Michigan Cop Shatters Car Window After Driver Refuses To Give ID

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A Downriver police chief says her department will investigate the arrest of a man who was pulled from his car after an officer shattered a window. The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan posted dash cam video of the April 2016 traffic stop and sent a letter Tuesday to the Taylor police department. Chief Mary Sclabassi said that her department will conduct a “thorough and diligent investigation.” Taylor officers stopped a car driven by Calvin Jones, who traveling with his wife and a boy, and things got tense when Jones apparently declined to provide identification.

In the video, Jones is heard saying, “You gotta let me know what’s going on, man,” to which an officer replies, “You’re going to jail is what’s going on.” As another officer puts on gloves, Jones asks, “For what?…On what charges?” That’s when the cop in the gloves pulls on the driver’s side window, breaking it. There is some yelling as Jones is dragged out of the car onto the ground and arrested. The officer who broke the window claims Jones was reaching for something between seats. Jones said he was just trying to unlock his seat belt.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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32 thoughts on “Michigan Cop Shatters Car Window After Driver Refuses To Give ID

  1. U r not required to give up your information until you have been accused of something. This is the Police Officer feeling butt hurt and I hope all of them are out of a job. Notice he said you are probably suspended which means he didn't have a reason to pull him over. If it was a Stop sign or something he would have said something. This is absolutely Disgusting and horrible. If they investigated ourselves and we did nothing I wouldn't be surprised.

  2. Racial profiling at its best. He assumed that all African-Americans are guilty. He assumed that his driver license was suspended. He assumed he had a gun. What the cop didn't like was a African American thinking he had a right to talk back. That's why the arrest was so violent.

  3. Bet they all Fel big now that they arrest all black now don’t it wow congratulations what the price u guys win it’s so ignorant fuckers like u make like hard etc u buy a nice with ur hard money it’s a problem u do this it a fucking problem can fucking live uh own life an it’s a problem ducking tryants

  4. Pure crap!!! Many cops are devout lawbreakers. These are a few of them. The cop had NOTHING on this guy! So he created a scenario of escalation, and his disrespect and disdain jumped up and revealed itself. He needs to be fired and put in jail. What a jerk! All of his arrests and citations should be examined and judges should refuse to hear cases based on his incredibly unlawful and criminal behavior. Judges need to stand the f up and stop collected wrongfully charged moneys from cop-abused victims. This is SO FULL OF CRAP!!!

  5. What the fuck is up with youtube? They cut me off in the middle of a comment on another video and I couldn't get back to the comment or the video! I now see why comments are left with so many errors by people. It's because so many people know better than to try and correct their comments. I was replying to a dumbasd comment by a user named 'unknown unknown'. That's right, it's 'unknown unknown'. Two Virginia cops pulled behind a guy who had pulled of the road with engine trouble and the cop told him he was there to help him. Then the cop asked for his I'd and the guy declined to identify himself repeatedly. The cop lied and said the guy had to identify himself
    Even though he had done nothing wrong. They (2 cops) then tried to cuff the guy who broke free and ran but was quickly caught and arrested for resisting arrest.
    Mr. Unknownunknown said he was a supporter of civil rights but would have kowtowed to the cops just to keep things on the safe side and condemned the guy for giving the cops a hard time. So Mr. Unknownunknown was emasculated by the victim who stood up for himself and criticized him for the problem that followed. All charges were dropped by the DA because the police lied about the law when trying to submit their victim.
    Dear Mr. Unknownunknown… Stfu you dipshit!
    Dear youtube, stop with your messing around with youtube commenters and separating them from videos they aren't finished commenting on yet, it's a stupid practice and you should stop!

  6. Lol lol really lol , the fat cop done more damage to himself than the driver , really must have hurt his ego when he landed on his arse and when he hit his chin omg I laughed . Feel soz for driver but these police make Gestapo look like amateurs .

  7. That why people must know what they are doing do what right now what is right you as a back man do everything that is right you still get killed by the popoWe as a people we need to be supervised by our own kind because Nora kind has mercy for us all I wanna do is kill kill kill kill kill that must stop if the government does not want to stop it we the people must put a stop to it the police cannot go on killing innocent people and getting away with it like that all the time we the people we have the power let us come together and make that change let us demand that you let us know beg no one for help let us do it ourselves we don’t need no want to police us in our community we need to take the law and do that which is possible for us because no one gives a damn about us the gays and lesbians make millions of dollars during the times of the riots everybody get something grants whatever they get but we the people who are suffering keep going to a Merry go round because we don’t respect our selves we must demand that this crime against humanity stops we must stop it I am praying that the ancestors come in a way that the world has never experienced before my prayer is that we and the ancestors come together and We make it happen the great transformation is here and they can stop it no matter what you try to do to destroy lives you can stop what’s coming and you won’t be left on the planet anyway because you are will become few in number is your race is dying out because of too much blood you have shit on the planet and I am the preacher of life and like to tell you that so you better wake the hell up and stop your wickedness stop the evil starvation crimes against humanity stop that shit

  8. "Can you tell me what's going on? (So I can argue with you for 20 minutes and then not give you my ID)"
    No, give the ID first. If they find no warrants or anything, then they can tell you.

  9. 95% of the time, I'm on the side of the officer, but in this case doesn't he need a reason to pull the perp over? And if he does have a reason isn't he supposed to tell the perp why he's pulling him over?

  10. "i have the right to remain silent, im representing myself"… its sad the education system has failed so many people.. i truly feel like you shouldnt be allowed to drive a car without an IQ test.

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