21 thoughts on “Pt3 – Meet Mark – He had this happen to him by the system part 3

  1. Thank you for the heads up on this story. Please keep us updated with any information on this. I wonder if this would be a case that the ACLU could take up…this man needs all the help he can get. The accusers and anyone in the system that enabled this need to be held accountable.

  2. Is it all that amazing how a lie can grow to something that could have ended your life in this day and age?

    Take this guy. He was protesting (for very good reason) and some douche bag lawyer lied and he gets trespassed from a public sidewalk. Canadian jurisdiction so a bit different but to a cop, once they have taken the bait and especially after they have invested themselves backing such lies, they push on the gas more and more and more rather than admitting they did wrong.


  3. WAIT WHAT??? im confused I thought that cops ONLY fuck over black people the news tells me that cops r killing black people by the hundreds and white privilege means cops don't mess with u im so lost r u actually a black man?

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