Manchester Police Officer Shoots Suspect As He Charges At Her With a Knife

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Manchester, Connecticut — On Sunday, July 16, 2023, at approximately 6:39 p.m., Manchester Police Officer Haylee Ouellette responded to 243-A North Main Street on a report of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, Officer Ouellette entered the residence and was confronted by 58-year-old Joseph Diloreto. Diloreto, who was armed with a knife, immediately became belligerent with Officer Ouellette. As he advanced toward Officer Ouellette, she put out her hand to stop him and he slapped her hand away. Diloreto yelled “Shoot me.”

In an effort to neutralize Diloreto, Officer Ouellette deployed her taser, but it was unsuccessful. Diloreto, still holding the knife, then advanced on Officer Ouellette. She retreated to an adjacent courtyard repeatedly commanding Diloreto to drop the knife. Diloreto disregarded these commands and continued to advance on Officer Ouellette shouting “Hit me, hit me, hit me.” Ultimately, Officer Ouellette discharged her handgun multiple times striking Diloreto in the upper left thigh. He fell to the ground and Officer Ouellette was able to secure the knife and handcuff him. Manchester Fire EMS treated Diloreto on scene and he was transported to Hartford Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Diloreto was released from Hartford Hospital on Tuesday. He was charged with Threatening in the Second Degree, Criminal Attempt to Commit Assault in the First Degree, and Assault of Public Safety Personnel. He is being held at the Manchester Police Department on a $250,000 court-set bond and will be arraigned in Manchester Superior Court on Wednesday if he does not post bond.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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36 thoughts on “Manchester Police Officer Shoots Suspect As He Charges At Her With a Knife

  1. That's not even close to a proper grip and leaving an armed person in a house with a potential hostage is a failure to perform one's duty to protect. It's no wonder policing in America is so terrible. These are the people hired to do the job.

  2. Just dumb struck at what I just watched, why did she go in the house..?! Then the dude played peekaboo in the doorway calling her a loser. Copy lady's gotta go to the range and repass a test or something, swear I thought he took all those shots right to the chest and kept running! All in 2 minutes, Zombie Crackheads!

  3. TRAINING: Always advise Dispatch when shots are being fired.
    OFFICER: “Wait until I’m done firing shots, and should I shoot with one hand and radio in with the other??”

  4. I have to say something positive: I'm from Germany and we have a completely different attitude towards shooting than Americans. she did that well, firing one shot then the next, and at a good distance. not directly 20 bullets on him.

  5. It took five shots to hit him at less than 5 yards. Rule 1. No matter what, two hands on the gun. You already called it in. No need for one handed shots. 2. For Christ’s sake train. It’s evident she doesn’t and if she doesn’t neither does most of her department

  6. she needs more handgun training. terrible. glad she is ok, but if there were civilians around this guy, they'd probably dead or seriously injured. shooting with one hand, not in control of her weapon, to her, her radio is more important, blah blah blah.

  7. Her trying to talk on the radio at the same time as being in a life or death situation is stupid. Two hands on the firearm and shoot till the threat is gone. THEN you can get on the damned radio.

  8. Damned cop was more dangerous than the criminal. Just shooting uo the whole apartment complex, and only manages to wing the attacker in the leg. Pathetic. She needs a desk.

  9. This video should be used by all police academies on how not to respond to a DV situation. She gets close enough to him that he is able to swat her arm down. Then she grabs his arm with both hands leaving his free hand to hit her, stab her or shoot her. She backs up outside and allows him to close the door. When she finally decides to shoot him, her left thumb is behind the slide. Subsequent shots were one handed with a loose grip.

  10. It's so hard to shoot one handed, let alone moving backward. Glad she took down the threat, that guy will be back on here, sadly..

  11. "He is being held at the Manchester Police Department on a $250,000 court-set bond"
    So, you're telling me, if you pay $250 000 then they will release this guy again in society until the verdict?
    While he knows he probably hasnt much left too lose?


  12. This is why some woman should not be in law enforcement. Don’t threaten the perp, take immediate and immediate and effective action. And please go back to the range. What a horrible shot she is at point blank range. Total embarrassment

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