Michelle Rodriguez Defends Liam Neeson: ‘You Can’t Call Him A Racist, Ever’

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Author: phillyfinest369


38 thoughts on “Michelle Rodriguez Defends Liam Neeson: ‘You Can’t Call Him A Racist, Ever’

  1. Sharla man is always going to bash anyone that is remotely trying to stand up for a non black Individual. Charlemagne always bashes white people and other races. Hes got the name Charlemagne the God so I just wonder is he a 5 percenter. A 5 percenter will definitely have strong Afro centric beliefs. There's a thin line between a race having tried and a race being racist. The 5 percenter are racist. Plus they believe in some wack junk. The big head scientist that used trick ology as it's said. Can't you tell somebody made that word" trickology " Up out of the clouds ? Look at least if you gonna make some religious nonsense up like the big headed scientist that 5% or believe at least come up with something better than the big bear's scientists used trick ology and then expect people to believe this is actually a true story this been passed down for thousands of years.. Ridiculous if you believe that you must be dumb with all due respect. Then 5 percenter got the lessons and to Drees that obviously they came up with concerning supreme mathematics and all this stuff fat is useful but I think people need to concentrate on their spiritual connection with their creator more than a do supreme mathematics

  2. Have you all gone mad?
    Liam Nesson talked against racism
    He addmitted to have racist feellings
    So many years ago.
    And he didnt act on it. He seeked help
    He is brave and deserves a meddalle
    Liam Nesson is for healing
    You are for hatred

  3. The English and Americans done worse things to the Irish for a longer period than blacks being enslaved by the Americans but guess what? We forgave them and moved on with our lives. Black people seem to have a perpetual chip on their shoulder like they were the only people ever enslaved. Look at a history book. Slavery has been ongoing since the dawn of man. And still exists today and every race has been a slave. This doesn't grant you any awards. Most the black nations sold black slaves ffs.
    What Nesson said is being taken out of context because you are a closet racist and took him out of context.
    He said he wanted to find a black guy to kill… would have been the same for an Asian or a English person had she told him the same. He also stated that afterwards when the rage subsided he was horrified by how he had acted. It was rage and revenge that had consumed him. Not racist. This was also 40 years ago. In Northern Ireland. There was relatively no black people in Ireland back then. Even in the early 00's where i am from i was 14 when i met my first coloured person and 16 when i seen my first Asian. And i live in a city suburb. How can you hate a race of people that don't exist in your country?
    Also you fail to take in the era and the region which are extremely important. He was raised in Northern Ireland during the troubles. When Catholics were being shot dead in the street just for being Irish. Where the army was constantly arresting children, abducting them and torturing them with immunity. Where people were being burned out of their homes and assaulted. 40 years ago the Republic of Ireland was planning to invade the North just to defend the people being attacked there. We are talking true hatred and violence. A warzone. And you think a guy who's best friend got raped is a wanker because he went looking for the guy who just so happened to be black to kill him in revenge should be taken into this era and viewed with today's politics and scrutiny?
    Idiotic. And you are the racist if you fail to present the facts and just use it out of context to show how black people are still persecuted for their colour.
    Fucking derp.

  4. It sounds like he was looking for a, "bastard" more than he was looking for a, "black man." I would like to hear more from Neeson himself, as it seems possible the, "someone" he was looking for would have to first, "have to have a go at him", and then afterwards be black in order to satisfy his, racist hunt. It is entirely possible here that Liam Neeson wanted to hurt a bad guy, who then was of a specific color. Still an argument to be made for this being racist, but there seems to be a lack of unpacking? And he was born, and what appears to be raised in the United Kingdom. Are you not overplaying American racism here? The use of the word, "white" or "whites" here to attribute the transgressions of a specific group of white man to all of those that are lighter skinned than black seems to me to be be dishonest. As an example, I'm thinking of how ADOS and Africans of today share a lineage and similar physical characteristics, but are not culturally the same people as they once were. Using this logic in reverse, you could then hold the ADOS to the same stigma by holding them accountable for the transgressions of the African slavers of old.

  5. CthaGod is just a race baiting knuckle head. He says he doesn't know if Liam is a racist or not but continues on his mind reading rant. He has turned into a smug, racist, know it all. Here he is assuming Michelle Rodriguez is ignorant about black history.

  6. he shouldnt have said that period, but his friend was raped, and he was telling how he felt at that time, if it happend to a black man whose black friend was raped he would have the same thoughts against white people, …the anger and hopeless feeling not be able to change it, will get you outraged, its go tnothing to do with racism, its easy to say that, but its not, i dont know his other comments or life but based on this no! If another group was attacked like this by Liam and they would punish him for that comment then its those people who make that difference, who are the true racists, they dont act in anger, they act calculated and treat the other group different then the black community

  7. Racist is very confusing to debate! And really it was 40 years ago it is a very long time, just think normally like we've all changed right! Racist or not he still admitted that he was wrong, and again it was 40 years ago! He changed we changed I believed it

  8. I feel like what he said was extremely hurtful and disgusting but, I’m sure we all been through something or at least some of us who felt like this. You might have felt like this at the moment with any race or any species not just people of color. I know a bunch of people who might think that all white people are the same. I know a older lady in her 70s who has been raped by a black man and is traumatized by the African American race now. It’s not right to think all black men are the same or any other race or gender. They’re is a time in life that you want to blame or take out anger on some one who will remind you of something horrible. It doesn’t make it right tho. I just don’t wanna make it seem like what came out this actor mouth is okay.

  9. I didnt hear him say the word RANDOM. and i played this 10×s. What i did here is he hoped he would be approached by black bastard outside of a pub. Basically he said he was playing possum. Not looking for any blk man but 1 who would act aggressive towards him. But still just hearing the way he said Blk Bastard has a racial undertone to it

  10. Michelle had asinine statements to say about diversity in casting and why black people shouldn't get non-black roles. She stays saying something stupid. And that weird ass kiss in the movie grossed me out completely.

  11. Black person or dressed in black in a dark area what's the difference. Who knows with Caucasian woman me and my brother travel to Ireland he got hit on so hard then in front of other they pretended they did not. Interviews on YouTube Blackman in Japan tricked into being a host. From these actions all you need is to add a different mindset and it turns into rape.

  12. I get his point but understand minorities in America in my case black get their actual 7 year olds killed and we are always suppose to forgive. We get our children lynch we must forgive. A teen was just stab to death waiting for a train and that Whiteman shouted racist terms again we must
    forgive. It is his thinking he and other caucasions in America still have this mindset even though the black endured far worse we should be able to kill all whites but say the out loud and will not be able to work. Yes he is Irish but they killed all those black aboriginals to get Ireland.

  13. Certain Hispanics will stand by White racism even if they dropped a bomb on them.
    People want to race to power and popularity or beauty and think their so immune to struggle and ugly.
    All races have a beauty and ugly side.

  14. Michelle Rodriguez has always been anti-black. Just because a white kisses a black women doesn't mean he's not racist. Plenty of white men think is okay for them to kiss or have sex with black women. But a black man can't do the same to white women. Now she's apologized on twitter because she was exposed. She doesn't care about black people.

  15. Sad how people in this comment section are spreading their hate on all of the latino community over the stupid remarks of just one celebirity. Her own foolish opinion shouldn't be representative of a whole ethnic group that spans well over 30 countries.
    You guys do know most latin people don't give a shit about the societal problems of America right?

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