Police Chase: 2 Suspects Shot Dead by Police

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West Memphis police release dash cams video of deadly January officer-involved shooting
West Memphis
City in Arkansas— 6 West Memphis police officers who shot and killed 22-year-old Megan Rivera and 30-year-old De’Angelo Brown, both of Lancaster, South Carolina, during an attempted traffic stop Jan. 16 2019 are not being charged.
West Memphis Police Department leadership released dramatic dash cam video of the incident In a Friday morning news conference.
It all start up with the officers attempted to pull the car over because it had no license plate and had high beams. When the car didn’t stop a chase ensued.
Langston said the car, with Rivera behind the wheel, rammed police cruisers multiple times and ultimately ran over an officer’s legs. That’s when six West Memphis Police Department officers opened fire, killing Brown and Rivera.
After an Intense high speed chase and multiple cillions between the fleeing suspect and police patrol cars, Brown can be seen raising his hands in the passenger seat before Rivera reverses the car and hits the officer.

Police later found the suspects’ car was carjacked from a 72-year-old woman in South Carolina. Officers discovered a .22 rifle and crack cocaine inside the vehicle.

The Investigation is still going not is not expected to long Assistant Chief Robert Langston said.

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36 thoughts on “Police Chase: 2 Suspects Shot Dead by Police

  1. MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Local 24 News spoke exclusively to the sister of a woman shot and killed by West Memphis Police.

    Friday, a grand jury decided no charges will be filed in the officer-involved shooting that killed Megan Rivera and De'Angelo Brown. Rivera's sister, Gloria Campos says the officers involved used excessive force.

    West Memphis Police Department released dash cam video Friday that shows the final minutes of Rivera and Brown's lives. West Memphis Police say the two were in a stolen car and Rivera, the driver, did not follow police orders.

    "Seeing what I saw I was distraught, I screamed at the screen. I started crying and I heard he gun shots and I screamed so loud," Campos said emotionally.

    Campos saw the video of her sister online, which shows Rivera running over a West Memphis Police Officer. Campos says she still gets chills watching it.

    "I think that she was already gone by that point, I believe that the car was in drive, she was shot, and it went forward," Campos explained.

    She says while this is no excuse, her sister suffered from emotional disabilities and childhood trauma. Campos says that led to her sister making some bad decisions.

    "If you could imagine, watching your dad try to kill your family and then he dies and that trauma is never dealt with, you die a little," Campos said. "Her childhood pain led to her trying to figure out ways to her numbing her pain."

    Still, Campos hoped West Memphis Police took different action the night of January 16th.

    "They could have done something else, taking a life is a big deal, whether it's my sisters or her boyfriend family their brother their cousin their nephew they could have chosen another way," Campos said.

    The West Memphis Police Department says the six officers involved remain on paid administrative leave. According to investigators, the vehicle the pair were in was stolen from a 72-year-old out of South Carolina. Following the shooting, investigators say they found one firearm and cocaine.

    West Memphis Police say the department will wrap up its own investigation sometime next week.

  2. The public absolutely needs to see these videos. Some are so quick to jump to conclusions and blame law enforcement. They risk their lives everytime they kiss their family goodbye and walk out to get in their cruisers. Law enforcement has a right to defend themselves from serious bodily arm and even death. These heroes of our communities need to be respected. They have earned it, and the authority invested with them demands it.

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    The car might need a little bodywork, some glass, and shampoo to get stains out of the interior, wonder what it went for at auction?

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  5. West Memphis Police to owner of the Toyota Camry 72 year old woman : " We found your stolen car here in Arkansas. Its going to need some work & there are bloodstains on the front seats with ventilation now added too ".
    Owner of Camry : " Great , thank you Officers " !

  6. God Bless the officers who have to deal with these dregs. I have no compassion for these two. I was thinking through the long preamble that at some point each officer is like, "Ok, this is a big one." The officers have time to look out a couple of moves, like which outcome is THIS going to turn into? car occupants are either going to go sailing through their demise or end up as they ended up. Twisted sister, just twisted. Well, we're all entitled to our own ridiculous opinions.

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