Minnesota Trooper Shoots Driver Fleeing Traffic Stop on Freeway

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Minneapolis, Minnesota — On July 31, 2023, shortly before 2:00 a.m., a driver, identified as 33-year-old Ricky Cobb II, was stopped on Interstate 94 because the taillights on the Ford Fusion he was driving were out. After Cobb stopped, Minnesota State Patrol troopers learned Cobb was wanted for a “pick-up and hold” over a felony incident out of Ramsey County. When troopers opened his doors and attempted to pull him out, Cobb began driving with two troopers still hanging out the sides of the car, body and dash camera footage shows. A trooper then shot him as he drove away. Cobb traveled a brief distance down I-94 as the troopers chased after him. They eventually surrounded the Cobb’s vehicle, removed him, and began lifesaving measures. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner responded and Cobb was pronounced dead at 2:35 a.m.. The agency edited the video to blur out Cobb’s face. They did not release the names of the troopers involved, and say they have been placed on administrative leave.

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0:00 – Synchronized Footage
5:25 – Bodycam: Trooper #1
11:08 – Bodycam: Trooper #2
16:30 – Bodycam: Trooper #3
18:06 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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31 thoughts on “Minnesota Trooper Shoots Driver Fleeing Traffic Stop on Freeway

  1. Why is this constantly with Black people. The funny thing is in 20 minutes he will be asking the troopers, “ Why did you shoot me”? Oh he did get shot. His fault I’m sorry to say….. yep keep breathing so you can gave your court date. If he would have just listened to the cop he would be ok. Ridiculous.

  2. He did the right thing he wasn't stopped by troopers he was stopped by troopers thst were "good ole boys" they lied about him not having a warrant and on top of that who needs 4 officers to do a so called tail light violation.and why would you have to step out of the car for just that instead of asking for his license for which they never did? Yup definitely some cop/klan activity was about to take place.

  3. This is Murder no regard for human like because the color of one’s skin . The human race sucks and everyone in the comments praising this behavior . Sickening

  4. Trooper #2 needs to get his trunk organized. It took him way too long to dig his med bag out. Fortunately, it wasn't an officer or innocent bystander that needed the help.

  5. Stop killing People Ass holes….Fuckin Racist Cop’s. Which black guy will be ok with about 4 white policemen around him?
    He was scared for his life… I fear white policemen than jail.

  6. Black people constantly do dumb shit like this, and then proceed to cry about why it's always their people getting shot or having guns drawn on them. It's better if you ask yourselves that question instead of asking the rest of the world.

  7. If you see 3 STATE TROOPERS surrounding your car, this means you are definitely guilty of something horrible. This dude knew exactly that and knew he was headed to prison to reunite with his 7 feet tall— 400LB cellmate, LOL

  8. i get he was wanted for a felony, but without specifics we can only assume. we also have to assume he wasn't charged with anything yet, innocent until proven guilty. even if he was guilty of a felony, there was no weapon, he didn't try to run anybody over, he wasn't posing an immediate threat nor was he threatening anyone. why did the officer feel the need to attempt to kill him? we need to start drawing a line to keep this justified and punish accordingly, i feel like police (in general) are forgetting the severeness of taking a random life.

  9. Why do they have the notion that they can refuse to do obey the law and their are not consequences for their actions. If his dummass would have actually done what he was asked to. And asked very nicely and respectfully. He would still be alive. Hopefully people will see this and realize what NOT TO DO…. DUMMASS

  10. Thank you, Mr. Cobb, for taking yourself out of the equation permanently.
    You saved the taxpayers a LOT of money not having to return you to prison.

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