Pikes county deputy vs prisoner repeatedly striking He’s charged with a battery

WAVERLY, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) – A disturbing video was released Monday by the Pike County prosecutor and sheriff’s office that may lead to criminal prosecution of a deputy.

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36 thoughts on “Pikes county deputy vs prisoner repeatedly striking He’s charged with a battery

  1. holy fuck that was tough to watch. Like what kinda coward do you have to be to repeatedly punch someone so defenseless like that? These kinda facilities employ some of the most sadistic cowardly pieces of shit they can find out there. And more often than not they get away with it.

  2. should upgrade charge to aggravated assault n battery contingent upon circumstances of a totally restrained and immobile person who could not defend himself. Also separate charge for wheeling restrained man outside just to pepper spray him, not once but twice. he did that so indoor air would not be contaminated

  3. Wonder if the guy in the chair will ever get over this or 1 day seek out this coward and end him and all his family or walk into a place he works and take out everyone, so called good cops don’t seem to realise some people hold grudges the rest of their life’s and because they did nothing about the dirty ones their life in on the line

  4. The only reason why that fat coward officer hit that man is because he couldn’t hit back. The officer must feel like a real tough guy. Pathetic.

  5. COPS: Corrupted Officials Punishing Services, Causers Of Pedestrian Shootings, Causers Of Pedestrians Suffering, Cowards Owning Police Shields, Corruptness Of Police Services, and so much more. That is the meaning of COPS… I'm just saying, Public Service Announcement for all of you in the Public. They can't be trusted, I don't trust them at all……

  6. Sadistic egomaniacal psychopath. He likes watching others suffer, especially when he caused the suffering. He found the perfect job. The watchers get their own sick pleasure out of it, too. Nasty. Disgusting.

  7. That coproach should have his jaw rearranged for that bullshit. Nothing like beating on a man when he's unable to defend himself to make u feel like the boss. Piece of shit pig. Oink oink muthafukas 🐖

  8. It appears to be a heavily edited video with multiple missing minutes and "glitches" make me wonder about the full extent of what they did.

  9. NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD COP! EVERY cop is aware of some other cop that has violated a citizens constitutional rights, EVERY cop is aware of some other cop that has abused his/her authority. Because they never report these abuses it makes them accomplices and complicit to the crime and guilty by association.

  10. It's so obvious if that guy was able to get out of that chair he will whoop that cops complete ass. His other crooked cop friends would have had to come to save him.

  11. That 🐷 belongs in prison. He should be fired, arrested, and prosecuted just like any of us would be. Battery? Misdemeanor? Prolly still keep his job? The thin blue line pukes me.

  12. In a restraint chair and the coward enforcement officer gives the guy a straight blast of bear mace?
    Yes the officer needs charged and fired, but when you have such blatant violations we need to start some ‘eye for an eye’ punishment. Let’s see if the big clown likes being strapped in and getting a blast in the face?

  13. This is a clear-cut display of sadistic personality disorder (SPD) behavior as detailed in the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders. The enjoyment these warthogs get from brutalizing those who are defenseless is nothing that a lobotomy wouldn’t cure. These LEO-tards are fully aware they are being recorded but that doesn’t stop the brutalization. If the cameras were not present the prisoner could likely have been beaten to death. We all know this has happened and covered up by internal affairs.

  14. That is disgusting really the man can't move at all , he can't do any real damage to anyone but his self and that bastard ass turtle suit wants to hit him over and over grrrrrrrr

  15. If he did this knowing he was on camera & to the point he broke his hand from punching the citizen in the head so hard & often …one can only imagine what this badged thug did while he thought there were no cameras around 🤔? Now to add insult to injury (pun intended) this asshat has filed for workman compensation, since he broke his hand (beating the citizen, while on duty) even though he is now fired! Sadly, he'll get it most likely. 😥🙄

  16. That cop that sprayed tied down prisoner in the face should be in Prison or.PRONE. ,!! ,All the police should be inPrison !! 😡
    Wow punching a strapped down prisoner !! 😡. Evil !cop !! That cop better watch his back. Because when this guy gets out !! All hell should be comings of this evil , Coruppt. Cop !! Like I said. PRONE. ,! This cop should.BE !!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  17. You could only imagine what this guy would do if he was given a terminally ill diagnosis, he would have to think about walking in there loaded for bear and take out as many as posible. That would be a better outcome than dieing in bed. They would deserve everything they could get.

  18. Blue line gang government terrorist thugs bullies douchebags violating constitutional rights and freedom and torturing this guy ! This why I'll be standing my ground against cops they better have a good reason to come after me. Screw these douchebags terrorist !

  19. I’m sure he knows there’s a camera in the room. He’s either stupid or feels he can get away with it, probably the latter.

  20. The cop should have been charged with felony assault and the other two with dereliction of duty when he sprayed the prisoner in the face. This would be considered torture if the person were a military prisoner. Disgusting

  21. There were clearly three officers involved here. All three of them need to be fired. The one who repeatedly beat this man needs to be jailed. Hopefully the prisoner and/or his family sue the department and each officer individually. Anyone who watches this video should be able to see that these officers have no honor. They are all cowards. The officer who beat this man is the biggest coward of them all and deserves similar treatment wherever he ends up. Hopefully he thinks about this when he is being processed.

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