Police BRAG for arresting 6 year old. Orlando police department

Publicly released by Orlando police and Attorneys. See links for other body camera footage of this incident and full story. Faces blurred for child protection

Police officer brags about this is the youngest arrest he’s made. The officer was suspended. Staff said officers lied about their desire to press charges.


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33 thoughts on “Police BRAG for arresting 6 year old. Orlando police department

  1. this video i find very disturbing. bad handled by both school and the cop
    both will see lawsuits quickly and, these people involved also will be fired

  2. Here's some follow-up:
    "Turner, who was fired days after the arrest became national news, had worked in OPD’s Reserve Unit, which is made up of retired officers who are required to work a certain amount of hours at the agency per month and can pick up extra-duty jobs for pay.

    Over the course of Turner’s 23-year tenure at OPD prior to retiring last year, he was disciplined seven times for violations of department policy that ranged from unsafe driving to a child-abuse arrest in which he was accused of injuring his 7-year-old son. He was also accused of sending threatening text messages to his ex-wife in 2009 and racial profiling, records show." -Orlando Sentinel

  3. Those cops are psychopaths. I'm sure they're upset they couldn't beat the crap out of the six year old. If only they could have split her skull open, that might satisfy their lust for power and control over the helpless.

  4. Disgusting!!! can it get anymore cowardly or deplorable. What 6 year old needs to be cuffed and put in a police car. EVERYONE involved should fired

  5. Society arresting people is to teach them and hold them responsible through a lesson and punishment
    Arresting a 6 year old is not going to teach them anything except fear of police.
    Then handcuffing a 6 year old?
    This EX COP clearly doesn't understand his position to help children
    That's what this girl needs, is help and learning
    Not jail
    Im glad they fired him!

  6. Corrupt DISGUSTING lying violent blue Isis tyrant Terrorist scummm thugs! Only a DEAD thug is a good thug 😊

  7. Look at what the officer teaches 6 year-old basically to hate cops, No wonder people don't like the police.
    ps. If that was my kid, I don't think that cop would be living.

  8. This cop arrested two different 6 year olds on this the finest day of his career can you imagine making this same judgment call twice in one day on two different police calls ..oh my and you wonder why there is a divide between most of the general public and the thin blue line

  9. Have you people lost your minds. This is appalling and so hard to watch! She is 6yrs old you damn morons!!! You don't call the police to just scare a kid!! All these people need to be fired. You call the parents first. This ex-tyrant is a joke. Folks, these are the people you call heroes and say they put their lives on the line everyday….REALLY????

  10. I can't think of a single thing to justify that but I'd still like to know their "explanation" for handcuffing the kid.

  11. This Cop should be given a Medal of Honor for arresting not just this child, but in his own words many others….Wow u are amazing officer…Is it because you cant catch REAL CRIMINALS?…Disgusting…

  12. I'm thinking of my girls when they were little and now my granddaughter. I hope I never come across u in public. It won't end well.

  13. Any cop who cuffs and stuffs and 6 year old is no longer a rational, reasonable human. He's just a tyrant who only sees "records" and 6000 arrests. Time to boot this guy out.

  14. The controllers have a preferential hiring policy for individuals who are psychopathic. A brief psychological assessment from a distance will emphasize the truth of this statement. You can absolutely see and hear the madness from across the internet. Anyone with the slightest amount of empathy or psychological training could weed these individuals out immediately and truthfully say they are unfit for duty..

  15. No it’s OK when a stranger wants to put your hands behind your back and then put you in the car and take you away it’s perfectly OK just go along with a Stranger any time they ask

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