Main Stream Media Will NEVER show this Cop story

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23 thoughts on “Main Stream Media Will NEVER show this Cop story

  1. That’s an amazing story. That officer is a great man. I don’t think even the simple majority of cops act the way the media portrays. But I do believe that when you have great power, you have an even greater responsibility to act almost as a “father/mother” figure toward the public. Cops are not paid enough money; period. They deserve more than most attorneys. There’s also a gray area of cops who are indifferent, which can often lead to a lot of indifference to casual encounters that may have a profound effect on the individual they encountered. Anyway, my opinion. May be right, kinda right, wrong, kinda wrong, or irrelevant. Just how I feel right now at this moment.

  2. Great video. I believe most police officers are good people; wanting to make a difference in the community in which they live.

    About 8 years ago my 9 year-old accidentally shot out a neighbor’s window with a BB gun. The officer spent the next 15 minutes talking about gun safety with my boy. After the officer left we went next door and apologized to her and paid for the window to be replaced.

  3. My dad passed away when I was 15 I learned to drive to help get supplies to care for him during his battle with cancer and my first time on a freeway was to pick up his ashes. I am trying to become a police officer I hope if I make it he'd be proud

  4. Thanks Mike The Cop for this video. It's nice to see the good things that police do for the people around them. The one thing I would LOVE to see return when it comes to Law Enforcement is the Beat Cop. A Cop that works around our neighborhood, the same officer every day. I would also like to see paired up partners again. But I know that's a dream, but it would be nice. Thanks Officer Mike, and Thanks Officer Derby.

  5. There are so many good cops out there putting their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe. My dad was one of them. I praise them all. It's a challenging, stressful, and dangerous profession, and I appreciate everything they do to protect the rest of us.

  6. Awesome story and whether people want to admit it or not this is more the norm than the exception. Glad us Massholes finally contributed something good to the world 🙂 We're sorry we keep sending our state politicians to federal elections … we need to do better.

  7. Who cares. One good deed one day and the next…boom entering a home without a warrant or probable cause, shooting of an unarmed man carrying a phone, Rodney king beating, violation of the 4th and 14th amendment everyday. "I stoppped you because someone said you might be trying to maybe commit a crime so I have to investigate, show me your id" " I have the 4th amendment right to be protected against search and seizure" BULLSHIT I'M A COP AND YOU DO WHAT I SAY BECAUSE I'M A BITCH WHO HIDES BEHIND A BADGE!!!

  8. I am reminded of an officer in my community that helped out my daughter. My daughter and a friend of hers were taking a multi media calss and were assigned a job for class. They decided to do a flim on fire. Now they took all the precautions they could think of and proceeded to an alley to build a fire.they didn't get far before the officer pulled up and stopped them. He was just the right amount of stern as inquisitive. Once he heard there story he told them why what they were doing wasn't a good idea and that they needed to clean up the mess then come back to the alley. They did as instructed (thinking they would be getting into trouble). Upon their return the officer told them that they were to be at the old school (no longer a school) the next day around noon. Not sure as to why but they were there as instructed. The playground was full of Volunteer Fire fighter. The officer arranged for the fire department to come set fires for them to film. (SAFELY) (WTG Officer Frankie)

  9. As a journalist, this kind of headline really pisses me off. Google “Darren Derby cop” and after his own social media you’ll find the next nine hits are mainstream articles (both print and broadcast) on Officer Derby, dating back to 2017. This good man has received plenty of recognition by the mainstream press and headlines like this just add to the animosity being fostered by president Trump. Say what you will about opinion-based shows on Fox, CNN and CNBC (they quite obviously are biased) but don’t tar the entire industry with the same brush. We work very hard to bring stories about people like this to you so how about losing the click bait headlines?q

  10. I believe that it’s more productive to bless someone’s enemies then it is to work against perps and jerks. The morality that our laws are based off is from a human biology that is in all of us and the original basis for our laws and statutes… the closer that these biologies match our “written” laws… the easier it is for peace officers to do their jobs.

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