Motorcyclist Pushes Massachusetts Trooper Into Traffic While Fleeing Stop

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Wakefield, Massachusetts — On July 5, 2023, on the I-95 Exit 57 off ramp in Wakefield, whereby the operator of a motorcycle attempted to run over a Massachusetts State Trooper who had approached him on foot. The Trooper approached the motorcyclist after observing him operating erratically on I-95 and repeatedly ordered him to turn off the bike’s engine and dismount. The operator repeatedly refused to comply – at one point turning the bike’s ignition on again after it had been shut off – and then drove forward with the Trooper in front of the handlebars and front wheel. The Trooper was able to disengage from the motorcycle as it continued forward, allowing him to narrowly avoid being hit by a pickup truck passing through the intersection. Video of the incident is posted below. On Friday, July 7, 2023, Troop A and members of the State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office arrested 19-year-old Colin James Webb, of Reading for the assault.

Webb was charged with the following:
1. Assault and battery on a police officer;
2. Assault with a dangerous weapon;
3. Refusing to identify himself to police;
4. Negligent operation of a motor vehicle;
5. Number plate violation;
6. Speeding;
7. Failure to stop/yield at traffic signals;
8. Marked lanes violation;
9. Failure to yield at an intersection;
10. Breakdown lane violation;
11. Missing number plate; and
12. Failure to stop for police.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Pushes Massachusetts Trooper Into Traffic While Fleeing Stop

  1. The trooper acted more like an upset dad that didnt want his son riding more than an officer haha… “i done told ya boy get off that darn bike Billy”

  2. I suspect their department has a policy that they can't just knock the guy on the ground. Because that's the best way to deal with an idiot like this. I also don't understand, unless the officer doesn't know motorcycles well enough, when dude puts both hands on the handlebars just grab the key and turn the bike off. Or doesn't that work? Or like someone else said grab the clutch.
    Of course whatever you do don't stand in front of a running motorcycle and allow him to push you into oncoming traffic. That would be the one choice you probably shouldn't make.

  3. Yep crotch rocket syndrome. They think laws need not apply to them accept when people in cars don't follow them. And its always somebody else's fault.

  4. Grab the belt and yank, he'll come off or fall over just fine. If that didnt work, id make that fucker ride the lightning.

  5. Cop is a dick. I mean really? You start touching his bike and getting all handsy over a traffic stop?? Is that the hill you want to riak dying on??

  6. People don't understand how much power a motorcycle like this has, you can stand on front of it if you want, I'm leaving

  7. I still say there needs to be a special endorsement on the license and background checks to buy a sport bike. It seems only the dumbest people on earth ride them.

  8. This looks like those protesters standing in the street expecting people to not run them over just because they're standing in front of their vehicle

  9. Kinda seems like he was ambushed and wasn't aware the cop was even behind him in the first place, would like to see more of the video

  10. 19-year-old Colin James Webb was later arrested. You fools think you can get away. Instead of a ticket he got charged with 12 counts including assault and battery on a police officer, assault with a dangerous weapon, refusing to identify himself to police, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and other traffic violations.

  11. Looks like the officer made the decision to play chicken with him. He already had hold of the clutch, knowing that was keeping the bike from fleeing, but he decided to let go of it and just stand there. Idk stupid decision.

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