Police Rescue Woman Found Chained To Floor inside Louisville Home

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Louisville, Kentucky — On Wednesday, August 16, 2023, around 7:00 p.m., Louisville Metro Police Officers were called to a home in the 1700 block of Bolling Avenue after calls came in from neighbors reporting a woman screaming for help. When the officers arrived, police said they heard and saw a woman in distress in the second-story window. Officers tried to get into the house from the front door but it was barricaded, so instead, they found a ladder and climbed in through the window. Once inside, police found the woman with a chain around her neck, which was secured by a MasterLock, and that chain was bolted to the floor with screws. Officers ripped the chain from the floor and rescued the woman from the home. She was immediately treated by first responders.

On August 18, 2023, Officers arrested 36-year-old Moises May in connection with the incident. According to May’s arrest report, on Monday the woman and May had a verbal argument that became physical. May allegedly grabbed the victim and held her down on the bathroom floor while he took a machete to cut off the majority of her hair and slapped her before she was able to leave. When she came back to the home on Wednesday to get her belongings, May locked the doors with a deadbolt that only he had a key to, trapping her inside.

May forced the woman to take off some of her clothes and told her, “You’re gonna get it tonight. I told you the next time you leave and don’t come home, I’d kill you.” He also slapped her. Afterward, he took her upstairs and chained her to the floor before leaving the house, taking her phone with him. The woman was able to bust open a window and scream for help. Neighbors heard her screaming and called 911. Police said the woman and May have a child together. May is charged with kidnapping, wanton endangerment, assault and several other charges. He is currently being held on a $100,000 cash bond.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Police Rescue Woman Found Chained To Floor inside Louisville Home

  1. When my kids have nightmares, i tell them there's no such thing as monsters, only people who act like them.

  2. I live in Australia, and I just want to say Thank You to all the Police, First responders and all the other people that helped this woman. To all the bad people out there giving the Police a hard time, think of this woman next time you disrespect the Police and first responders.

  3. pay attention to your neighbors they made NEED YOU! GodBless all who care for one another & may Justice & Healing be with this sister of ours. Amen

  4. Imagine this story was LATINO WOMAN CHAINED to floor…by white former boyfriend. There would be riots. Amazing what white people tolerate…and the media deliberately avoids when the victims look a certain way

  5. Ppl are on here hoping she gets help & treatment which yes, OF COURSE we want that!!!
    but what I really truly hope for is for the judge to actually DO something to the sicko who did this!!! STOP letting these ppl off the hook!!😡

  6. And this is why we have second amendment rights people and it needs to be revamped not to be more restrictive but we need to give the right back to more people who do not have it.. so many non-violent felons who made a one-time mistake of possession or got in trouble in the military for drinking pills……. Doesn't make it excusable for what was done at the time but when a person stays on a problem for 5 10 15 years and our tax paying citizen with family you should definitely be able to defend yourself from this type of Tierney

  7. I don't know if im more angry, disgusted, heartbroken for her, or ashamed to me a human being like tbe person who did this honestly. What a sad, sick, awful world this is. God help us all😭

  8. I don't get how someone could be that evil as to feel chaining someone to the floor and locking them in a room like that is an appropriate response to…really, anything, but a nice dose of lead in his skull is what I consider an appropriate response to that. Then again, that might be too easy for someone like that. I'm sure his fellow inmates will think of something "nicer" for him in prison. Heck, he'll even get to see how being forced to undress and "getting it" against his will feels on the other end, courtesy of said fellow inmates.

  9. They should quietly wait inside until he returns, then the beatings just begin. For weeks. Save the chains, they’ll be needed.

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