NYPD Videos From Fatal Police Shooting of Armed Mentally ill Man

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The New York City Police Department released the body-camera footage of a deadly police-involved encounter, the first such recording since officers started wearing the devices. Police fatally shot Miguel Richards, a 31-year-old Bronx man, on September 6. Cops came to the apartment for a wellness check, in response to a call from Richards’s landlord. Police said found the 31-year-old armed with a knife and what appeared to be a gun. Richards refused the officers’ commands to drop the weapons, and three officers fired, two with pistols and one with a stun gun. The gun Richards raised was a toy pistol. The department published the approximately 16-minute compilation video of the incident Thursday afternoon, stitching together footage from the responding officers’ body cameras. The NYPD said it “produced this video for clear viewing of the event as a totality,” but also posted each of the four individual officers’ unedited body-camera recordings.

The video hews to the cops’ account of the incident. A man – apparently Richards – stands in a room, with an officer shining a flashlight on him from outside the doorways. Cops ask over and over again – WABC counted 44 times – to drop his knife, and later, the gun. (The officers say on the video before the shooting that they are unsure whether the gun is real or fake.) Another man in the room also pleads with Richards to drop his knife and put up his hand. “Put the knife down, brother,” he asks. “Put the knife down brother, I’m begging you.” Cops fire their weapons after Richards appears to raise his hands with the toy gun. NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill told the department he decided to release the footage in the interest of transparency with the public. “We are doing this because the NYPD is committed to being as transparent as possible with respect to the release of body-worn camera video in these critical incidents,” the commissioner wrote in a memo to cops.

“Transparency is one of the many ways this department can continue to keep and build on the trust each of you has worked so hard to earn from members of the community all across our city.” He added that the “level of direction and restraint excercised by members of the NYPD is nothing short of exceptional. Releasing footage from critical incidents like this will help firmly establish your restraint in the use of force, and will plainly exhibit to the public your reasonable and judicious use of force when that force becomes necessary.” The NYPD began officially rolling out its body camera program this April to a few hundred officers, with the goal of equipping the entire 22,000-plus force by 2019. This is the first such recoding of a police-involved fatal shooting, and was released over the objections of the Brooklyn D.A. who wanted to make public the video after she completed her investigation. The PBA, the city’ largest police union, also resisted the release of the video, warning of a “dangerous precedent.”

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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31 thoughts on “NYPD Videos From Fatal Police Shooting of Armed Mentally ill Man

  1. One officer is just keeping his tone into antagonistic tone and the other is obviously trying to turn it down… The officers are knowing each other's strength and limit.
    Good work considering the situation is intense.

  2. The taser never really works. It's like broken from the factory on purpose so the Police have a reason to waste the people trying to fight back from it failing (on purpose) this way the clean-up is cheaper on the people who have to do the paperwork, medical team, and psychological repair team to try and make people sane who have become insane after finding out how broken life is from knowing too much.

  3. 10 minutes of yelling, cussing, dominating… maybe try something else? Tell Ricardo about the day YOU'RE having. Ask him if he wants a milkshake… Shoot him with a less-than-lethal.? I get it that the cops are stressed. It just seems like the situation would benefit from at least one cop there with a different M.O.

  4. That cop is killin me. Dude and fkn is his favorite words.🤦‍♀️ I keep wanting to spin my avatar around to see if frozen dude spawns somewhere else from that corner.fkn camper dude. Duuuuuuuddddeeeeeeeee

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