Man Charged After Assaulting Woman For Not Saying ‘Good Morning’

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Author: phillyfinest369


47 thoughts on “Man Charged After Assaulting Woman For Not Saying ‘Good Morning’

  1. Born and raised in Southern California. We can do both greet and not greet but I was raised by a mother from Arkansas and I was never allowed to enter a room without acknowledging company, especially adults. To this day I do say hello to those around me because it's a good icebreaker at times. But dude needs his own a** whooped for hurting that lady. Good lawd the insanity in these streets.

  2. Nobody is obligated to say good morning to you but the ppl in your home you wake up with.
    If I want to respond, I will. If I don't want to speak to strangers, I won't and don't. Simple as that.

  3. Sadly the mental illness is a real problem in our society but we have a very important issue in congress that needs to be addressed immediately

  4. I want to see this everyday until we finally get one

    The Breakfast Club has not given us a guess what race it is since The Breakfast Club has been on BET

  5. One thing I've realized is that we up north folks are bit more reserved, cold & distant in terms of hospitality where as down south folks are more friendlier and open to conversation that's how its always been!!🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Lmao mfs talkin bout “how rude it is not to speak” but why yall nvr bring tht energy to other men when they dont speak🤨🤨 try running up on a grown man when they dont greet you see what happens to you😭😭 i treat other men i dont know like dirt

  7. Manners and customs aside… the entitlement is at a all time high. I don’t know how many times I’ve said hello,good morning and it was not returned, doesn’t give me the right to punch people in the face. Y’all wild

  8. I think the person or people calling Jess a trans need to get Donky of the Day. Like come on, she had a baby. She is a MOM damnit!!!

  9. This is a womans life honestly. Getting called a bitch when they wont smile for a man. I beat up a random nigga for this kinda shit. He called the woman a bitch and got in her face for not giving any feedback when he cat called her.

    Stop blaming mental health.
    Men dont be helping females anymore.

  10. Didn't this just happen a bit ago when some ladies didn't hold the door open or sum, and buddy snapped tf out on them? 🤣😭 Bruh this world going to shits!

  11. That man deserves to be beaten by the community.
    @1:45 On another note… women have separated them from men. "Single and proud" has consequences.

  12. I bet she was black. When it is a white woman, they say, I'm not going to hit her because I don't want to go to jail. It is crazy that they don't mind going to jail when it's a black woman.

  13. If what you assume he could be going through wasn’t an excuse, then why mention it? He is an abuser and a threat to society

  14. Why is everyone talking about they were raised to speak to others when the ACTUAL CRIME you should be ashamed of is that someone was beat for not speaking ??? I really think morals are going away.

  15. This is how these dudes are. Women, please protect yourselves. These demons will hurt you because they feel entitled. Ladies, you are entitled to your peace so make sure you carry one. Don't play because these men will unalive you.

  16. Down here in my area in NC most people and attractive women will speak to you! It’s Southern custom, but I grew up in NJ and been to NYC many many times and people barley speak to you or they are just out right rude!!!

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