New Jersey Governor Laughs off Bill of Rights

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This virus may be real, but so is government overreach.

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27 thoughts on “New Jersey Governor Laughs off Bill of Rights

  1. Pls tell me you don't listen to Tucker Carlson. He's the literal worst. He just makes shit up and when he interviews someone, he uses shady argument tactics to demonize anyone he doesn't agree with and won't let them actually speak. Im not a democrat but Tucker Carlson and the rest of Fox news are shit people. I've actually read the gun bills he made and they aren't bad things. He's not taking anyones guns. In fact hes pushing for sale of smart guns. The bills literally just make it so gun retailers have to take more responsibility. The only thing I seen you could even remotely get upset about is the public carry bill requiring you to show the need for public carry. Fox twist everything and makes it seem like the Constitution or Bill of Rights is getting shredded, but its not. There is a ton of illegal gun violence in upstate new york and new jersey. All these bills do is require more responsible gun sales. Turn off the Fox News.

  2. What you can't make up is douchebags like you who can't differentiate the difference between civil rights and when your actions "exercising your rights" could potentially kill others. Dont believe me, its December now and the death toll has skyrocketed. So GFY.

  3. Those 15 religious ppl were not arrested for expressing their religion, just like George Floyd didnt die because he was black. They were arrested for being together, right or wrong that was the reason, justified by the fact its corona times, And George was unlucky to be arrested by a murderer. I hate when people take one thing and turn it into politics, when it had nothing to do with it to begin with!

  4. I can see your point on the guy sitting alone .But everyone talking about bill of rights and no one was talking about taking the right from you just taking some extream measures for a while so u don't takes someone elses right to live away.

  5. I disagree with you on this one Mike. If COVID is a public health threat (and the official statements of the medical experts say that it is ) doesn’t the Governor have the authority and the responsibility to issue temporary emergency orders to stop the threat and protect public health. There were early examples of outbreaks wiping out numerous congregation members after church services. Here in AZ our church leaders started holding drive in services as a temporary way to continue to worship AND promote safety. This seems like a more sensible response than disobeying public health orders intended to save lives.
    I say this because the wide spread protests by those who felt the public health measures violated their rights caused our governor to re-open our state completely and our once declining COVID case numbers have now transformed into the fastest rising number of hospitalized cases in the nation. Our hospitals are at 85% capacity and doctors are a warning of their imminent inability to care for any more patients. Many of the businesses that protested so loudly and demanded that we re-open have since shut down again but the damage is already done.

    To be fair I realize that you posted this video 2 months ago and couldn’t have known how damaging re-opening and shunning safety measures was going to be. I do wish that Americans had listened to medical experts and erred on the side of safety rather than politicizing the response. We are literally the only nation in the world who has not yet managed to control the spread of this virus.

  6. When NJ cops aren't busy snorting cocaine, and fucking dirty diseased street hookers… they're out violating everyone's constitutional rights and harassing poor people.

    NJ is a corrupt shithole, from top… to bottom. Can't own guns, can't speak your mind without being arrested for some sort of speech laws, can't go to church, can't even keep your own hard earned money away from the greedy politicians who spend all your money on hookers and blow.

  7. "thats above my pay grade"…… whats that written on his shirt? Gov… Ger… Governor? huh….. its almost like the Governors job is to support the constitution of the United states AND the state constitution. hmm. above his pay grade?

  8. We're in a state of emergency, the constitution doesn't mean Jack shit right now. Crazy as it seems, but *as far as I know* the us gov can just deny the constitution in a state of emergency. Just look at what happened to the Japanese Americans or the German speaking Americans during wwii

  9. You think this is bad. In Israel they welded the doors shut to our synagogue. They are doing traffic stops to check if you have a mask (while in the car !) . They used helicopters to watch if people are out side and, scariest of all they are tracking peoples movements using their cell phone data!

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