Mining the Sacred: Indigenous nations fight lithium gold rush at Thacker Pass

In Nevada’s remote Thacker Pass, a fight for our future is playing out between local Indigenous tribes and powerful state and corporate entities hellbent on mining the lithium beneath their land. Vancouver-based Lithium Americas is developing a massive lithium mine at Thacker Pass, but for more than two years several local tribes and environmental organizations have tried to block or delay the mine in the courts and through direct action. The Thacker Pass Project is backed by the Biden administration, and companies like General Motors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the project, looking to capitalize on the transition to a “green energy economy,” for which lithium is essential. While it is a vital component in the manufacturing of electric vehicles and batteries, though, there’s nothing “green” about mining lithium. Ending our addiction to fossil fuels is urgently necessary, but the struggle of the local tribes around Thacker Pass reveals the darkside of a “green revolution” that prioritizes profits and consumption over everything (and everyone) else.

In this feature documentary, “Thacker Pass – Mining the Sacred,” award-winning Cree/Iroquois/French multimedia journalist Brandi Morin and documentary filmmaker Geordie Day report on the Indigenous resisters putting their bodies and freedom on the line to stop the Thacker Pass Project.

“Thacker Pass – Mining the Sacred” was co-produced by Ricochet Media (@ricochet_media), IndigiNews (@IndigiNewsMedia), and The Real News Network (@therealnews).

Pre-Production: Brandi Morin, Geordie Day, Ethan Cox, Andrea Houston, Cara McKenna, Eden Fineday, Maximillian Alvarez, Kayla Rivara
Studio Production: Geordie Day
Post-Production: Brandi Morin, Geordie Day, Ethan Cox, Andrea Houston, Cara McKenna, Eden Fineday, Maximillian Alvarez, Kayla Rivara

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42 thoughts on “Mining the Sacred: Indigenous nations fight lithium gold rush at Thacker Pass

  1. The new state-funded climate change religion of Biden at work. If I read correctly, the govt is also providing LAC a low cost loan of $1 Billion for the Thacker Pass mine. In the end, it is less about climate and more about control. Be careful what you vote for.


  3. It seems obama was very cozy with the General Motors corporation.. he bailed them out right off the bat when he took office in 2009.

    Then swept some crumbs in the floor for the American people to grovel over while many of them were in the process of losing their homes.

    Wonder why that compamy feels so entitled to do what they do.. 🤔

  4. Indigenous Tribal Nations and People could also assert their rights to hunt and fish in the area and file lawsuit to protect their hunting and fishing rights.

  5. Jerry steven doublehead son of god in jax fla enslaved hidden from world by given dad william doublehead both sides family being killed off to steal sears devane and doublehead. Mark of beast biochipp control is what control people and turn police against people

  6. Lol you crazies will never stop their mine. Good luck (not going to happen) Reality is the land is already gone and this video is very one sided. Most of the tribes have actually signed on and LAC has actually built a facility that gives many jobs to the community and tribes. Helped with school funding and more. It's easy to listen to the sob story portrayed in this video, but 90% of this story is BS. They sued for the money. Pure and simple

  7. Powerful, Real, Truth! 🌊⛰️🌎🦅S💪🏾. I did not sit where you did at Centinel Rock, and I could feel the pain of many. The Massacre was Real. The Sites are Sacred! It is Undeniable!

  8. 🗿 this is more than a breach of native tribal land. Imo. As a people of this land, I've never disposed of a disposable battery, flashlight bats n such.🔥💯 love this land. Now the rich are showing of because they can. Recently ive been going to paul unslaved to better use the language that I'm bound to. He's got a spirit about him🌘🌒 Excellent work and thanks for sharing 👍👍

  9. The Creator has lead me to this video through many twists and turns. This is a spiritually inspired, powerful, thoughtful and beautiful video. Thank you for creating this. Thank you for all who are simply honoring, respecting and protecting the land that you love, the land where you live and where your ancestors have lived for generations. Everyone should have had a 'voice at the table' regarding the decisions of importance. Yet this earth and life changing matter decision was made by only a few who excluded the majority of other community members. This shows a fracturing within the community to be prayed for.

    Everyone is to have a 'seat at the table' of life. Everyone who has a real 'stake' in the land, who is personally affected by this proposed mining should be welcoming into the sharing and decision=making process.' All organisms deserve to have a human voice representing their lives as well.

    The land and the waters of the earth 'belong' only to those who love and care for them. It is only those who have this love of the land in your heart, who deeply love, who have a sacred relationship with the land, who feel and witness the beauty present, who know of the interconnections between the many living ones on this land who don't speak with human voices. It is these persons who should be heard and listened to. Those who hold,respect, joy, and appreciation for the place you love.

    I am praying for everyone that is doing this sacred work to protect the land. It seems to be the same old story again and again. People coming from other places who attempt to extract and wrest out of the land as much of the perceived 'economic resources' as possible and then once all the 'goods' have been taken, to leave behind the degradation of land, the poisoning of waters, land for the residents who stay to get sick and have to deal with the 'cleanup.'

    I do believe in the power of prayer.
    Years ago I lived on Orcas Island and alwalys went to a special place called Madrona Point.

    A bank 'owned' the land and was going to put a 100 condo units overlooking the Salish Seas on what had been an ancestral Coast Salish burial site where people were buried in trees. There were several groups that I belonged to who worked to purchase the land to preserve it…but we were not able to raise the money. It looked like all was lost.

    The different groups scattered. What could I do? What came to me was to go to the land every day to the same exact place at the same time on the land for 30 days and to bring my drum and sing, to let the land know I stood by it no matter what… Some days it was sunny. Other days it rained. Some days it snowed. Once some people came asking me how they could find out more how to buy the potential condos. It didn't matter. Being on the land was all I could do…to continue to sing, drum, and to put my body on this land out of love for it.

    I left the island with a heavy heart about this land…but then I found out, at the 'final hour,' someone related to Howard Hughes provided all the money needed to purchase the land. And it was protected from all development. The land was then given to the Lummi Nation who has been the caretaker of this sacred place ever since
    The Creator will show you the Way. Love is stronger than anything.
    I will pray for what is taking place and for the spiritual Work happening and will be praying for healing and protection for everyone.

  10. I have seen you-tube videos showing that China is producing sodium ion batteries. Some are used in small cars. Lithium ion batteries are already becoming outdated. Thank you China.

  11. The reason some interest groups would want to use a resource like Lithium is no doubt for something like electric car batteries, but the reason this (and other situations like it) will probably continue is because modern global civilization has many uses for many resources such as Lithium, cobalt, etc.

    I think the forces of industry fueled by capitalism (money) is most likely the issue in these kinds of stories..

  12. Hmm… Displace Native Americans for resource needs or respect the sovereignty of a population? I wonder what our leadership will choose to do 😮‍💨

  13. We have a similar problem here in Massachusetts. Our forests, even state lands, are being stripped for so called renewable wood burning power plants, and solar arrays are being built on our woods and farmlands. Near the Palmer schools is a big ol wooded hill called, Mt. Dumplin, surrounded by woods. I saw in horror that a huge solar array was being built on that hill. The elementary school and high school are right next to that woods. Why can't that array go over the acres and acres of parking lots there. It would be a win-win. The cars would be shaded. The black asphalt wouldn't absorb all that heat. The parking lot array could heat and light the school. But no. It's cheaper and easier to build it on the hill. Damn them!!!!!

  14. General Motors insider info Electric Vehicles Fuel is Li.
    Enter the Stars – channel search "Lithium, Volcanos , China, Burning Man, Eletric Kingdom"

  15. We need a dual and equal government system.
    It's reduculose for the people who are the real owners of the western Hemisphere!
    To have to bargan wuth the 800 pound gorilla that is the Federal government, with out being a 800 pound gorilla themselves.
    Considering the enence wisdom of the Turtle Island Indigenous. I believe we ( both Indigenous and European, and everyone else) would be better of if the Turtle Island Indigenous nations had 50% of the voice in government!
    I have nothing against honest government!
    I detest corrupt government!
    I believe that a much larger Indigenous voice would improve the future of Humanity anf and the Planet.

  16. Humanity before money! Humanity comes first. The anlilty of people to draw their life from their land is a natural law!
    The survival of a people, any people!
    On their own land takes priority over the luxery of others.
    It's morally wrong to take from people against their will.
    Even the Christian bible says this.
    Though shalt not steal!
    Taking from people against their will is stealing once again. It's a imprison able
    So please everyone lets keep a eye on this.
    Humanity comes before luxery. We can take the bus or walk. These people need to keep their lives in tact!

  17. Yeah and the saltiest lake that was almost a war reason and a taking but was even as it wasnt. They have no place pushing agenda . Good gor you ..what did trump say but ignore probably..sure he talks no forbidding evil

  18. So we disturb the land, displace native peoples, contaminate the soils and consume natural resources for the sake of "Saving The Earth". What a short-sighted, bass ackwards species we are…

  19. We can either keep drilling for oil, OR we can start mining on a HUGE SCALE.. and for the US to tout the benefits of Electric vehicles etc and mandate their use BUT not want to allow MASS MINING within the United States is hypocritical at best and criminal at worst.

  20. How can anyone be fooled to believe that "green energy" equates to energy sources which are cleaner and better for the environment? Well, the answer is the same people who are convinced that there is a climate crisis in the first place. The same people who believe that carbon drives our climate and that humans are the cause of increased carbon levels. The same people who have been so easily fooled into believing global temperatures have increased, that there has been a rise in the sea level, and that glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate. The truth, the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, is our climate is driven by our Sun and the effect of the Sun is dependent on our magnetic field. Our magnetic field is currently experiencing an excursion (this is when the magnetic poles shift from the rotational poles). The excursion began around the year 1850 and has accelerated each decade. This weakens the strength of our magnetic field which allows for the effects of the Sun to increase. Each major excursion is associated with mass extinctions as well speciations (new species) and the last major excursion occurred during the time Neanderthals became "extinct". Scientists are still debating on whether the current excursion has or will reach the point of causing mass extinctions. Fun fact: There are no scientific papers which proves carbon is a factor, not one. There is a correlation between carbon levels and global temperatures but not causation. The correlation is carbon levels follow the temperature. This is because carbon is absorbed by our oceans (all bodies of water). It sinks to the bottom where temperatures are coldest and when temperatures rise, the carbon rises and releases into atmosphere. It is a natural cycle. Although the cycle is not exact, it occurs approximately every 100,000 years. Other facts, this year was not the hottest on record, not even the hottest in the last century (see reports from 1936). Sea levels are not rising. There is more sea ice now than 20 years ago. The Antarctic is the coldest it's been, by a significant amount, in 80 years. There is some melting in the artic but it's summer in the northern hemisphere and it happens every year but the glaciers have gained ice overall during the last decade. The Australian coral reef is larger and stronger than 26 years ago. I could go on and on but I want to leave you with something to ponder. The "environmentalists" are pushing hard to reduce or eliminate, the beef and dairy industry. They want everyone to start eating bugs while they work on mass producing lab grown meat because, as they claim, cattle farms are the largest producer of carbon. (I should specify the largest in the US because the industry's carbon footprint is a tiny fraction of the hundreds of coal plants being built in C.h.i.n.a. each year.) Are you willing to serve your children/grandchildren smashed bugburgers instead of cheeseburgers? Do you honestly believe the beef and dairy industry is a threat to our environment when there are far less cows in the US today than there were wild buffalo just 200 years ago? I implore everyone to research the facts. Please do not trust articles by any media, large or small, that tries to tell you (read that as sell you) about "recent findings". Please read the actual research studies and scientific papers yourself because they will twist anything and everything to fit the narrative. As an example, one of the most common arguments climate alarmists like to use was in a speech by Obama. He said 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real. This is true. A group of scientists were polled and 97% agreed. There are two critical points that were not shared about this result. The first is the poll next asked if they believed climate change was caused by human activity. Only 48% agreed. The other 51% responded with either it was not caused by human activity or they did not know. So, technically, only 48% agreed that climate change (in the context that was being sold by Obama) was real, not 97%. And the second point about this poll that was not told is the scientists who participated in the poll were not limited to those in a scientific field related to climate or the environment. Scientists from all fields participated. Scientists who study quantum physics or even dragonfly mating rituals may be highly educated but they are not experts on the climate. And seeing how many of them use social media to clamor on about climate change is evidence they are not only not experts they lack any understanding of Earth's climate history. If anyone has read this far, I apologize for rambling. It is a subject I have researched for years and I am passionate about waking people up to the lies. "They" have an agenda and it does not include the health and welfare of the almost 8 billion people they view as too many. Bill Gates estimated the optimum world's population as 500,000 people. He also said that the population could effectively be reduced through the use of vaccines and management of the food supply. Yet, people are lined up to be inoculated and are ready to jump on the bugburger bandwagon while telling those of us who refuse that we are the dumb ones. It's surreal to be labeled the "science denier" when the people who label me have no idea what the science is. I asked a guy arguing with me about the efficiency of surgical and cloth masks if he had read any of the studies on masks. He said he didn't give AF about studies because he only trusts the science. Seriously! He didn't understand studies are the documentation of the science. Because of the successful sustained marketing campaigns (aka: propaganda), we have a generation of idiots who raised a generation of bigger idiots who are now or who soon will be raising the ultimate generation of idiots. If we do not stop the madness, like this project for profit – not for a greener environment, they will be the last generation for 99% of the population. We must be as passionate about revealing the truth, if not more so, than the brainwashed who are gluing themselves to the road and ruining irreplaceable art.

  21. We are one people united to stop extraction of the sacred elements in all our best interest . .in all life's best interest ….We will protect all life .We are standing for All Are The Beautiful People …Our Ancestors come seeking Peace with The Earth …. am so grateful for your Stand.

  22. Evolution or extinction? Are we able to learn to live in harmony with each other, nature and technology including AI? Sustainability not profitability. Mindfulness and self love, respect not exploitation. Our species faces a major die off, the population is passing the peak, passing a tipping point where our population goes from exponential growth to a transition to a new sustainable relationship with the ecosystem that has sustained us up until now. That downward curve can be as steep as a cliff which falls to zero, extinction, or it can begin steeply and recover as it returns to historic levels of sustainability, pre-technology levels such as pre-Columbian America. This could lead to a selection pressure that would produce a new species of hominid, speciation. The curve could be more gentle and could include technological solutions that would level off at a population that could both live more harmoniously with nature and each other and incorporate technology that would represent an evolution into a new species of technologically enhanced humanity, cyborgs. Taking life to other planets, terraforming and evolving new species of humans who could survive other planetary ecologies is another path that will require technologies including genetic engineering to reach for the stars. Managing these changes in a moral and humane way brings hope to a future that appears very scary from our selfish and ethnocentric perspectives. Keep up the good work or as John Perkins says "Dream True" instead of living like the hero of his book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman." Be blessed, you are a blessing. Aboriginal cultures have much to teach us.

  23. I reject the premise that climate change is a thing. It is a money grab. See Thomas Massie humiliate John Kerry in congressional testimony. It's all BS.

  24. No respect, just like Lahaina Maui. The children will lose their heritage and that is unacceptable. Where is Gretta and the ecowarriors? Where is Bernie? Where are the so called protectors of the people and the environment? Scam, all of it.

  25. So are the native land owners building a base case for any contamination by starting a monitoring program? With all the Native casinos in the country, is there no legal common defense fund?

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