Meghan McCain, Fox News Try To Smear Kamala Harris’ Breakfast Club Quotes

Breitbart, FOX News and Meghan McCain are the Donkey of the Day for trying to smear Kamala Harris’ quote about smoking marijuana in college listening to Snoop Dogg and Tupac on The Breakfast Club.

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Meghan McCain, Fox News Try To Smear Kamala Harris’ Quote On The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


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Author: phillyfinest369


44 thoughts on “Meghan McCain, Fox News Try To Smear Kamala Harris’ Breakfast Club Quotes

  1. It is only a matter of time that what is happening in 4 years everyone and that is the truth America it's already divided you know it's very sad but there is a New Hope for the future on 20 20 and 21 a new leader only to take very seriously to do their job and to be respectfully and to bring on the ballot to United States of America that is the truth everyone because it's just like a someone is having like a big family united is just like well people need to get along but many people that are divided already it's just like broken apart

  2. Charlamagne this is one Election we as Blacks can’t get picky, either Biden or Trump if you don’t vote Biden you automatically put Trump back in office, your not the only one I have heard this foolishness from.

  3. Charlemagne your opening statement is so stupid to me like all the sudden Donald Trump is going to change his policies and have a Black Agenda and you going to believe it and he's going to actually do it just stupid

  4. She's so full of shit! Locking people up for pot, making promises from free healthcare for all including people that are illegally here. If I was on the other side of the border I would be coming here too. Also forget about your college loans she'll take care of it.

  5. You ask tough questions!!!!!???? YOU DIDN'T ASK HER NOT SHIT!!!! If she is so SO PRO BLACK is she married to a WHITE MAN!!!!??????? SHE LOCKED MORE BLACK MEN AND WOMEN UP TO BEAT THE BAND!!! All the SHIT she talked about doing she cant get done!!! A BUNCH of TALK!!! SHE HAS NO PLAN!!!!! Kamala Harris IS A POS!!!! With her WHITE DADDY calling shots!!!! TRYING TO USE BLACK PEOPLE!!!! SHE ISN'T BLACK!!!!!! SHE WANTS TO USE US!!!!! THIS INTERVIEW WAS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

  6. CTG needs donkey of day for promoting conmen to black community like Umar johnson n brother polight costing ppl 1000s then never telling ppl truth about them n to stop donating when it came out as scammers

  7. Does anyone really believe that a deputy district attorney (1990-1998), who works to put people behind bars, would enjoy listening to "187 on an undercover cop" or "bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks" or "ain't nothing but a gangster party". KISS MY ASS!

  8. What a pussy ass leftist radio show this has become I once thought that charlemagne had the potential to a radio great like o&a or Howard stern but unfortunately in recent years has turned into a social justice warrior.

  9. Harris is a flat out liar… trying to pander to a segment of the population. on top of that she fucked a married man that was 30 years older who happened to give her a job. then proceeded ro prosecute on huge levels people for Marijuana amd then brags about doing it…. sorry but if she is the Democratic nominee you ate just handing the 2020 election to Trump

  10. So check it out. He asked her what she liked to listen to when she was high. She said Snoop Dog and Tupac. Snoop Dog's 1st album was 1993; Tupac's was 1991. Harris was a deputy DA in Kali from 1990-1998 nd was then elected District Attorney in SF after that. So she smoked weed while she was a DA or Deputy DA. Probably prosecuting drug crimes Nice!

  11. Poor Megham McTraitor …still boo hooing over the execution of daddy???  Traitor….. collaborated with Enemy …..killed over a hundred men on USS. Forrestal being an asswipe.   No Name McTraitor  was no hero and Trump knew it…..Executed for his crimes.    Your hero was Americas ZERO.

  12. You guys are amazing! You were clearly supporting Clinton when she was on your show. She and her husband called our youth "Super Predators", and they pushed the agenda to lock away Black People with that mandatory sentencing bill they passed. You guys should have given yourselves Donkey of the day for kissing her ass the way you did. Hot sauce in her purse my ass. Harris was answering Charlamagnes question and Envys. Envy asked what do you listen to, Charlamagne asked , what did you listen to when you were high, Envy said WAS it Snoop, and she said yes, deff Snoop. We are not that damn stupid guys.
    Listen closely…"What was on, what song was it?" (Charlamagne) "Was it Snoop?" (Envy).

  13. I think you are out of context….because meghan likes Kamala and has said multiple times on Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen that Kamala was her favorite from the democratic contestants and that she was surprised by how much she likes her….i dont think meghans comment was ill willed but really just didnt want her to fall prey to what happened to Hillary

  14. The past few couple of years has been interesting. We are seeing these celebrities and shows like this, get exposed more and more. TBC is lame for this. Charlamagne was lame for sitting next to Kamala on the news network (I forget which one). Keep it up and he’ll find himself right beside Wendy, on the streets, looking for work, after their antics erodes their audience. This the kind of stuff that’ll make me look else where for this kind of entertainment. She clearly lied, and yet Charlamagne continues to defend her. “The worlds most dangerous show” indeed.

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