Police Say They Have No Record Of This Arrest #policeaccountabilityreport

Our investigation doesn’t stop with just one report! We have continued to ask the New Braunfels, Texas police department for information regarding the encounter with Brittany Trevino, and strangely enough, after our records request we were told there is no record, body camera, or documentation of this traffic stop and handcuffing. We will continue to reach out the City Manager, Chief of Police, Community Liason, Director of Communications, Records department, and others to find out exactly what is the New Braunfels policy for engaging dash cam and body-worn camera for traffic infractions. If particular officers will be disciplined for breaking policy and will the public have the right to know? We have had other people allege non-consensual searches, prolonged and fruitless traffic stops as well as unprofessionalism, if you have any information on the New Braunfels PD or Officer Patrick Ackers please reach out to us at par@therealnews.com We have asked for comment about the allegations and have yet to hear back. But we will continue to investigate on behalf of these community members. Please take a look at our full report linked here. I hope that if you share these videos perhaps we will be able to encourage the city officials to be transparent and respond to these questions. Thank you for watching and as always, please be safe out there.

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42 thoughts on “Police Say They Have No Record Of This Arrest #policeaccountabilityreport

  1. Wake up Americans this is an example of policing culture, it is ignorant to believe these behaviors are only happening to minorities. All “ those people” need to do is stop resisting, keep believing that bs and this is what will happen to us all. Those who do not stand up to terrorism in its varied forms, will become victims.

  2. Wow,…… it's getting to the point in Canada and America where you almost need to walk around with a personal body camera because you simply CANNOT TRUST THE POLICE 😮 🇨🇦🇺🇲 !!!

  3. Go Brittany!!! That’s bull crap. Why I say if cops mute ,interfere turn off the case should be dismissed always. An also cops should be held accountable for there crimes and misdoings. If we can do that we would fix the problem. 100 percent

  4. Cbd is not illegal it has no thc in it and most is made from hemp which was never illegal in fact America since George Washington and founding fathers who all grew it for ship ropes and America still grows hemp Know your rights know the laws that could affect you

  5. I was threatened with arrest by an Irish sergeant because I shook my head at him after he almost knocked me off my bicycle. He just had to be the big man infront of the ban garda, screaming at me. Corrupt tyrants

  6. Sounds like dept of Justice needs to ve called upon.

    Its time Depr Of Justice do their job or be defunded. If they don't investigagte Corrupt police agencies like this one, what rhe fook do we need the Dept Of Justice for?

    #DeptOfJustice Do your Job

  7. It's not difficult to keep yourself safe from retaliatory policing. After your first questionable and most likely unlawful arrest be smart. Keep quiet and use all conveniences of the modern day and find out everything about your arresting Officer. For "citizen safety"…square it! Spend the remaining years of your life never looking over your shoulder or worrying about criminally corrupt law enforcement ruining your life at their subjective pleasure and amusement. Always smile gracefully when law enforcement violates you and let them believe they have executed yet another crime that they will never be held accountable to. Dont bring attention to yourself. At your later convenience under moral emminant domain, rid society of the plague that infects the public. Its smart, its defending your Constitutional rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness at the expense of the real criminality among us. Back the blue until one shows you they are corrupt too!. Dont whine, don't cry, dont smile, dont laugh, dont say anything at all. Just save your life from someone who has elevated themselves above the sovereign life you deserve free from attack and abuse. Do the work that needs to be done and then just carry on as one does after you do what had to be done.

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