Officer disciplined with WARNING | Police Taze bicyclist who did a wheelie on bicycle!

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ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A Florida police officer who used a Taser on a 19-year-old man fleeing on a bicycle was discipline on a use of force violation. SEE:

Orlando police Officer Peter Meier violated the agency’s policy on response to resistance, which prohibits officers from using a stun gun on someone riding a bicycle “except in cases of aggressive resistance,” according to an internal affairs document obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. Meier was given a written censure.

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26 thoughts on “Officer disciplined with WARNING | Police Taze bicyclist who did a wheelie on bicycle!

  1. While this is a travesty of justice and yet another example of the out-of-control tyranny that is enveloping the US, the young man will have some aw some bragging rights with his buds. I also hope he sues the hell out of the police and spends the money on fun stuff.

  2. Why taze him, just run him over and shoot him 9 times because the kid did a wheelie… You would think the "suspect" brandished a firearm, or did something seriously illegal… I guess the occifer hadn't met his personal quota to assault anyone that day… geeprz

  3. Oh my god, tased over a wheelie? Man… it’s a good thing that criminal didn’t get away. That cop is a true hero. A commendation doesn’t do him justice.

  4. Unbelievable. All this for a fooking wheelie on a bicycle. What’s wrong with these cops. There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with the wiring in their heads

  5. Every minute of every day, officers all over the USA break laws and stamp on citizens civil rights. They embellish or lie on written police reports, commit perjury in court and ignore the criminal activity of fellow officers.

    They enforce their egos, feelings and opinions, make up charges to persecute any citizen who does not bow to them. And worst of all, they use deadly force wherever and whenever they think they can justify killing someone. You’ll never read a story of a police officer shooting a knife carrying man in the leg, to bring him under control. They always aim for the heart. And it is the heart of the American people that the cops are destroying with the hate they show for the innocent citizens and through the militarisation of policing everywhere. This officers use of a Tazer was insane. And for what? A kid having fun on a bicycle. When a Tazer stings you your body becomes rigid. This boy was in a bike. When he fell he could easily have struck his skull on the road surface and died from the impact. Is this what America’s become become? A country where police officers can use potentially deadly force for somebody breaking a bicycle rule.

    This thug officers are typical of many Americans in the world of law enforcement. Overpaid, undereducated, angry young bullies, certain of their immunity regardless of their criminal behaviour. Out of control criminals with a badge and guns, that enable them to take out their anger, prejudice and hate on any American citizens they choose, whether or not that individual has broken a law.

    This officer received no more than a slap on the wrist for a serious assault on a citizen. For the crime of not bowing to the officers will. One cop gets prosecuted every now and then but generally jury’s find them not guilty or judges let them go. The unions provide all the money for top lawyers and the citizens can’t compete. Officers who are in deep trouble, get the chance to retire with a pension before being sacked and often turn up in another county wearing a different badge a year later.

    The system is rotten to the core and as the years pass by and the police state grows in strength at the expense of its citizens, America becomes diminished in the eyes of the world around it. The actions of the police will play a large part in the decline of a once great nations reputation. I am sad for Americans, as they don’t deserve to live under tyranny. History will judge the police, the politicians and the judiciary harshly in years to come. Good luck. I’m never visiting America again. Why would I? When I can see how unfair and unjust life in America is.

  6. The kid a fucking wheelie. Big fucking deal. The cops overreacted by chasing him and I don't blame the kid for running. That being said, if you're gonna run from the cops, you better hope you get away. He ran and they tased him for it.

  7. Cops like this put other cops in danger. There are a lot of “an eye for an eye” people out there. Bad cops put other officers and even their own family at risk. If this kids father was an eye for an eye guy he may be deranged enough to go after the cops family. Karma is real and the cop who shot him is making some bad decisions.

  8. People are being very quick to judge the police officers as the wrong doers here, but try and consider the dangerous world these officers now have to work in, remember it was only 20 years ago that a group of highly determined terrorists rode their bicycles into the World Trade Centre buildings.

  9. Remember, cops can ONLY use their TASER guns in place of their firearm. This means if they are not gonna shoot you with a gun they can NOT shoot you with their TASER. Police overuse these devices.

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