20 thoughts on “Married? Single? – Shotgun and Ar-15 left at remote location in car.

  1. This must be the area that you were at prior to this where they have per posted signs concerning making sure that their cars are cleaned out such as weapons and whatever equipment. This video is the videobefore the incident where guns were left on cars

  2. Gotta buddy has a wrecking yard, they get lotsa cop vehicles totaled out. U should see all the stuff he’s found in those cars. He’s actually found an ol Jimenez arms 380, and a Glock19 wtf. Jimenez arms had to be a long forgotten BURNER gun. Oh hell no 3 minutes tops in and out with those guns. A pro 45 seconds or less probably.

  3. This is a pathetic and pointless video.
    A. It IS private property
    B. ANYWHERE in the world, criminals such as yourself can get in to obtain illegal firearms. Ever been to Australia?
    C. Why would ANY intelligent person (obviously not you) feel it is wise to BROADCAST a excellent area to exploit? That…is the actions of a true careless individial.

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