Police Bodycam Shows Phoenix Officer Firing at Fleeing Suspect

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A suspect is in custody after an officer-involved shooting in Phoenix on Thursday morning. The shooting happened around 8 a.m. near 7th Street and Greenway Parkway. Police say officers first responded to the area on a call of a suspicious vehicle parked in a neighborhood. The driver fled when officers arrived, driving toward one of the officers. The officer at risk shot at the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect, later identified as 22-year-old Antonio Garcia Goff, was found in a backyard and taken into custody. Goff was treated for a minor injury that may have been the result of the shooting incident, as well as a bite injury from a police K-9. He has since been booked into jail on an outstanding warrant and charges of trespassing and aggravated assault on an officer.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


42 thoughts on “Police Bodycam Shows Phoenix Officer Firing at Fleeing Suspect

  1. We see this all the time… the cop knew the guy was going to flee so he intentionally put his body, generally, in front of the vehicle in order to justify deadly force. Fleeing is already a felony, it does not constitute the death penalty.

  2. Sounds like the officer says "what did I do"
    Not sure if its cause he over reacted or cause he feels bad for having to shoot someone.
    But, I didn't know its illegal to have a knife or a stun gun.
    So I'm not sure why the officer acted like it is.

  3. I was going to say this was unjustified, but then I remembered this is America where a badge is a license to kill and lethal force is authorized to stop a fleeing suspect… A reasonable person would be able to see that the suspect never positioned his car in a way that would convey he intended to run anyone over, and that the police could side step out of that threat.. but hey. You do you. Lives matter more than convictions… but "wanted dead or alive" for anything in America. J-walking, but try to run? DEAD OR ALIVE, buddy.

  4. thats my favorite police move right there.. jump in front of the car, and if they move unload clip because "life was in danger" lol. hopefully people watching will think twice about aiming car at officer.

  5. I see a time coming when all cars are electric, and for any traffic stop, the police, meaning our well-paid and well-trained enforcers of democratic government law, will be authorized to put a key into the back end of the car somewhere and turn it off so they can not have to worry about these drive-aways. Anybody who defeats this is allowed to drive away and receive heavy, heavy penalties when eventually caught. We'll have means other than Arkansas Stunt Teams for corralling the blacktop contrarian

  6. The kid was wrong but this cop needs RETRAINING OR ANOTHER LINE OF WORK.
    He was just about to say what he was going to do to the guy…
    " IM GONNA PIT A BU.."
    He wasn't threatened by the suspect at all and he never aimed the car at him.

  7. I don't know, I claim it "unfortunate", it unfolded too quick. There's no information to say. Only the suspect and the officer know what happened.
    Edit : after watching it several times, the officer was in the wrong. As the suspect wasn't a direct threat. He would become a threat if he had expired at the time the vehicle accelerates. At this point it becomes an unguided missile.

  8. "You disrespect my authority like that and Imma put a bullet in your brain." Its a good thing that this cop is a horrible shot. He'd be doing prison time for murder. His life, nor his safety, were not threatened. He needs some training. You use your weapon when you have to, NOT when you can. Him asking himself, "What did I do?", says it all. A mistake doesnt make him a bad cop.

  9. Seems like they have the right to just shoot people that run away. After all everything is a threat, right? Not pulling over ? Blast them! Bullets are cheaper than the wear and tear on the police vehicles. I am concerned if I back out of a parking space and fail to notice this cop walking past the car he would just unload on me. That cop is way more dangerous than the person they are investigating.

  10. The police have the law on their side. If people dont like certain laws, e.g. No Knock warrants, screaming at cops wont help. They need to get legislators to change laws they dont agree with. Otherwise nothing will change.

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