more information and use discretion to ascertain whether the bike was or was not likely stolen (totality of the circumstances) and act accordingly. I despise bike thieves. Many people who ride bikes have no other means of transportation.

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