New York Bail Reform (Utter Insanity)

New York out here trying to keep up with California. INSANITY.

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New York Bail Reform: Absolute Insanity

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INTRO MUSIC: “Wolfhunter” by Forensic.

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Author: rafael.nieves


50 thoughts on “New York Bail Reform (Utter Insanity)

  1. Does “No cash bail” mean that you’re stuck in jail without bail? Did this do away with bond bail? I would assume that NY voters, just as I did, would think that no cash bail meant these offenders would be cooling their heels behind bars vs a get out of jail free card.

  2. This video and all the comments are a perfect example of sheep and how people half ass look into something… Read .. make a guess.. not put much depth of thought into it.. not ask more questions… Not defend both sides to look deeper and figure out the whole situation.. people just research the surface and make jokes… Just like this video.. filled with joke's… Not deeply looking or researching at all..

  3. And keep in mind… You want to change it back for a few handful of bad cases… Start presenting the innocent people that got out like my little sister for being in a car with friends that had drugs in the car and then pinned it on one another. Or being in a stolen vehicle without knowing.. get out of here with your fear of a bad guy being back out there… They will be caught.. the screening will be fixed .. focus on that . Not fixing the justice system to something more logical like actually keeping innocent people innocent..

  4. You're actually missing something… Like your missing major points… Your focusing on processing errors that other cities have actually created jobs to make sure it doesn't happen. They don't get out.. and only the innocent people who were screened get out.. properly.. but the justice system is lengthy and then they barely care or check anything.. so then they half ass changed it to no cash bail without fixing the rest first.. so now you're all going to bicker to change it back? How slow do you think?

  5. The only reason the few poster people like sex offense and arson cases got out doesn't meant they shouldn't keep the law.. your logic is absurd… They fucked up in processing.. that was the news.. that's not the effect of the change…

  6. This is so dumb… You get out but you get arrested again and then it becomes a major problem..this is to protect alot of innocent people.. don't be a pig just for your extra comfort.

  7. A person should only be held in pretrial detention if there's "proof evident, presumption great." So much as a false accusation (though not proven to be false yet) can get you arrested on PC. PC should only be used for temporary detainment. The Framers never intended pretrial detention to be what it is, as noted in the 8th Amendment.

  8. Hey mike the cop who is not a cop. Correct me if im wrong but the tone you have in the video makes it sound like you are against bail in general for these crimes and making it free is a kick in the balls? I mean you state in the beginning that you dont want discrimination and equality for everyone going through due process but being pro monetary bail is discrimination against the poor who already have a hard time getting good representation that they often have to rely on free representation. But what you are saying, the actual wording not tone, in this video is that if you can afford bail for the accusation of the crimes you listed, it should be granted as im sure those no cost bails were at 1 point cost bails. that seems to be logical following coming from a bail system, unless those are somehow new laws that had yet to have a bail method attached to them.
    Wouldnt criminals be less likely to fight back or run if they are going to be released? and if property damage to the base of massive buildings is a concern i can see why they might want their criminals who may do that feel that they wont have to run.
    Thanks for your time. hope you and yours the best. take care.

  9. You, a cop, using rap as your intro. You know, the music industry hell bent on promoting harm to cops? You should use that as one of your ironic analogies. Seriously, what's wrong with that picture?

    You make fun of those people but think promoting music by people that want you and your fellow officers dead is any better?

    And yes, I know what the lyrics say. It's like promoting the K³ because you know one supportive K³ member.

  10. Sounds like they're okay in the conditions for people to pretty much Purge. No cash bail and they get out on their own Recons for all those things all those things are fitting of a purge

  11. This is because the political elites that live there have done this and they want to be able to fly their private plane out of the country. This way bv they just keep some jewels and fake passports in the safe in their house and bv when the storm comes in the judge cant keep them.

  12. There should be no bail required NONVIOLENT CRIMES. I don't give a shit what you think. Being jailed before you are convicted of a crime is insane. Lots of innocent people get killed in jail. All because some POS prosecutor wants to make a name for themselves.

  13. I'm more in favor of a bail or no bail, money can't save your here approach as apposed to can you afford your freedom. With a strict enforcement, depending on the severity of the crime before flight risk. We should all remember Mike didn't Epstein himself after all…

  14. Good Video, but why pick on Michael J Fox? The guys got a disability but you list him with john wayne gacy and bill Cosby. Unless i missed a recent scandal, Michael J Fox is still a good guy. Also yea that law is crazy.

  15. Thanks for this video Mikethecop, I am a resident in Western New York State (not f**king city lol), the majority of residents oppose this reform and especially all of the local law enforcement agencies. However everything that happens politically here is only motivated by catering to NYC only a handful of counties (less than five) are blue… the rest are red. It's exactly why redistricting to separate us is being pursued, because we're not being represented properly on a state and federal level.

  16. They're trying so hard to keep their Antifa terrorist friends out of jail because if they aren't on the streets then who's going to start the fights that they blame on Nazis?

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