Officer Fatally Shoot Knife-Wielding Man Trying to get Fellow Cop Gun

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Georgia police begged armed man to stop, shot him.

Athens Clarke County, Georgia — Athens-Clarke County Police Department —
July 1, 2019

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department released two Body cameras of an officer involved in fatal shooting of Athens knife-wielding man.

The deadly force taken by the officers was justified, police Chief Cleveland Spruill said during a news conference held Tuesday, noting the officers’ actions in the video.

Officer Involved Shooting, Macon Highway
Shortly before 12.30 pm today, ACCPD officers responded to the 1000 block of Macon Hwy for a report of a man who was armed with a knife, covered in blood, and acting erratically.

Upon arrival, officers Officer Charles Bidinger and Officer David Harrison encountered the man, 23-year-old Aaron Hong of Athens, who was still armed with the knife. Officers gave numerous commands for the man to drop the knife. However, he disregarded these commands and continued to advance on the officers.

Officers retreated as the man advanced with a knife in hand, and at one point during the encounter, the man charged at an officer. Two officers fired several rounds at the man.

He was treated at the scene by paramedics but succumbed to his wounds and pronounced dead at the scene.

In accordance with ACCPD policy, the GBI was asked to investigate this officer involved shooting. Also in accordance with ACCPD policy, the involved officers have been placed on
administrative leave.

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49 thoughts on “Officer Fatally Shoot Knife-Wielding Man Trying to get Fellow Cop Gun

  1. Watch at 4:12. After the suspect was shot and he stood up, he didn't have the knife he dropped it. So the officer couldn't use deadly force anymore. So the fact that he didn't shoot him again has nothing to do with race. Thank you. He was Asian.

  2. This first cop tries too hard to not shoot this agressive idiot with the knife and almost gets himself and his partner killed in the process. He should not be so careful and think of his live and that of his fellow cop first, then think of the life of the agressive attacker. This first cop looks and sounds like a real nice dude but perhaps he is just too good of a person and has too much a soft nice character to do this job effectively i think with all the dangers on the street they face.

  3. People are suicidal, WTF is going on? Police needs a anti-suicide squad, or was to stunt people effectively; tasers suck, so maybe a pistol with high voltage low amperage charges and a tranquilizer

  4. THIS is why they shoot multiple times. That cop TRIED to get him to comply and not shoot, and even risked his own life. And even after being shot with a full clip, he still had enough adrenaline to keep coming. Flucking idiots on here that say "WhY dId YoU ShOoT So MaNy TiMeS". Idiots.

  5. man i feel so bad for cops that get put in this situation, they really didn't want to shoot him…he obviously wanted to commit suicide by police. I don't think he was going to hurt the cop though even though he had him by the neck, he had plenty of time to hurt the cop but he didn't. He probably tired
    to get his gun to kill himself.

  6. it seems less lethal is really useless especially when they are not even equipped. either the less lethal weapons need to be revised or the training for them needs to be revised. there is no hesitation if you know your not gonna kill them and that makes them a better weapon if they work.

  7. First off I respect the two cops giving the criminal all the chance to stop. But I am genuinely wondering how the first cop get grabbed and tackled by a wounded guy? I understand the adrenaline kicks in and it is frightening, but really can use some more hand combat training to avoid these kind of dangerous situation for the cop.

  8. I’d say this cop needs a lot more training if you can’t make a hard decision like smokin a dude coming at you with a knife and then you run up on him when he still has weapon?

  9. ‘Shoot me, do it.” He wanted the big sleep. He got it. I feel sorry that he forced the police to kill him, but he made that choice. I would have been really angry had I seen that, but not at the police at the idiot.

  10. This shows why police sometimes have to shoot suspects more than once. People on certain drugs may not feel pain and unless the shot is in a vital organ, people may continue to fight if they are not rapidly losing blood or shot in the head or spine rendering them unable to move. This man was shot several times and still got up and tried to take the officer's gun. The officers begged the man to put down the knife. They used less than lethal weapons (Taser) and had no other place to retreat. He wanted the police to kill him and asked to be shot (suicide by cop). The suspect had blood all over his shirt before law enforcement contacted him. This shows that he had likely already stabbed somebody. This is sad for everyone involved. However, the officers appeared to do all they could not to shoot,

  11. I've watched about 20 of these videos now and they have taught me one great lesson about my own handguns that I own; EMPTY IT INTO THE THREAT until the threat is not moving anymore. If I ever have to pull my gun to defend myself there will not be one or two shots coming out of my barrel. It sometimes takes a lot of led to make someone lay down and take the room temperature challenge. Human body is rather tough unless you hit the heart or the brain they can still easily be in the fight.

  12. not a good idea to try to taze a wounded man who still try to attack…. the second he's up on his feet with the knife still in his hand, I'll shoot him dead on the spot (this is just me thinking…)

  13. God dam man cops need to be taught like infantry, you can't walk away from your car like that,and you shoot to stop the threat that means he gets up and starts moving he is still a threat so uou shoot him more,

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