MMA vs POLICE (how to defend)

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Introducing my friend and legend! Freddy Trillo. As he explained in the video…google him to learn about him. He’s agreed to teach us some techniques on how to defend against certain attacks. In this video we show the defense against the mounted position.

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21 thoughts on “MMA vs POLICE (how to defend)

  1. Hey Nick, that's all physical activity which is great. Most that want to fight back against cops have a Gun and that's how the percentage of cops getting Shot goes up every year. Fact !!

  2. I guess I've been very lucky. I never had a gun pulled on me on duty, and never had to fight for my life. I trained all my life just for that, and thank the Lord I never had to even do it once. Great video, guys.

    BTW, I did the same thing, developed a great offensive art based on the 3 other arts I have black belts in. I've been teaching since 1977, when I got my 1st black belt in Okinawan karate, before switching to REAL Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu and Judo in 1980.
    We know, we've seen, things can go from zero to busy in 0.2 seconds. Maybe my subconscious readiness is what kept many things from happening.
    One good thing, training like what you show has made even my wife a formidable opponent for any man. She's strong, and now she knows what she's doing.
    I highly recommend women train in Ju Jitsu, at least twice per week, and cops should never be without it.
    God bless you guys.

  3. Civilians this is SERIOUS please lear combative training knife and gun defense and the best martial arts for your personality.

    We are tire of these police using accessive force and drawing guns it is our 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves, oh and learn about how they hand cuff cuff you learn there maneuvers and keep your counters secret.

    When a cop forces you into cuffs for no reason you will make there day miserable and make them wish they never touched you.

    The more we fight best the more these pigs will get back in line and start treating people like people again.

    I salute this man, but I would have allot more respect if you helped people defend themselves against the police you guys have tazers guns mase buttons night clubs we just have our bare hands a cop going learning jujitsu doesn't stand a chance if you know combatitive military training. I will not mention what arts are best against law enforcement but if you've been a victim of police brutality, get your ass ready to give the next cop hell act like a pussy act weak act scared and the moment you have the chance you strike and you strike to knock the mother fucker out and run.

    We've had enough of this shit Suffolk County PD, Nassua, PD NYPD, NY State Troopers, I love knowing the backgrounds of training you learned i the academy. I know the specific types of martial arts you learn, I know your weaknesses and many of us are training some of us are doing more and plotting with disarms we are immune to tazers and mase its your own fault since you always attack a 2nd or 3rd time offender, sometimes those who never been arrested no matter how compliant they are and still dispense a few units from the taser.

    Also word of advice, NEVER GRAPPLE WITH A COP, Dont be fancy dont box with them just keep your body relaxed and look through the environment and strike that mother fuck or toss him over your shoulder the moment the touch your wrists, learn all to out counter all they have learned.

    I value my life too, so with all do respect I enjoyed the video you are not pigs I apologies I just seen way to many life been taken in Brooklyn and Long Island and wished since the moment I had a dislocated shoulder from a cop using accessive force. You know allot more then jujitsu my friend. Hey officers you can thank me for the comment because what I said is true and I bare said anything just the tip of the iceberg and I don't want to see good cops like these officers here die or get a broken arm or ankle someone breaking your neck or dis arming you and shooting you just because they have had a very bad possibly a near death experience from a tyrant officer. I had to use the insults because you would of never read this far if I didn't.

    You are people to, please remember you don't get sugar with vinegar, if you want to stay safe be kind be patient treat people nice even the criminal your arresting dont keep your guard down keep your tone down so if you see that strike relaxed and at peace you will have allot more control then when tense and nervous.

    Great video, I learned Jujitsu as a child its a great martial art to start with, but you want to find an art that fits your personality.

    Im sorry I just took my morning Adderall so I'm talking too much, don't arrest me now there prescribed and taken as prescribed and helps me focus on my martial arts and training.

  4. As you met your demise it was nice to know that you remained master of cinematography with a very classic fade out. Lol, a true professional right to the end.
    Seriously though what a great informative video that you and Freddy put together for us. Knowledge is a powerful thing and a great way to arm yourself. Thank you both.

    Of course, I had to subscribe after that and since you survived your death I’m gonna have fun catching up on more of your videos. Have a great day.

  5. For the cops out there, I would personally recommend finding a school that actually teaches "Gracie Combatives" as it is more "combat" oriented them BJJ. However, BJJ is a perfect alternative maybe mixed with some Krav Maga to help with controlling an adrenaline dump.

    Most police academies DT training is obsolete if you run into someone with even 12 months of MMA training which as the years go by is more and more common.

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