PASADENA POLICE DEPARTMENT (with Dat Man) (part 2 of 2) Corporal Milton White

Pasadena Police Department Corporal Milton White. Along with Dat Man. Honestly, my best encounter with an officer ever.

Please call flood Pasadena Police Department:
(626) 744-4501 (corporal white’s work email address)


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43 thoughts on “PASADENA POLICE DEPARTMENT (with Dat Man) (part 2 of 2) Corporal Milton White

  1. Johnny, you can't possibly believe Osama Ben Ladin attacked America, do you? I studied what happened on 9/11 and i'm sorry to tell you, America was not attacked by terrorists. Johnny, you're not an idiot…the government's version of what happened is a lie! America has been conducting "false flag" operations for many, many years. Dude, i love your show a lot. Please do a little research and you'll see what i mean. Keep talking like this and i will stop watching your show. And by the way this officer is full of crap. The police does not need this kind of hardwear…..nice personality but he's full of shit!

  2. it is not the world you live in. it is the country you live in. now the reason you need military equipment is because higher grade weapons are available to your citizens and the bad guys that hide amongst them. (why would you need anything more powerful than a handgun to protect yourself?

  3. That officer was awesome he answered questions and treated these guys with respect and in turn they were very respectful to him
    But I have seen the auditors be very rude and disrespectful to police officers.

  4. I’ve watched quite a few of your videos already and seen all the bad cops. But this officer has my utmost respect and he kept a positive attitude and atmosphere throughout the entire encounter and I wish more officers were like him. And a rough hour of talking is something that’s almost unheard of when it comes to police now. Certainly glad you had this encounter Johnny Five 0. Best conduct of an officer I’ve ever witnessed.

  5. i think this looks good. he looks like a good cop. But then i also think does intelligence and communication to non-criminals mean that just because u can portray a good cop that you are one. A job as simple as serving tables is a grat example of this in my opinion. A server can be friendly and nice and know how to be a good waiter or waitress… but then he/she serves your table the order is wrong after it took to long to get to your table. If this officer truly practices what he preaches and other officers follow suit the world would probably only be a better place for Non-criminals that interact with police. But would that also make it a safe place for criminals as well? THIS AND MORE ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z:)

  6. Mr Milton should train cops all over the USA. A PERFECT example of an interaction between an officer and citizens. No need to be macho no unecessary attitude, no violence, no threats. Being polite , speaking with respect and only using force as the very last result. That's how it should be for any police force. Sadly, it's just the opposite. The poor training has many cops shooting first worrying later . Mr Milton is a true straight shooter of intelligence, honesty and extreme professionalism. A breath of fresh air. A true example of how an officer should be. EXCELLENT INTERVIEW………

  7. Decent idea, but that kind of thinking gets flagged a lot. Even things like spotting a single stolen vehicle and waiting to see who gets into it then pulling them over gets flak from supervisors bc it increases chances of a pursuit which endangers lives. That’s been going on since the 90s that I know of.

  8. CIA & ISRAELI MOSSAD did 911…tons of evidence. 5 Dancing Israelis, E Rutherford NJ police arrested them…he did one interview its on youtube. North Jersey news Bergen, Passic Essex…had that van on the news did not make national.

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