Philly Police Commissioner Bows to Political Pressure

At first Commissioner Ross supported the completely calm and appropriate actions of his officers and then suddenly backpedals and says he should NOT have said his officers did nothing wrong.

Which is it sir? Whose face are you trying to save as police commissioner? Wouldn’t you rather be known as a bold leader committed to the truth and not as someone cow towing to the pressures of a politically correct society?

Your officers may not tell you that they’ve lost respect for you, but I can.

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25 thoughts on “Philly Police Commissioner Bows to Political Pressure

  1. Not political just racist funny how they lump that together I don't give a fuck about either party.But the people who sympathize with racist seems mostly right wing.Facts

  2. trying to get a straight answer from my local pd is about as useless as tits on a nun, hopefully someone on here might be able to help. i am trying to find out if a police officer commits a felony in the presence of another officer would they arrest him or not? when asking a local officer the same question i was told "it depends on the felony" since when do police officers get to pick and choose which felonys they will arrest for and why are they allowed to interperate the law when their job is enforcement not interpretation of the law? i always thought that thats what the courts are for.

  3. Lmao the commisioner back tracked cause he realized white ppl do what those two black ppl did EVERYDAY and dont get arrested for it. I used to work at starbucks and i saw white women that would sit around not ordering anything EVERYDAY. According to the ppl in the comments, i should have called the police and had literally hundreds of ppl arrested for trespassing. I would have been screamed at and abused by so many angry white women wondering why their friend just got hauled off to jail just like those two black guys. Would then everyone in the comments still defend me like they defend the starbucks manager in this case? Would everyone say the cops were just doing their jobs? No, lmao at the double standard

  4. The Starbucks employees deserve more backlash than the police who arrested the men. The men were arrested for not making a purchase and sitting down anyways, even though people do this ALL THE FUCKING TIME LMAO. However, the police went and held the men in custody for 8 hours following the arrest… For what? This is just a dumb situation. Yes, the police acted within the scope of the law. However, what they did wrong was hold these two men for 8 hours for literally no reason. Grow some balls Mike, learn to call out your kind more when they are being idiotic.

  5. Disagree with Mike here. Saying "they acted within the scope of the law" instead of "they did nothing wrong", indicates that the Commissioner is saying it's not at all the police's fault, as they did their jobs fine, but there may be something wrong with the law itself/what their jobs tell them to do. That's not parking the officers under the bus. That's parking the law under the bus. And I did not see 1 point Mike made for why the law isn't flawed.

  6. Who does the commissioner answer to? If its like a chief, who answers to the mayor, that explains a lot. I think someone had a talking to about his "future" in the department.

    With that said. These Police Officer did absolutely nothing out of line, illegal or immoral. They got called for trespassing. They asked them to leave. After multiple refusals and the "at the time" direction of Starbucks, they were arrested.

    At first. I was like. Damn! I like this guy! He is standing for his cops with facts of the case. He didn't even berade the suspects, though he said they were not being that cooperative verbally.

    Now I am like. Dude, if you cant stand for your cops who did nothing wrong. Turn in your badge.

  7. I cannot believe he backtracked like that. What a frickin' COWARD. What a slap in the face to those officers that DID NOTHING WRONG. They did their job!

    I said this was going to happen years ago. I said it's going to get to the point where certain protected groups will just be able to break the law with no consequences. This is pure insanity. Please tell me again about WHITE privilege. The only privilege I see is black privilege. I don't see white people able to go "Hey, I'm white I shouldn't be punished for breaking the law."

    And now thanks to BS like this the instigators are going to come crawling out of the woodwork just to start crap and see how far they can take it.


  8. Whatever your opinion is of Starbucks asking the two men to leave it's very simple from the cops' point of view: Private business asks two men to leave private property, two men refuse to leave private property, two men are removed from private property by force. If there's any racism at all it's coming from Starbucks. The cops just enforced the law as they should.

  9. Hey Mike. Thanks for all that you do for the LE community. I'm glad that you made this video. When this incident first occurred, Commissioner Ross did a quick video defending his Officers and explaining, correctly and appropriately that they did nothing wrong and that they were following department protocol. As a result of that brief video, I sent him an email, thanking him for taking a position and standing behind the Officers that he leads.

    I was absolutely aghast, when, a few days later, he essentially recanted what he had said, and threw his Officers under the bus. Obviously he was bullied or pressured into taking the revised position which shows that he can be pushed around and has no strength of conviction.

    Thank you for calling him out on this. I am going to be sending him a new email right after this.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for what you do!
    Gil from Largo FL
    Former Marine and LE Officer

  10. IDK who pressured this guy in Philly, but just imagine life at public businesses if the law they were enforcing were to be taken away. Everyone should just be able to hang out where ever they want…customer or not. Why not leave the doors unlocked after close too? I mean random people should have the right to do whatever they want on other people's commercial property. Is it only commercial property or will this move to private property too? Like some random guys just start camping in your yard, because it is their RIGHTS!!! It is a shame the guy buckled… Someone made this happen…

  11. Yeah, give it to the PC b*st*rd! I hate all this weaseling. Got to bow down to blm so they won't rip your town apart. I read some guy saying he wouldn't go back to Starbucks. No problem, more space for those of us who play by the rules.

  12. Mike, I don't say this often nor do others, however, you would make a good Marine and great NCO or Officer. You remind me of a younger General Mattice or maybe Gunnny R.Lee Ermy (Semper Fi where ever you are). Stick to your guns!

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