Phoenix Cop Shoots Man Running With a Gun in His Hand

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Phoenix, Arizona — On August 1, 2023, the Phoenix Police received an emergency call of a subject waving a gun in a north Phoenix neighborhood near 35th Avenue and Bell Road. The caller indicated a male was on a residential street waiving a gun wearing a white shirt and gray pants. Additional information was learned that the 21-year-old suspect had also been intimidating neighbors with the gun and may have been the subject of an emergency 911 call the day before for similar activity. As the officers drove to the area, they learned that the suspect was accompanied by another man.When the first two officers arrived, they saw the two men sitting on a short landscaping wall.

As the marked patrol Tahoe stopped in the road, one of the men began removing a handgun from his waist band as he ran in the direction of the passenger officer, who had just gotten out of the Tahoe. The man continued to run in the direction of the officer while holding the handgun. It was at this time the officer involved shooting took place. Following the shooting, officers rendered aid to the man before Phoenix Fire personnel took him to the hospital where he was treated for serious injuries. The handgun the man was holding was recovered by patrol officers and placed in a patrol Tahoe for safe keeping. The second man involved in the situation was taken into custody without incident and found to be in possession of a handgun. The wounded suspect has not yet been identified.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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25 thoughts on “Phoenix Cop Shoots Man Running With a Gun in His Hand

  1. waaahhhh I didnt do nothing, has gun trying to flee, definitely not a risk to the community what so ever. Idiot

  2. Lol. For the commentors saying he sounded just like a toddler crying, you're right! Sounds just like my two year old nephew does if he falls down and wants his mommy.

  3. 0:07 suspect puts arm with gun out to his left side and tosses it up behind himself (if you slow the frames, you will see a green handled pistol with extended mag). At 0:08 you can see the muzzle blast on his back. Hard to tell if the officer could see the gun in his hand prior to this, but it looks like during 0:05 suspect is doing a cross body pull from his waist band with his left hand/arm, at the frame just before officer’s hand blocks camera as he exits patrol.

  4. POS, he can terrorize and bully people, but when the bully gets challenged- well you see the results. The arrogance too, to just sit out there on the wall thinking no one will come after him.

  5. People often ask why officers don't just shoot people in the legs. I used to shoot people in the legs all the time. I would only carry two sets of cuffs on my duty-belt. So if I ever had to arrest a third person on a call, I'd just shoot you in the ankle. Then I'd drive my two subjects down to county, book them in, and drive back to the local hospital. When the nurse would see me walking in, she would smile, I'd say "Hey Betty, where's the asshole with the 9mm GSW to his right ankle?"

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