Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Says She Hasn’t ‘Intentionally’ Visited Underperforming Schools

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43 thoughts on “Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Says She Hasn’t ‘Intentionally’ Visited Underperforming Schools

  1. I am sorry bro. But in the case of betsy devos i feel bad for the donkey and i feel like from now on you should give people betsy devos of the day cause she clearly outstupid the donkey . I am not even joking .

  2. These ppl give no fucks. I went to school in Chester, Pa. Middle school we had 20-30 kids in class sharing 10 books in multiple classes , some missing pages. Some no cover. I had 2 classes with no teacher present, 1 class probably half the year & the other a couple months.

  3. It's amazing how people can justify her not knowing anything about the schools education. Is she there to look pretty? There should be someone who is more involved and who cares about the position she has. Others know more about what's going on than the does. What a shame.

  4. Clearly Betsy and people like her dnt care bout the poor but this isn’t new and won’t change till the government and the people inside the government change and we as people and humans not black, white, yellow, red people but all people besides the deranged and dangerous Individuals need to stop this divide tht the gov and other people try to force on people and even their own kids cuz in reality no one is greater or more special than someone or anyone their just different like hw everyone is different and no one is the same besides looks and role in life and thy cn think the same like hw thy do in schools bt school is a waste and misleading. Like hw poor people r in the same situation no matter wht country or race thy all r struggling and fighting for a better life. But when People become gangsters and dealers we blame the streets and individuals but dnt realize tht thy hve no other option or income trust me I’m in this situation and I can easily rob or sell rn but I knw thts nt a good life to live and to stay in cuz it will most likely result in death or jail soon or later and this is related to this by showing tht it’s nt the people in these poor fucked up places fault bt their gov or/and othr harmful peoples doin, specially the US gov n I jst wrote this to jst gve someone a look into a life of a poor 18 year old in Maryland tryin to make it in this fucked up world where this green paper tht jst looks nice and has no ther use or meaningful use besides giving away controls everything we do and thts life. But life for poor, ugly, or diss functional people will always b hard and will always b looked at and treated differently by a lot of people not everyone and u like me will b judge for ur looks and position or role in life for no reason by others.And the main reason I wrote this was to give others a glimpse of poor person life and to tell them to not give up or take ur or someone else life jst because u wnt something u cnt hve or need cuz u only gt one life n tbh I dnt knw whts after death probably nothin tbh hope it’s nt bt think about it HW CAN NOTHING BECOME SOMETHING IF THERES NOTHING DERE IN THE FISRT PLACE CUZ WHEN U DIE U DNT AND CANT THINK OR FEEL NOTHING CUZ UR BODY IS DEAD BUT MABYE NOT UR SOUL. Live ur life to the fullest u never knw when u cn be gone I almost died in a car accident myself n wouldn’t be typing tday if I didn’t make tht 1-2 second decision which is all it takes to make or break a life.

  5. Betsy DeVos brother Erik Prince is working with trump on militarizing a private party for a false flag operation. Likely it is Erik Prince and his forces that are causing harm across seas in an effort to lure us into a war. A war that would yield millions for Raytheon and weapons companies. I have a stock portfolio and it is easy to see that the powers that be are putting all of their money into war related companies. More so, Erik Prince and Trump have had extremely strange interactions including funds being funneled to Erik Prince directly and indirectly. Betsy has that Job because Erik is holding down a promise for Trump. We will see more come from this ,I promise. Too many private investigators looking into this for it not to become a blimp sometime in the future. Expect information to be stopped from reaching press by homeland security. Here is a cookie crumble to go by. By all means, prove me wrong. I would like to be wrong in this situation but, I have a track record of being right. I am rooting against myself but logic has be less than enthusiastic. Why else would Betsy DeVos get a job doing something she has no experience doing, her only qualification is what, shes a billionaire? AND WHAT ON EARTH DOES ERIK PRINCE HAVE THAT TRUMP IS AFTER? the guy has a military for hire. a private military contractor… He fights for the highest bidder, they would shoot at us for the right money. we should work to stop these folks. it is to our best interest (specially if your a minority, considering these guys are openly racists)

  6. She is a replica of Sarah Palin, just as unqualified and unfazed by their stupidity yet they both slap on a winning smile like people are not laughing at their blatant ignorance 😒

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