43 thoughts on “Margaret Talev Bashes Michelle Wolf’s Comedy Routine At White House Correspondents’ Dinner

  1. I agree with Charlemagne. Not exactly funny(to me), but that doesn't mean she didn't have good jokes. Delivery and it's a terrible crowd.

    But just because I didn't find it too funny doesn't mean I don't appreciate what she did. This has to go down as the best performance ever at a WHCD, comparable with Colbert.

  2. it was terrible, maybe get bill burr to host next time, shit was like watching iliza shitslinger, not funny and very biased, but if you hate trump then I guess you gotta like whatever you can get

  3. she made some good jokes and the other jokes she made where with horrible delivery im not going to sit here and act like that shit was all funny but she did her job so i don't think you should complain about it even if she came with animosity and ulterior motives if you didn't want that and wanted someone to agree with you you get another comedian that stands with you or if you wanted actually all around good jokes you get a better comedian there are alot of better comics out there than Michelle wolf. but then again a lot of them aren't extremely political soo…..

  4. Charlemagne likes jokes to be spoon fed to him. TF is he talking about her delivery was trash? Every joke had the cadence of a proper roast joke, even the few that didn't land.

  5. if it was a guy they would not care about the language or the joke type. i think this shit is funny. we get it, men dont like when women tell jokes. women dont like seeing a woman being free enough to be open with her thoughts. mind locked world.

  6. I thought her delivery was fine. It's just her being in a room full of uptight squares makes it come off as no one's laughing. Also, if you watch previous WHCDs, all the comedians sort of delivers their jokes in that same 5 o clock attire, old school comedy style for some reason. lol

  7. Chris Christie seemed to be the only one there who's ever had to face an insult before. He just kept eating his ice cream giving 0 fucks that she had just told a fat joke about him.

  8. Michelle Wolf made fun of everyone in her routine. If some people were upset by it, it was most likely due to the truth in her humor. If you're in a high powered position, you not only have a lot of power but you have to put up with a lot of shit for having that power. This goes for public figures and politicians. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the White House.

  9. Sanders how does it feel to be the butt of the Joke..YOUR boss makes FUN of people All the time..and Sanders still protects Trump..Sanders is a Bully supporter. Now she should know how it feels.. Boo Hoo they can't take the backlash from a Comdian..Way to Go Michelle Wolfe!! Tacky…Truthfulness is Hilarious!!!

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